Best Cast Iron Skillet in India: Top 5 Products to Buy Online

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Non-stick utensils are a preferred choice for the modern kitchen, however, very few people choose to know about the health risk from such kitchenware. A healthy alternative is the cast iron skillet that turns non-stick naturally after a period of use as the polymerized fat settles on the surface.

Free from any sort of synthetic chemicals, cast iron cookware can be excellent if you want to add a small amount of iron to the food.

Since there are several kinds of cast iron skillets available in the market, we are here with this buying guide to help you choose the right pan.

Top 5 Cast Iron Skillets To Buy Online In India

1. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

lodge-cast iron-skillet
Lodge Cast Iron Skillet


A brand that’s a century old is deemed to be trusted by millions of homemakers globally. If you are looking for a cast-iron skillet that will be in your kitchen for years to come, we think this product from Lodge will appeal to you.

A factory seasoned cast iron skillet, this pan can be used with multiple heat sources like gas, induction, and electric cooktops. Its seasoning is done with vegetable oil that gives it a black platina kind of appearance that looks elegant.

An eco-friendly cast iron cookware that is available in multiple sizes, we recommend you go with the standard 10.25-inch iron skillet that can be used for all types of cooking.

The cleaning process is also simple. Just hand wash the pan or use a brush to clean the surface.


2. Bhagya Cast Iron Skillet

Bhagya Cast Iron Skillet


Bhagya cast iron cookware brand has been in the industry for over 35 years. With over three decades of serving customers, the brand has an enriching cooking experience for homemakers. Bhagya cast iron skillet is a high-quality utensil designed to enhance the nutritive value of your food with a touch of iron.

This cast iron pan is seasoned in Gengely oil which makes it naturally non-stick without any chemical side effects. It is a practically designed healthy skillet that can be used for sauteing vegetables, making curries, or baking items. It is a 10-inch pan with an 8-inch base which makes it stable on every type of cooking surface.

A year warranty and reliability of a homegrown brand makes this cast iron skillet one of the top choices for modern health-conscious kitchens.

3. Rock Tawa Cast Iron Skillet

Rock Tawa Cast Iron Skillet


A homegrown brand, Rock Tawa uses the green sand moulding process that enhances the quality of cast iron utensils. This why cast iron skillet from Rock Tawa is on our list of best cast iron skillets to buy online in India.

This cast iron tawa is pre-seasoned with sunflower oil making it rust-resistant and ready for use immediately. Just like other products on the list, you can use this cast iron skillet for all types of cooking on gas, electric, or induction cooktops.

Its 4.2mm thickness makes it ideal for cooking at high temperatures. Also, it is a deep Tawa which is why you can cook light curries in it easily. It comes with an extended handle, making it easier to hold for a longer duration. The only flaw is its heavyweight. At 2.8 kg it can be heavier to hold, lift and cook.

4. Healthy Choices Cast Iron Skillet

Healthy Choices Cast Iron Skillet


Another top-quality cast iron skillet on the list is the Healthy Choices Cast Iron Skillet. True to its name, this pan will serve you for ages and a Teflon-free surface ensures you only get nutritious food cooked in this skillet with no chemicals.

This cast iron cookware is made for versatility which is why you can use it to cook on a gas stove, induction, electric cooktop, ceramic, or even open fire. A pre-season cast iron skillet you can easily handle while cooking because it comes with a wooden handle. You can cook for hours without feeling the burn of the handle.

This cast iron pan can be used for braising, sauteing, grilling, searing, and frying. The more you use it, the better coating it gets. As compared to other pans on the list here, this one is lightweight. Although, it is small-sized and is perfect for small families.

5. eKitchen Cast Iron Skillet 

eKitchen Cast Iron Skillet


Last on our list of best cast iron skillets is a product from eKitchen. Well-seasoned cast-iron cookware this one acts as an easy to use a non-stick pan as there is no threat of chipping. A highly recommended cast iron skillet, we found it especially useful for cooking on hot plates, ceramic, charcoals, and OTGs.

Pre-seasoned with natural cold-pressed oil, you can use it directly. Also, the deep coating consumes less oil when cooking. If you are looking for a healthier alternative for non-stick pans, this 8-inch cast-iron skillet from eKitchen is an ideal choice. Weighing 1.8 kg, it is lightweight and can be used for tossing vegetables or fries easily.

However, make sure you do not clean it with soap directly. Just scrub with a stiff brush and rinse with hot water.


What to Consider Before Buying A Cast Iron Skillet?

1. Uncoated or Enameled:

Most cast iron skillets available in the market are uncoated and come pre-seasoned. You can start cooking with them immediately. However, before you can use one read instructions carefully to know if it requires extra seasoning. The problem with uncoated pans is that they are reactive metals and acidic food can easily damage them.

The enamelled cast-iron skillet won’t require any seasoning but the coating can crack after a while.


2. Size

Although cast iron skillets are available in various sizes, the most versatile and commonly used size is between 8-inch (20 cm) to 12-inch (35 cm).

3. Weight

Cast iron skillets have a weight problem as they are quite heavier. This is why you need to know how heavy you want your cast iron cookware to be.

Let us know how was your experience with cast iron skillets in the comments below.