10 Best Free Astrology & Horoscope Sites/Apps in India

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~Know your future online within a matter of a few minutes!~

Showing a hand to Panditji is passé. With technology making inroads in all that we do, it is little surprising that knowing about the future too can be done using technology.

We are talking about the online astrology and horoscope services in India.

Let’s take a look at some of the top free online astrology and horoscopes websites and apps in India

1. ClickAstro

ClickAstro Website
ClickAstro Website



Here you can even get prediction for the next quarter of your life!  So they offer prediction for as long as 25 years from the time you approach them.

They offer a host of free services like – daily horoscope, kundli, love compatibility, marriage horoscope, panchganga prediction, Chinese horoscope, Chinese love compatibility, numerology, daily panchang, feng shui, wealth horoscope and marriage hosroscope.

You can even opt for their paid services to avail of monthly horoscope, yearly horoscope, numerology report etc.

The portal also offer gemstone report and an option to ask their in-house astrologer should you have any specific query.


2. Astroved

Astroved Website
Astroved Website



100 per cent scientific and 100 per cent spiritual!

Well, that’s how they like to be known and from what we know, the subscribers of this portal vouch for it as well.

“Rewrite your Destiny”, that’s the tagline that welcomes you to their portal.

They have an action plan as well for it by offering a plethora of services – Predictions, Life Solutions and Remedies.

Under their section ‘Prediction’ they offer a gamut of services – Astrology Readings, Nadi Readings, Vishnu Maya Angel Reading, Free and Automated Reports and On Demand Reports.

The ‘Remedies’ section has – Agni Solutions, Poojas, Ancestors, Mantra Writing, Karma Removal Program, Pradosham and 108 Coconut Smashing!

All the solutions they offer are based on principles and norms of Vedic Astrology.

The scope isn’t just restricted to family, love and work… they also have a special programme where they assess students and throw light on their weaknesses and strength.

You can even download their mobile app to have astrological solutions on the go!

Further, you can even check on your name change report, birth chart report, birth star report and lots more!


3. Bejandaruwalla.com


 Bejandaruwalla.com website
Bejandaruwalla.com Website



From removal of black magic to nazar kawach yantra to buying lucky gemstones, you can do it all here! And the expertise of Bejan Daruwalla needs no introduction.

He dominated the Indian astrological space for quite sometime with his weekly forecasting in major newspapers much before the online players came into the scene.

4. Ganeshaspeaks.com

Ganeshaspeaks.com website
Ganeshaspeaks.com Website



It isn’t uncommon to find their email in our inbox.

You may have not subscribed to them but then yet you may find them in your mail box asking you to subscribe and at times offering you some free predictions we well.

You can even entertain yourself on the portal reading predictions of famous personalities like Anil Ambani, Amitabh Bachchan etc for the year 2018.


5. Astrosage.com

Astrosage.com website
Astrosage.com website



The look of the portal is a bit cluttered but then keeping in mind the plethora of services they offer, you can overlook the design dynamics being followed by them.

Headquartered in Noida, they claim to be one of the most authentic astrology online service providers.

Founded in 2000 by Pandit Punit Pandey who makes use of KP< Lal Kitab and Nadi into different situations to get practical results, Astrosage has a team of over 10 astrologers with them to guide their patrons.

A host of free services are listed on the portal that you an avail of. You can even opt for kundli matching services here just incase marriage is on your mind.

6. Astromitra.com

Astromitra.com website
Astromitra.com Website



The second part of their name ‘mitra’ suggests a bond of friendship. They claim to be a ‘world of astrology experts’.

From offering live astrology to horary astrology, they also offer – career report, detailed life report, foreign travel astrology and education horoscope.

The free services include – free vedic birth chart calculator, daily horoscope prediction by date of birth, monthly horoscope, moon sign horoscope and weekly horoscopes.

They also have an online store where you can buy gemstones, authentic rudraksha and report on numerology name business correction.


7. Astroyogi.com

Astroyogi.com website
Astroyogi.com Website



No, this isn’t the brainchild of UP’s chief minister Yogi Adityanath just in case the name has confused you.

From offering Tarot Card reading to Feng Shui guidance, Astryogi is a one stop solution for any field of astrology you are comfortable with.

They specialize in Vedic Astrology as well. An amazing feature that caught our attention here was their service on Palm Reading.

8. HinduAstrology.com

HinduAstrology.com website
HinduAstrology.com Website



At Hindu Astrology, the horoscope predictions are based on exhaustive calculations such as Shodasvarga Astavarga which provides different kinds of planetary strengths, and four kinds of Dasa with sub-period details.

The predictive part contains Dwadash Bhava, Dasa and transit Phal.

In the Bhava Phal each house results are given separately, taking account of all planets and their aspects such that there are no contradictions.

Here you can also opt for monthly predictions along with monthly calculations.

Horoscope matching is also one of the services offered by All India Astrological Services.

Horoscopes of two individuals (male and a female) are matched for mutual compatibility and they run a marriage bureau facility as well.

Astrology enthusiasts can learn astrology as well and they have a section to shop for astrological products too!


9. Nakshatra Astrology

Nakshatra Astrology website
Nakshatra Astrology Website


Mumbai based, Nakshatra Astrology, brainchild of Anil Kumar, offers services in Palmistry, Vaastu and Numerology.

Nakshatra Astrology is based on Krishnamurty Paddhati (KP System) which lays emphasis on placement of planets in a particular constellation (Nakshatra) at the time of birth.

Here you can have your detailed Horoscope reading, birth time rectification, match making for marriage, Muhurat (auspicious time) planning, Palm reading, Numerology, Vaastu Shastra consultation and all kinds of remedies like Gems stone therapy, Rudraksha therapy, Mantra and Yantra usage etc.


10. AskGanesha.com

AskGanesha.com website
AskGanesha.com Website



At  Ask Ganesha, you can opt for child astrology, astrological prediction for career, health, finance etc.

If you are looking at conducting a specialized pooja, you can contact the experts on board at this portal.

We were quite amused with the option of previous birth report being offered here. Worth a try, isn’t it?

They have a host of free products including Ganesha names, yantra, mantras etc.

So next time you think you need astrological consultation, you can do it anytime, anywhere!


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