Best Ball Pens in India for Exams & General Use – Top 10 Ball Pen Brands

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If you are student preparing for exams, you know the importance of having a good ball pen. Ball pens should be easy to hold, help you write fast and it shouldn’t ache your fingers when you writing continuously.

Similarly for an office environment or just for general use, ease of writing and having a pen with a premium feel gains higher precedence.

Fortunately our team has combined the best of both worlds, trying and testing multiple ball point pens under a rigorous exam environment while at the same time, paying equal importance to looks.

We have come up with the top 10 list of ball point pens that are available to purchase in both online and offline stores across India.

1. Parker

More than a century old, they were once considered a premium pen brand India though today, the price points make the pen affordable for most to own.

They have their luxury collection too but their entry into the ‘affordable’ category has extended the brand’s reach, demand and acceptance.

When someone upgrades to using a Parker pen (the most basic model), it is unlikely he would switch to another brand.

In fact, it would be no exaggeration to say that the user would only find himself/herself aspiring to own the next expensive model of the pen.

In India, Parker was launched by the pen brand Luxor and they did an amazing job of spreading the reach of the brand across the length and breadth of the country, especially so by roping in Big B as their brand ambassador.

Parker Vector Ball Pen, Matte Black

Parker pen
Parker Vector Ball


Our pick is the classic Parker Vector Ball Pen in matte black.

Priced reasonably, it is a perfect pen to sign as well as take down short notes. It looks smart and elegant making it perfect to be carried for meetings as well.


2. Reynolds

Reynolds has been one of the earliest pen brands to go strong with its advertising.

Though not quite in the league today, it still has its fair share of patrons. The brand is quite popular for its modestly priced ball pens and it is widely used by students in exams and at workplaces.

Reynolds 045 Ball Pen

Reynolds Pen


If you were born in the 80s, you would remember this pen as your only saviour during your exams (that is if you were allowed to use a ball pen).

The pen is a masterpiece when it comes to its no-nonsense design and fine laser tip technology that makes writing a thorough joy! Its ink is non-smudging and this extends an effortless writing experience. It hasn’t changed over the years… in fact decades!

3. Flair

With Bollywood heart-throb Hritik Roshan as its brand ambassador, Flair ball pens have been a rage with school children.

The year hasn’t even ended and they have sold 1 billion pens since the beginning of 2018!

This should give you a fair idea of the demand and acceptance of this brand. When it comes to ball pens, they have the most enviable range. You will be literally spoilt for choice!


Fair Pen


This 4 colour ball pen is your answer to colourful writing without having to bother carrying four different coloured pens!

This 4 in 1 pen not only looks good but it offers smooth and smudge free writing. Available in different body colours, this fun pen is a must carry in your bag!


4. Staedtler

One of the most coveted stationary brand, Staedtler would be a priced possession for many in the yesteryears, especially when it came to pencils.

Class apart, their pencils not just look classy but they write like magic. The same is the case with their pens as well. The brand dates back to 1835!

Staedtler Medium – Transparent Body Ball Pen

Staedtler pen



Our pick is this classic beauty from the brand. With a medium line width of 0.35 mm and regulated ink flow, the pen offers a smooth writing experience without blobbing or scratching.

The transparent body with a blue cap gives the pen an extremely elegant look.

5. Cello

Now this is a brand that has made India indeed proud! Founded in 1995, Cello Pens was taken over by a French stationary major BIC in 2005 and rechristened as BIC Cello (India).

Since its beginning, the brand was conscious of its quality and it settled for the best when it came to choosing the ball pen tips and ink both of which were imported from Germany.

Cello Butterflow Ball Pen with Free Refill

Cello Butterflow



The smoothness in writing that this pen offers completely bowled us over! And the secret behind this smoothness is its lubriflow ink system.

The smart design of the pen makes it apt to be carried to work and the weight is perfect for students as well, especially during exams when one has to end up filing in the writing sheets!



6. Uniball

Japan is known for its cutting age technology and innovations. Uniball pens is a product from Japan and it has a strong presence in India.

The brand has its own online shopping portal where all of their products have been listed. They have a lot many offers too running on their portal so shopaholics beware!!

Brain – AD

Uniball pen


Available in blue, red and black, this classic pen from Mitsubishi Pencil Co. has a bold and chic look. Its 0.7 mm dia. Tungsten carbide ball offers sharp and smudge free writing.

Carry it to work at your own risk as once borrowed by someone, chances are you will not get it back.


7. Linc

Linc owns the exclusive licence to sell Uniball in India and this is reason enough for us to believe in the brand!

Founded in 1976, the brand has a strong presence not just in our country but it is present in 50 countries worldwide! Linc is listed on NSE, BSE and CSE as well!

Linc Twin Ball Pen + Pencil

Linc Twin Ball Pen


Offering two joys for the price of one, this lovely pen + pencil from Linc is a boon for those who like having both their pen and pencil with them.

The writing it offers is smooth and the design is good enough for everyday use.



8. Classmate

The brand has created a huge fan following for itself for its notebooks. From the house of ITC today, Classmate offers a range of stationary items – from pens to notebooks to colour pencils, crayons etc.

Classmate Helen Ballpen

Classmate Helen Ballpen



Even before we wrote with it, we were completely convinced of its performance by its sheer looks!

Classy would be an understatement. The pen is beautifully designed in plastic that one can easily mistake it as being of metal.

The comfortable grip offers tireless writing and the stylish metal clip adds to the design elegance.


9. Montex

Montex would not be on your list when you go out stationary shopping but the brand has been charming its patrons with a fantastic range of pens – from ball pens to gel pens and others.

A lot many stationary stores stock Montex though the brand isn’t strong when it comes to its online presence.

Montex Winner Ball Pen

Montex Winner Ball Pen



Available in blue, green, black and red, Montex Winner Ball Pen wins with its looks and performance.

The pen is designed to be used by professionals. It offers a unique angular grip that offers smooth and comfortable writing thus making it apt for students as well.

10. Cross

For those who like their pen to do the talking, Cross is for them! The A.T.Cross Company is 172 years old but its timeless design and elegance makes it one of the most coveted pen brand even today.

Each of their pens are steeply priced but then they are designed for the connoisseurs of pens hence they find a mention in our list as well.

Classic Century Lustrous Chrome Ballpoint Pen




The classic chrome finish along with its sleek design makes this pen a delight to own. For those wanting to own a Cross pen can opt for this as it is the most reasonably priced.

The patented repel twist mechanism comes with a lifetime guarantee against mechanical failure.

If you have used a Cross pen before, you would know that the ink that they use is quite unlike the other pens available in the market. Presented in a luxurious gift box, it is apt for gifting as well.

For those who take efforts to shop for their stationary, they would perhaps know the joy of owning a well-designed ball pen. It is a sheer myth to even think that no matter the brand, all pens do one thing – help ‘write’.

A good pen plays a very important role when it comes to putting down out thoughts on paper and of course, a pen also helps extend a positive impression each time you remove it from your bag or unclip it from your shirt pocket.