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Back to Basics- Top 6 Wardrobe Picks on Ajio for Women

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We live in an age where trends change in an instant, faster than the batting of an eyelid. Amidst all this frenzy, building a perfect wardrobe that doesn’t need to be constantly upgraded or finding that fine fit that flatters your persona is indeed a blessing. This detailed guide brings to you a list of fashion staples that form the heart of every wardrobe and will hold a special place in your dresser as well!

The six most essential items in a woman’s wardrobe

These ain’t termed wardrobe basics for nothing! Sometimes the best investment pieces are the ones that are the epitome of timelessness and also provide the answer to getting dressed every morning with great style, minus all the hassle! Read on to find the six wardrobe essentials that every woman must own, along with how to lay your hands on them!


1. The basic black/white t-shirt

We bet you can find nothing as versatile as a basic solid white or black t-shirt. Wear it with a pair of denims for a casual Friday at work or pair it with a mini-skirt when you go pub-hopping with your gal-pals! A basic solid tee in black or white completes your closet and adds definition to it. Accessorize it with a scarf or a statement neck piece.

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2. A pair of basic blue denims

Denims are overrated said no-one ever! A piece to get you through the day, a pair of basic blue denims are the most versatile clothing item you can possibly own. Invest in a pair that offers comfort, style, and of course fit!

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3. Flats

How often do you see a woman compromising on comfort for style? Okay! Plenty of times. However, we assure that you don’t have to be one of them. Score high on the style meter with a pair of comfortable flats. From your casual jeans to your cocktail dresses, they can be worn with anything and everything.

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4. A Blazer or a jacket

You need a basic piece of outerwear to layer over your essentials and add the perfect amount of style to your ensemble. An elegant blazer or a versatile jacket does the trick! Whether you pair it with your work separates, jeans, leggings or a cute dress, a basic outerwear will let you glide in style all through the year.

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5. A leather handbag

Dress up your outfit with another must-have accessory- a quality leather handbag. While there is no ideal size for it, we suggest you go for one that fits your essentials and keeps them safe. It should be able to accommodate a basic makeup kit, a water bottle, sunglasses, your wallet, mobile phone and possibly a laptop.

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6. A leather belt

A classic leather belt will elevate any look. Whether you want to boost your denim and t-shirt getup or highlight that gorgeous waistline while wearing a dress, a leather belt is a perfect companion.

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