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Best Air Cooler Brands (2020) – Top 10 Air Cooler Brands for Home

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Summer is here and most of us are gasping for relief!

It goes without saying that the soaring temperatures are making life difficult and an air cooler is a literal breath of fresh air in these circumstances.

But there are innumerable brands and modes in the markets and how does one choose the best air cooler out of so many?

And what does one look for when buying an air cooler? Read on to find out.

An air cooler basically takes in warm air and blows out cool air with a very fine mist of water in it.

It sucks in hot air and this air is cooled by passing it over water which evaporates, and brings down the temperature of the air.

The humidity of the air increases and this is why air coolers function best in dry conditions with low humidity.

There are a few simple things to keep in mind while choosing an air cooler. Here, we listed them out for you:

  1. Size of the cooler

Size is the most obvious – the larger the space the bigger the cooler you should buy. Conversely, if the space is small then an overlarge cooler will not fit and will not work efficiently.

  1. Water tank capacity

This is another thing to consider as it can become an irritating chore if the tank is really small and needs to be frequently refilled.

  1. Air flow per CFM

This is another important factor to look at. The air flow per CFM will tell you the cooling capacity of the cooler and will help you select the right one for your room size.

  1. Features

Smaller features like a water level indicator, remote control, and swing air flow also should be considered for convenience of use.

Based on all these factors, here is a selection of some of the best air cooler brands in the Indian market for 2019.

1. Symphony

Symphony Cooler
Symphony Cooler


Established in 1939 Symphony is one of the leading companies manufacturing air cooling solutions for homes, work spaces, industrial spaces and more.

Slim and trim with a 12litre water tank, the Symphony Diet 12T is perfect for your bedroom, study or kid’s bedroom. It has castors which make it really easy to move around so you can shift it around as required. It has three fan speeds so you can adjust the cooling output. One of the biggest plus points for this cooler is that it also works on an inverter should your electricity supply fail for a while.




2. Orient Electric

Orient Cooler
Orient Cooler


Orient Electric Limited is part of the C K Birla group manufacturing lifestyle electrical solutions including fans, lights, home appliances, and air coolers.

Orient is one of the most well-known brands in the ceiling fans sector and it is quite natural to see them manufacturing air coolers as well.

The Orient Electric Snowbreeze Super CD5002B has a humongous 50 litre tank and its air throw is an impressive 11 metres making it ideal for a larger space like a living room or even an office.

The unit is mounted on castors making it very easy to move around. Considering its large size this model is very energy efficient and will also work on an inverter if the need arises.


3. Voltas

Voltas Cooler
Voltas Cooler


Voltas is a part of the towering Tata group and a brand leader in the air conditioning and air cooling segments.

Many good things come in small sizes and the Voltas VB P15M is a perfect example of this.

Compact in size with a 15 litre water tank, this air cooler has a powerful blower and a very useful water level indicator.

Ideal for smaller spaces like bedrooms this air cooler has a honeycomb pad inside for better cooling.

The air throw is at body level making it perfect as a personal cooler to be placed near your desk, work station or study table, and can easily be wheeled to your bedside thanks to the castors.


4. Bajaj Electricals

Bajaj Cooler
Bajaj Cooler


Bajaj Electricals needs no introduction especially where home appliances are concerned. Established as Radio Lamp Works in 1938 the company was renamed Bajaj Electricals in 1960.

There are few brands as trusted as Bajaj when it comes to electronics and one can’t have a list of air coolers without a Bajaj product on it.

The DC-2015-ICON-DIGITAL has a hefty 40 litre tank which means you can go days without worrying about refilling. It also has an ice chamber for filling ice cubes to give you even better cooling.

You can set it up in the larger rooms in your house or even on the porch or verandah and enjoy cool air on a hot day.

The digital control panel and the remote control ensure easy operation without having to get up every time you want to change a setting. The baffles swing so the cooling has wider coverage.


5. Singer

Singer Cooler
Singer Cooler


Best known for their sewing machines Singer also has a wide range of household appliances designed to make our daily lives easier.

From washing machines to gas stoves, fans and now air coolers, the Singer brand is now seen on many products.

The Singer Liberty DC 50 Litre cooler has a very sturdy ABS body and a 50 litre water tank.

Air delivery is up to 3500 CFM and there’s an ice chamber for those days when you want turbo cooling.

This large air cooler is ideal for office or home use and can even be used in restaurants, conference rooms and such spaces.

The louvres are adjustable and there are three fan speed settings so you can customise it to your preferred setting.

The water level indicator shows you when the water level is low and there’s a drain plug for easy cleaning too.


6. Kenstar

Kenstar Cooler
Kenstar Cooler


The Kenstar mission is to provide advanced world class products that meet global standards to improve the consumer’s life.

A strong service network gives consumers added confidence when buying a Kenstar product.

Kenstar is a firmly established brand in the electronics sector and one can confidently opt for their products.

The Turbo Cyclone Super room cooler is large and powerful and is ideal for cafes, restaurants, offices, and homes too especially on days when the temperatures really soar.

The 50 litre tank guarantees that you just fill it once in a way and the leave it to work its cooling magic for days.

The water indicator lets you know when the water is running out. There’s an ice chamber, honeycomb cooling pads and woodwool cooling media for optimal cooling.

In spite of its large size the Kenstar Turbo Cyclone also works on the inverter.



7. Crompton Ozone 75Ltrs Desert Air Cooler

Crompton Cooler
Crompton Cooler


Crompton is one of the best known brands in India for lights, fans, and household appliances with factories in Goa and Gujarat.

The Crompton Ozone 75 litre Desert Cooler is designed for really large spaces, up to 550 sq feet.

It throws air as far as 12 feet and has a massive water tank with 75 litre capacity. This air cooler also has honeycomb padding on three sides for optimal air suction and cooling.

Though it is a large machine it is sturdy and is mounted on castors so you can move it around from room to room very easily.


8. Havells

Havells Cooler
Havells Cooler


The Havells philosphy of Make in India has taken it far giving employment to many Indians and manufacturing top class products for home and industrial use making Havells a household name.

Havells Freddo Air Cooler is another large capacity air cooler that is well worth considering.

Apart from the large water tank and strong air throw there are myriad additional features like dust filters on three sides, honeycomb cooling pads, auto drain feature, humidity control, collapsible louvres, and a very convenient cord winding station so the cord is out of the way when the cooler is not in use.

9. Cello Osum 50 Litre Air Cooler

Cello Cooler
Cello Cooler


Started in 1982 manufacturing PVC footwear and expanding to thermo-ware in 1986, Cello today is listed on the BSE and manufactures kitchen and household appliances among a variety of other products.

Categorised as a Desert Cooler the Cello Osum completely lives up to its name. With an incredible air throw range of up to 50 feet it is excellent for large rooms and even outdoors.

This unit comes with a remote control, has castors for easy moving, low water level indicator and also works on an inverter. Adjust the air flow to three speeds depending on your comfort level.



10. Usha Maxx

Usha Maxx Cooler
Usha Maxx Cooler



Founded in 1889 the Siddharth Shriram group is into textiles, fertilizers, auto parts, sewing machines, fans and home appliances. The USHA brand was launched in 1934 with household appliances, sewing machines, water coolers, air coolers and more.

The Usha Maxx Air RC CD503M 50-Litre desert cooler from Usha is another excellent air cooler that will cool large spaces with ease.

Install it in your living-dining room or really chill your bedroom with this unit.

Apart from a generous 50 litre reservoir this air cooler it boasts a 4-way air deflection system, honeycomb cooling media and has three speeds for air flow. This unit also works on an inverter.

This selection of the best air coolers for 2019 is sure to help you choose the best air cooler to suit your needs. Start shopping now!

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