11 Best Beard Trimmers for Men In India (2020)

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Have you been on the lookout for some grooming product that can give you peace of mind without spending a dime on it? Well, a good quality trimmer or a complete grooming kit can be a great addition to your wardrobe.

A beard trimmer is one of the most necessary grooming items for men. Due to the fact that almost all men need it in their day to day life, a trimmer is an important product.

In most cases, a nicely trimmed beard can make a huge difference in ensuring that you look amazing. But at the same time, you need to remember that a well groomed beard requires efforts and time.

Here we will help you to choose the best beard trimmers for men in India 2019.

We have made a list of 11 best trimmers for men available in India based on specs, features, customer satisfaction and ratings.

1. Philips QT4011-15 Trimmer

Philips QT4011-15 Trimmer
Philips QT4011-15 Beard Trimmer


This Philips trimmer offers a vast variety of features. Its 200.5-mm precision settings, cordless unit and titanium cutting edges are the plus points. Also, trimmers from Philips come with 2 years guarantee.

The Philips QT4011-15 is available online at affordable cost. You just need to turn the wheel in the center to choose the length you want- it is as simple as that.


  • Really easy to use and friendly with the skin
  • Rounded tips that offer smooth trimming experience
  • Provides a longer lasting performance due to its Dura Power technology
  • Charges completely in just an hour
  • The titanium blades get sharpened automatically and so you do not need to change the blades

2. Panasonic ER 207 WK 44B Beard and Hair Trimmer

Panasonic ER 207 WK 44B Beard and Hair Trimmer
Panasonic ER 207 WK 44B Beard and Hair Trimmer


It is one of the few beard trimmers that compete with the top Philips trimmers. It has a great list of positive customer reviews.

You can enjoy a nice trimming session due to its floating wide blade cutter. For great operation, the ergonomic S curve design fits in the hand perfectly. The amazing 12 length settings can be easily selected by front height adjustment dial.


  • Can be used even while corded/charging
  • Wet & dry operation available and can be easily washed
  • Comes with a charger indicator lamp that glows while charging
  • Front end adjustment dial have 12 settings 2mm to 20mm
  • Can be used for hair and beard both
  • Gives 40 minutes of cordless power after you charge it for 12 hours
  • Comes with 2 year warranty
  • Has detachable blade feature
  • It has high performance blade; helping in precision cutting


3. Philips BT5200/15 Pro Trimmer

Philips BT5200/15 Pro Trimmer
Philips BT5200/15 Pro Trimmer


It is in fact the best premium trimmer with advanced functions. The trimmer also comes with Dynamic Beard Guide and integrated hair lift comb that lifts the hair up to the level of blades for proper trimming. It further lets you achieve the 3 day shadow look.

Also, the active beard guide mechanism with hair lift brush highs the upward to the height of the blades for great results and offers you the choice to achieve 3 day shadow look, small beard that you want.
You may even cut your beard in a single brisk pass, while at the same time being gentle on skin. If you wish to have more power while cutting the whiskers, you may connect the trimmer to the charging cable.


  • Skin friendly and rounded tips that help in smooth trimming
  • Blades are sharpened doubly for fast trimming session
  • Can be used for an hour after an hour of charging
  • Very easy to choose and lock in the length settings 0.4 to 10 mm
  • The blades are double sharpened to help in faster trimming
  • 100% waterproof for easy, clean and thorough cleaning


4. Philips QT4005/15 Beard Trimmer

Philips QT4005/15 Beard Trimmer
Philips QT4005/15 Beard Trimmer


This Philips bread trimmer for men is useful for trimming those areas that are hard to reach otherwise.

Its design is combined with premium technology by the brand and because of which the trimmer lasts up to 4 times more as compared to other ordinary trimmers.
Time and again, it has been experienced that the Philips trimmers offer effortless results. The product too has a battery status light indictor so when the battery is low; there is an orange light that blinks.

While charging and upon fully charged, a green light blinks. Also, the length settings are simple to lock and select. You just have to turn the wheel for choosing and locking in the length settings.

There is no irritation felt on the skin too due to the rounded tips as they are gentle. After 10 hours charge, the trimmer offers cordless power of around 45 minutes.
Its advanced titanium blades also help in longer lasting sharpness and great cutting performance. This way, you can achieve short beard, full beard or the 3 day shadow look- whichever you want.


  • Provides precision of 0.5 mm, is easy to lock in and select the length settings
  • You just need to turn the wheel to select and lock in the settings
  • The blades stay sharp to cut the hair neatly
  • Its rounded blade tips are great and combs well, preventing any skin irritation
  • Comes with 3 years warranty- 2 years standard worldwide warranty and extra 1 year warranty on registration on Philips official website
  • It has a detachable head that makes way for easy cleaning
  • All you need to do is to just detach the head and rinse it under water for simple cleaning

5. Braun MGK3020 6-in-One Multi Grooming Trimmer

Braun MGK3020 6-in-One Multi Grooming Trimmer
Braun MGK3020 6-in-One Multi Grooming Trimmer


This trimmer is for all those who believe in going some extra miles. Whether you wish to maintain your beard or just trim the edges and contours, this product is a grooming beast that can do everything.

Also, it comes with a washable head that can be cleaned easily. Though the price of this trimmer is on the higher side, it is a 6 in 1 multitasking trimmer that is no less than an investment for all your grooming needs.
It is a complete 6 in one grooming kit that you would love to possess.


  • Comes with separate combs- ear and nose trimmer attachments
  •  Sharp blades that won’t lose razor edge
  •  2 years warranty
  •  Fully washable head which is easy to clean after every trim
  • Ensure you use the right comb for your beard; 1mm to 2mm comb is ideal for stubble, 3-11mm is right for short beard and 13-21mm can handle long manes easily

6. Nova NHT 1091 Trimmer

Nova NHT 1091 Trimmer
Nova NHT 1091 Beard Trimmer


Just like Philips, Nova is also a renowned brand when it comes to A-class trimmers. Of all the beard trimmers in the market, you will get the most value for money with this Nova trimmer.

After all, you will get up to 45 minutes wireless usage and up to 20 precision lock in settings with this trimmer. The self sharpening stainless steel blades are very reasonably priced.
This cordless trimmer is one among the finest trimmers anticipated to be used by those who are in urgency.

If you wish to keep your looks smooth and stylish, and at the same time that facial hair retaining your manly appearance, this trimmer is the best choice.


  • Skin friendly, rounded tips for smooth trimming
  • 20 lock in length settings; 0.5 to 20mm with 0.5mm precision
  • High precision blades that are skin friendly and affordable
  •  Self sharpening stainless steel blades
  •  Works for 45 minutes with 8 hours charging


7. Panasonic ER-GB30A Trimmer

Panasonic ER-GB30A Trimmer
Panasonic ER-GB30A Beard Trimmer


This Panasonic ER-GB30A trimmer offers wonderfully styled and comfy trim for men who wish to remain groomed at all times.

Having a gear design, the trimmer offers an evenly poised trim with almost no efforts and great comfort. This beard trimmer from Panasonic offers upgraded pruning for even the toughest beard.
The trimmer also has the great ability to clean the stubble and thick beards in effortless fashion.


  • Comes with Japanese Blade technology that offers best trimming experience
  • Battery operated, non chargeable trimmer
  • Comes with durable stainless steel blades for great precision
  • Comprises of 9 lock in length settings ranging from 0.5 to 18mm
  • Suitable for both dry and wet trimming and provides added convenience

Price: INR 1235

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8. Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless for Men QT4006/15

Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless for Men QT4006/15
Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless for Men QT4006/15 Beard Trimmer


Philips QT4006 comes with a design that is premium and nice. The trimmer lasts up to 4 times longer as compared to other trimmers. The results offered are superior and satisfactory.

After 10 hours charging, the trimmer provides a cordless power of 45 minutes. Also, to prevent any skin irritation, the blades of the product have rounded tips that help in smooth contact.
For cutting the hair neatly and with precision, the blades stay sharp and smooth. The trimmer has around 20 length settings.

You can enjoy the zero trim look of 0.5mm just by removing the comb. While charging the trimmer, the light appears green in color.

You can easily clean the product by just detaching its head and rinsing it under fresh water. The trimmer is also useful to trim those areas that are tough to reach.


  • You can get a full beard of 10mm or 3 day shadow look of 1mm with ease
  • Its self sharpening blades stay very sharp
  • The dimensions of this trimmer are: 30.2 x 16.2 x 7.6 cm

9. Remington MB4010 Trimmer

Remington MB4010 Trimmer
Remington MB4010 Trimmer Beard Trimmer


Featured with self sharpening and steel blades, this trimmer features 6 pre set length settings that help you to get that perfect trim.

These power packed blades happen to be self oiling, ensuring that you will not have to oil them on your own.

As the advanced steel blades can be pretty sharp, you need to exercise care when using the product at low precision settings.


  • Self oiling blades ensure that you don’t need to worry about maintaining it in the long run
  •  While the price is a bit higher, the powerful stainless steel blades make it a worth buy
  • 2 years warranty

10. Philips BT1215/15 USB Cordless Beard Trimmer

Philips BT1215/15 USB Cordless Beard Trimmer
Philips BT1215/15 USB Cordless Beard Trimmer


Philips BT1215/15 USB cordless beard trimmer is definitely among the top beard trimmers in India.

It comes with a USB cable for flexible charging through your computer or any other USB adaptor. The blades of this beard trimmer have rounded tips for easy and smooth contact with the skin, preventing irritation and scratching.

Also, the battery indicators let you know about your battery status- low or charging. The Philips trimmer offers 60 minutes of cordless power after 8 hours charging.


  • The steel blades brush against each other, sharpening themselves while they trim
  • Comes with 3 years warranty- 2 years word wide standard warranty and additional 1 year warranty when you register on the Philips site
  • The DuraPower technology reduces the blades friction that protects the battery and motor from being overloaded
  • Choose from 1mm stubble comb or 3mm, 5mm, 7mm beard combs as per the length you want
  • You can also choose the 0.5mm length to enjoy the zero trim look
  • Travel lock on the trimmer prevents the product from getting switched on accidently



11. Philips QG3387/15 9-in-1 Head to Toe Trimmer

Philips QG3387/15 9-in-1 Head to Toe Trimmer
Philips QG3387/15 9-in-1 Head to Toe Trimmer


With this 9 in 1 head to toe, multi grooming kit, you can complete your look with just a single product.

This is a full metal trimmer with 9 attachments that offer up to 18 length settings, giving you a complete styling appearance over your face, neck, hair and body.

The fully waterproof product makes it easy for the users to clean it without any mess. You can even clean your eyebrows as well as sideburns just in a few seconds.


  • 21mm detail trimmer for small areas, details
  • Full sized trimmer perfect for side burns, chin and neck line
  • Skin friendly blades are very easy on the face and neck
  • High cutting speed helps remove even the thick hair
  • 50 minutes cordless use can be enjoyed on a 1 hour charge
  • Get rid of those unwanted ear and nose hair without any problem

Price: INR 3995

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Final verdict

All things considered, if you are really looking forward to get the best beard trimmer for that stubble appearance, buy any one of the products mentioned above.

These are indeed the top 11 beard trimmers for men in India 2019. Hope you like our post and find it useful.


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