Top 10 Artificial Christmas Trees (2017) to Buy Online In India

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The winter chill may not allow trees and plants to blossom outdoors but this is the month when the glory of a Christmas tree brightens up the ambiance indoors.

Christmas time brings with it the joy of decorating our homes and this is irrespective of the faith one follows.

The custom of having a Christmas tree during Christmas is followed by majority of people across faith and the young and old come together to decorate it.

We share with you our pick of 2017’s top artificial Christmas trees which you can buy directly online in India.


1. 6 Feet Fibre Optic Artificial Christmas Tree

6 Feet Fibre Optic Artificial Christmas Tree

If there was a word to describe this one, that for sure would be – Splendid! Place it indoors or outdoors and just let the tree steal away glances time and again as it illuminates the ambiance.

With 160 branch tips this pre-lit fibre optic tree has a multi-colour wheel base. The colours that will create a stunning effect include red, green, amber, purple, blue and white.

It comes with a decorative black plastic pot and can be easily dissembled for letting it shine again the next year.

Price: Rs. 12, 999

You can check it out here


2. 3 Feet Christmas Tree

3 Feet Christmas Tree

This one comes minus any surprise element and lets you decide on the surprises you want to put on it.

Perfect for those looking at a simple Christmas tree that can be decorated as per personal preference. It comes neatly packed in a box and can be easily assembled at home.

Price: Rs. 800

You can check it out here

3. 6 Feet LED Gold Christmas Tree

6 Feet LED Gold Christmas Tree

Bring in oodles of bling this Christmas. Why stick to a traditional green tree when there are such glamorous options available!

Made of gold PVC tinsel, this dazzling tree is made from flame-proof material. It has sturdy branches that make it apt for hanging even the heaviest ornaments, including metal and porcelain balls and pendants.

The clear lights of this tree make the needles sparkle brighter illuminating your home with a cheerful glow.

Price: Rs. 11, 990

You can check it out here!


4. Stony Araucaria Bons

Stony Araucaria Bons

For those who are looking for a live Christmas tree that can be neatly rested on a table/wall unit for it to beautify the interiors 365 days a years, this one from Ferns & Petals is a perfect option.

It isn’t a Christmas tree as such but looks exactly like one making it apt for Christmas décor. It comes in a ceramic vase with a stone that accentuates it appeal.

Price: Rs. 3099

You can check it out here!


5. 8 Feet Snow Tipped Pine Christmas Tree

8 Feet Snow Tipped Pine Christmas Tree

So what if you cannot celebrate Christmas with snowfall around? Let the effect of snow show up on your tree giving you a feel of having a wintery Christmas right at your home!

It comes with a stand for strong support and comes neatly folded in a box for you to assemble it at home. The tree is strong enough to hold lots of decorative items.

Along with this tree, you will receive 15 ornaments to decorate it and 6 rope lights! What more do you need then?

Price: Rs. 7999

You can check it out here


6. 5 Feet Premium White Christmas Tree

5 Feet Premium White Christmas Tree

If just a snow tipped Christmas Tree doesn’t give you the satisfaction of a wintery Christmas ambiance indoors, check this royal White Christmas Tree.

Mounted on a metal stand this stunning premium 5 feet tree with luxury tips features a white pull down, artificial foliage to create a traditional backdrop for a beautiful Christmas décor.

Price: Rs. 4999

You can check it out here!


7. 8 Feet Artificial Christmas Tree

8 Feet Artificial Normal Christmas Tree

Its 8 feet height gives it such a grand look that even if you plan not to decorate it, it would still looking stunning!

The fullness of the leaves gives the tree a lively look. A perfect option to add sparkle to your home décor this Christmas.

Price: Rs. 1499



8. 10.5 inches Christmas Tree

10.5 inches Christmas Tree

This one is especially for your bed side table or work desk. Small and dainty, this lovely Christmas Tree makes for a perfect gifting option as well.

Included with the tree, are small gift boxes, stars, bells, pine and glitter balls for decoration.

Price: Rs. 714

You can check it out here!


9. 6 Feet Artificial Optic Fiber Christmas Tree

6 Feet Artificial Optic Fiber Christmas Tree

The density of this Christmas Tree gives it a real tree look. Save yourself the trouble of decorating the tree as this pre-lit tree needs nothing but a plug point to illuminate it.

The fiber tips glow with a myriad of colours whereas the LED illuminated snowflakes and star slowly change colour. This creates a wonderful and varied effect that makes the tree a treat to the eyes.

Price: Rs. 5999

You can check it out here!


10. Itiha Christmas Tree 1 Feet Jute Base

Itiha Christmas Tree 1 Feet Jute Base

A perfect gift, this lovely 1 feet Christmas Tree comes with 16 pieces of assorted decorations and hangings. The jute base gives it a lovely ethnic look and the decorations are sure to make the tree look beautiful.

Price: Rs. 499

You can check it out here!

With Christmas just round the corner, make sure to book a tree for yourself from the ones shared above least they go out of stock!

Merry Christmas in advance!

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