10 Best Car Air Fresheners/Perfumes in India

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Bad odour can be quite a turn off. No, here we aren’t talking about body odour but odour that circulates within your car compelling you to breathe in the foul smell without any respite, unless of course you decide to turn off the air-conditioning and roll down the windows.

But with the summer heat increasing by the day, windows down means getting bogged down by the heat. So, its time to load up on those car perfumes and air fresheners and giving your car journeys a new meaning.

And if you’re confused about which one to buy, we’ve got here the top brands and their best products listed for you. But before that, lets learn about the different types of car perfumes and air fresheners available in the market.

       1. Diffusers

These are often referred to as car vent air fresheners and are usually clung on to the vents. As the vent blows air, they circulate the fragrance and keep the inner air fresh and smelling good.

      2. Plug-ins

These are plugged into the power outlet on your dashboard and are very quick to emit the fragrance.

      3. Sticky Gels

These contain the scented fragrance in a gel form and stick to any dry surface in the vehicle.  These are longer lasting than most other car fresheners.

      4. Cardboards

These are the cheapest alternative, and are usually used by service providers for branding. They can be hung on the rare view mirror.

       5. Cans

The most popular, cans have adjustable holes that you can adjust according to how much scent you want inside your car. Some even offer the option of closing when the car isn’t in use.

       6. Spray

Pressurized cans that act fast and are easy to use, sprays have also become popular choice amongst city dwellers.

So now that you know, what the types of air fresheners for cars are, here are top car perfumes and air fresheners that you can pick up online to ensure that your car smells nothing but good!

1. Ambi Pur

When you think of car perfumes/air freshener, the first name that comes to mind is Ambi Pur. The brand has created a niche for itself in this category. Be it for car, home or office, each of their fragrances are delightful. Coming from the house of Procter & Gamble, the brand has built for itself an enviable patronage in the category of car perfumes/ fresheners.

Ambi Pur Car Aqua Air Freshener Starter

Ambi Pur Car Air Freshener
Ambi Pur Car Air Freshener


Offering consistent release of fragrance that can last for up to 45 day, this one car air freshener from Ambi Pur is perfect for those who do not prefer floral fragrances.

Since it is a bit strong, it is recommended that you attach it on the vent. For the price it is available at, this one offers complete value for money!

Price: Rs. 299

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2. Godrej aer

If it is from the house of Godrej, the product needs no further introduction. From electronics to furniture to car perfumes, it has it all. Their range of car and home perfumes/fresheners have become a rage, all thanks to the long lasting and refreshing fragrance that they have.

Godrej aer Twist Gel – Car Freshener  – Fresh Lush Green

Godrej aer Car Air Freshener
Godrej aer Car Air Freshener


Fancy surrounding yourself with lush green fragrance? No matter how badly you are stuck in traffic in the city’s concrete jungle, you are sure to find solace and peace with its pleasant and refreshing fragrance that is similar to the scent of grasslands.

Price: Rs. 365

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3. Areon

Available in more than 80 countries, Areon specializes in car air fresheners and has its roots in Bulgaria. The brand has a strong presence in India as well.

Areon Car, Home Passion Gel Based Perfume Freshener

Areon Car Air Freshener
Areon Car Air Freshener


It’s intense citrus infused fragrance is perfect to uplift your mood all throughout the day. What makes this car perfume stand out is the fact that it can be used at home and in the car with equal ease and the best part – this perfume lasts for 80 days, longer than any of its competing brands!

Price: Rs. 319

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4. Involve Your Senses

Let the name not misguide you into thinking it is just another car perfume trying to catch attention. The brand truly lives up to its name. The fragrances it has certainly enliven your senses thus refreshing you as you commute in your vehicle.

Involve Your Senses Elements IELE03 Earth Car Air Freshener

Involve Car Air Freshener
Involve Car Air Freshener


Carry this with you wherever you go, especially if you have a habit of using radio cabs. Just one spray is all you need to refresh the ambiance. Just one spray and you will be mesmerized with its oceanic fresh watery fragrance with a woody note. With no ammonia and CFC, it is safe to be used indoors at home and office as well. It lasts up to 200+ spray.

Price: Rs. 375

5. Molecule Aroma

Considered to be one of the best car perfumes in India, Molecule Aroma has some exciting fragrances for you to choose from. It used the latest airborne technology which extends a long-lasting fragrance.

All of their perfumes are made up of 100% natural oil which makes it one of the safest car perfume brand available in the market.

It is one of the only brands that offers the finest and healthiest aromatic experience through its breaking technology with V1 that delivers the scented molecules into the surroundings in only 2 steps.

The auto scent cycle allows to pause of 40 seconds every five minutes and it automatically resumes to last setting when switched on.

Molecule Aroma V1 Combo: Twilight Blue Element with White Tea Aroma

Molecule Aroma Car Air Freshner
Molecule Aroma Car Air Freshner


We simply loved this fragrance from the brand which when on immediately relaxes your mind. It would be no exaggeration to state that it helps attain a meditative state of mind besides helping you distress yourself as well.

Price: Rs. 1699

6. Carall

Elegantly packed, these car perfumes are sure to add oodles of glamour when placed on your dashboard.

Carall WV01RC08011 Master Aroma White Musk Scent Car Air Freshener Gel

Carall Car Air Freshener


The enchanting fragrance of musk will leave your car smelling good for 30 days though you may find the gel evaporate in 15 days.

The design of the jar is thoughtful as it doesn’t not obstruct the vision and stands firmly on the dashboard.

Price: Rs. 349

7. My Shaldan

The brand offers gel-based car air fresheners that are made from natural citrus peel extracts from fruits like oranges, lemons, grapefruits and limes. These are then processed and separated into single strength juice and peel oil.

These extracted oil is Limonene which emits a naturally refreshing citrus fragrance that is strong but soothing and pleasant.

My Shaldan NEO Gel Based Car Air Freshener (Freedom, Relax and Celebrate)

My Shaldan Car Air Freshener
My Shaldan Car Air Freshener


Considering all of them are so good, we had to go for this combo pack which includes 80g gel jars of each of their fragrances. All of the fragrances are soothing and they come with a fragrance regulator.

Turn the cap to release only as much fragrance as you wish to have in your car. The classy black packing is perfect to go with your dashboard.

Price: Rs. 900 (for pack of 3)

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8. Glade

One of the most renowned brands for fragrances, Glade offers fragrances for car, home and office.

The brand belongs to the house of SC Johnson, the same company that also owns brands like Ziplock, Drano, Kiwi, Mr. Muscle etc.

Glade Lemon Gel

Glade Car Air Freshener
Glade Car Air Freshener


For a fresh lemony feel to make your drive a pleasant one, this fragrance from Glade is a must-buy! Cheap and chirpy, it pretty well does what it claims to – eliminate odours and freshens!

Price: Rs. 79

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9. Rapture

You may not have heard of this brand but it deserves a try. Elegantly packed, this car perfume is easy to use. All you have to do is twist the lid to reveal the built in vents.

The fragrance from the jar slowly spread eliminating any kind of odour in the car. The fragrance is pleasant without being overpowering and this makes it worth a try.

Rapture Misty Mountains

Rapture Car Air Freshener
Rapture Car Air Freshener


With zero alcohol, this car perfume has a mesmerising fragrance that is mystical to say the least. It gives a feeling of being surrounded mountain and valleys.

Depending on how many vents you expose, the jar lasts for a minimum of 30 days at least which makes it a value for money buy.

Price: Rs. 245

10. Airpro

Based out of the United States, Airpro is making its presence felt in India. Each of their fragrances are uniquely packed and this makes the brand stand out from the rest. Their series that comes in a mike shaped bottle have caught the fancy of many car owners.

Airpro Gold Bless Granules

Airpro Car Air Freshener
Airpro Car Air Freshener


A whiff of luxury fragrance is all you need as you step into your car and this one gives you exactly that! This particular air freshener provides a pleasant, long-lasting fragrance irrespective of the environment outdoor.

Price: Rs. 489

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Having the car smelling fresh is not a choice but a necessity. The claustrophobic construction of a car can leave you with a feeling of getting stuck if the ambiance isn’t pleasant. Pick up any of the above car perfumes for a pleasant drive.