10 Best Bicycle Brands in India – Top Bicycles for Kids & Adults (2020)

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In these days of heightened fitness awareness and going green in as many aspects of life as possible, the bicycle has started to play a big role in our lives.

The bicycle is no longer viewed as something for kids to go to school or enjoy evenings wheeling around the neighbourhood on – the bicycle is now popular with adults too.

Some of us who are lucky to work within cycling distance have adopted the bicycle as our daily transport – keeping fit and going green at the same time!

Many cities also have dedicated cycling clubs that meet on weekends and holidays to go cycling to new destinations and spend the day out bikes enjoying cycling and socialising at the same time.

All this interest in cycling has made a wide variety of bicycles available in the markets and one can buy the best if one just has a good look at what’s available.

Here’s a list of the best bicycle brands available in India today.


Hero Cycle
Hero Cycle


A name we’ve known for many decades, Hero is the first name that most of us think of when we think of buying a bicycle in India.

Hero Cycles has an incredible range of leisure and sports bicycles and one of their top sellers is the Hero Street Racer 24T that has a steel frame, and calliper brakes, and is perfect for young riders.

The bike also has a carrier where one can strap on a bag.


Hercules Ryder Contour Speed Bicycle
Hercules Bicycle


Now that’s another bicycle brand that we’re really familiar with in India.

Very well known for good quality cycles, many of us have had a Hercules cycle at some point or have known someone who did.

Hercules doesn’t just manufacture everyday bicycles but also has a range of speciality sports and performance bicycles.

Take the Ryder Contour 21 Speed Bicycle, for example.

It has a designer alloy hardtail frame, Shimano gears, and V brakes and is one of the bestselling bikes from this brand.

A great bike for serious riders the Ryder Contour 21 is sturdy and will last long making it worth every rupee spent on it.

3.Mach City

Mach City bicycle
Mach City bicycle



Mach City is a relatively new brand, introduced in 2015 with the aim of helping people rediscover the pleasures of cycling.

Aimed mainly at the urban cyclist, Mach City has city bikes and hybrids that fit the needs of any city cycling enthusiast.

The iBike W Single Speed pictured here is a lightweight steel frame cycle with durable nylon tyres that last really well on city roads, potholes notwithstanding.

The seat is foam padded and the handlebar is bird-type so you have a comfortable upright position while riding.

Thermoplastic rubber grips make the handlebar comfortable to hold. The oblique crossbar makes it easy for women to get on to the bike.


Firefox Flip Flop hybrid bicycle
Firefox Bicycle



Firefox entered the bicycle market in India in 2005 and has gained a good following with its range of imported bicycles.

The brand has bicycles for adults and children, men and women, and includes city and multipurpose cycles that can be used in different riding conditions.

The Firefox Flip Flop hybrid bicycle is ideal for city riding.

This model has a steel frame, rim brakes connected to alloy brake levers, and alloy rims making it quite stylish apart from sturdy.

You can add a number of accessories like a bottle cage and front and back led lights if you want to ride longer distances and make it look up to date.


Mongoose BMX bicycles
Mongoose Bicycles


Mongoose is an American brand best known for BMX cycles though it also has a variety of hybrids and MTBs.

BMX bicycles with their smaller wheels and general proportions are special bikes designed to be used on smooth tracks for short sprints and of course, for performing exciting stunts and jumps.

The Mongoose Legion L10 is a top seller.

This bike comes with a steel frame and rim brakes.

The classic thick and sturdy tires are attached to alloy 36H rims and this bike is perfect for anyone looking for a BMX bike to do stunts on.


6.BSA Ladybird

BSA Ladybird Breeze bicycles
Bsa Bicycles


One of the best-known brands for women’s bicycles BSA Ladybird has a wide range of affordable, comfortable and stylish cycles for their customers to choose from.

The BSA Ladybird Breeze is very popular with young girls between 8 and 11 years of age.

Perfect for riding around the building compound or in the local park, the Breeze has a lightweight steel frame, calliper brakes, a wide cushioned saddle, and also has a basket in the front.

The decorated rim and chain cover also adds great appeal.


Kross mountain bicycles
Kross Bicycles


The Kross brand has been around for a while and is best known for its sports and mountain bikes.

However, Kross also has some superb bikes for everyday use under the Roadster series. Practical, no-frills cycles, these are ideal for daily commutes and general use.

The Drona DX 22 is an excellent daily use no frills bicycle with an oval tube frame and roller brakes.



Atlas Smash lbc 20T
Atlas Bicycles


Atlas has bicycles for adults and kids alike.

This brand is well known and trusted and its products are available in stores across the country and also online.

Cycling is an excellent outdoor activity for children and you will find plenty of choice in children’s cycles from Atlas.

The Atlas Smash lbc 20T is a good choice for both, boys and girls.

The seat has a backrest and the cycle comes with trainer wheels making it perfect for learning.

The steel frame is sturdy and the cycle has calliper brakes.



Avon bicycles
Avon Bicycles


Avon is quite a well-known brand for bicycles and it has cof many categories available under its brand umbrella including some imported brands.

With the advantage of a good network of ground-based stores and an online shopping site, Avon is easily available no matter where you are.

The Neowave model categorised under Luxury and Style is an attractive looking cycle with the best features for durability, comfort and safety.

A perfect combination, we say! A suspension frame, double wall alloy rim, V brakes with alloy levers, and a comfortable foam padded saddle make this model a top choice for many.

10.La Sovereign

La Sovereign City Bicycle
La Sovereign City Bicycle


La Sovereign specialises in bikes for kids and youngsters and has quite a good range of MTBs, kids bikes and BMX bicycles.

They also have bicycles that are suitable for urban dwellers and are well priced too.

The La Sovereign City Bicycle has a sturdy steel frame.

It is one of the few bicycle models that has disc brakes instead of the usual calliper or V brakes.

This single speed bike is perfectly suited for cycling in a city.


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