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Best Board Games for Kids (2019) Between 4-12 years & 12+

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Board games are a super option for whiling away hours in the summer holidays with friends. They are an ideal way to spend quality time indoors, and learn some life skills while doing so.

The choice of board games has to be based on everyone’s interest and preference and of course, age.

While young children can learn a lot about the world around them through board games – they learn how to count, how to identify colours, and of course, how to play and share with others, games for older kids are based on strategy, handling money, business, etc

Here are some board games for Kids based on their age.

Kids Between 4-8 years

Millennium Snakes & Ladders plus Ludo

Millennium Snakes


You will hardly find a person who doesn’t know the games Snakes and Ladders, or Ludo.

Easy to play and assuring you of hours of fun these simple board games are included in the same box.

The aim of the game in Snakes and Ladders is to cross the entire board from start to finish, climbing up the board quickly with the ladders and avoiding the snakes that will send you back down.

Moves depend on the throw of dice. The first person to reach the end wins.

Ludo can have up to four players at a time, each choosing a colour and then moving their play pieces from the home square to the central end point.

Moves depend on the number thrown on the dice and players can send each back if they land on the same square.

Both games are suitable for kids of 6 years and above and are a great way to include even your grandparents to the family board game time.

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Ekta Magna Play Set

Ekta Magna Play Set


The Ekta Magna Play Set has a variety of brain teasers and puzzles for little kids.

Children will not only have fun matching colours and completing shapes and pictures, they will also expand their creativity and imagination, build up their memory and learn to identify shapes, colours and objects too.

It’s a great way to keep younger kids engaged in activity.

Get the Ekta Magna Play set for Rs 199 here

Kids Between 8-12 years

Lit’l Chanakya

Lit’l Chanakya


This board game aims to teach young children life lessons in a fun way.

Decision making, problem solving, keeping records of expenses, focusing on and achieving a goal are just some of the things a child will learn while playing Lit’l Chanakya.

Up to four kids will be occupied for as long as 40 minutes playing this and they will have plenty of fun.

Ideal for kids of 8 years and above.

Buy Lit’l Chankya for Rs 599 here




Othello seems like a simple game but can be great fun as things can change within minutes making the winning player suddenly lag behind while the other player surges ahead.

All you have to do is place your coins, either black or white, on the board trapping the other player’s coins between yours and flipping the trapped coins to your colour.

Fast paced and fun Othello is highly addictive and will have your kids addicted!

Get yours here for Rs 224




As the name suggests this game is about strategy. The game board is designed as a battlefield and two players have to conquer it.

Each player has an army plus six bombs which they can use against their opponent to capture their flag and of course, to save their own flag.

Strategy is what will win this game so players will have to think carefully before each move. Ideal for older kids, Stratego will keep them engrossed and entertained.

Buy it here for Rs 449

Kitki Three Sticks


A board game inspired by geometry, Three Sticks is ideal for slightly older children.

Have fun being creative and challenging your shape making skills with sticks of three lengths and a few rules that govern how you play.

Place the sticks to make shapes adding to the sticks already on the board.

Players can place only two sticks per turn. 2 to 4 players can play this at a time. While it can be great fun playing Three Sticks the game also teaches kids numbers and spatial awareness.

Pick it up for Rs 1,200 here



A game everyone from kids to adults enjoy, here one has to draw and have the partner guess the word. It a fabulous way to improve vocabulary and creatively challenge kids.

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For 12 years+ kids




Strategy games appeal to tweens and teens and Risk is one that they will really enjoy. The basic aim of the game is to conquer the world.

5 players can compete with full armies, cavalry and artillery too. There are cards and dice to control how players move on the board.

Move foot soldiers and cavalry across the board conquering your enemies as you go and protecting yourself too.

Risk will keep your kids occupied and entertained for hours. This game is for 12 year olds.

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Funskool Monopoly



Monopoly is a classic and is a must have in everybody’s collection of board games. Buy and sell property and rent properties to earn as much money as possible.

The player with the most money wins. Its a great game to help your kids learn money management and some basics of business by simply playing this classic board game.

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The classic word building game, Scrabble is entertaining and educational and appeals to all.

Ideal for players above 10-12 years in age this board game builds vocabulary skills like no other.

Make as many words as you can, turn by turn with the seven alphabet tiles on your rack in combination with those already on the board.

Up to four kids can play Scrabble and spend hours together when the sun is shining bright outside.

Get it here for Rs 479





A hilarious game based on facts, fiction and skilled bluffing Balderdash is all about guessing when a person is correct or bluffing. Kids will learn amazing facts about the world around them and have an absolute blast while doing it with this game.

Balderdash can be played with 2 to a maximum 6 players at a time.

Get it here for Rs 669

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Board games are great way to keep kids busy for hours indoors while learning life skills and bonding with each other over common interests. Pick the ones that your kids will enjoy the most from our list and start shopping now!

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