Best Certificate Courses in India for Homemakers

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As a homemaker, you have to take care of the family, which is a fulfilling experience in itself but for some, career is also important for their self-identity. Whether you are re-starting your career after motherhood, have work gaps in your resume or do not possess the necessary skills to get a job, the solution for all this lies in putting yourself on the right track and have a satisfactory career.

Before we list the best job-oriented courses for homemakers, we must let you know that choosing a job-oriented course must not be based only on the perspective of earning money but also on something you are passionate about. Usually, it is advised that you choose work and start doing it and you will garner the passion once you get good at what you are doing.

But we will advise you otherwise, picking up work after a break or for the first time can be hard for homemakers. You will need motivation and a little bit of passion to keep working. Depending on your qualifications and interests, choose a course wisely. There are dozens of job-oriented courses for homemakers available but we have picked the best certificate courses in India that will narrow down your search to the most in-demand courses.


1. Computer programming course-Python For Beginners 

IT skills can earn you bread and butter as long as you can keep up with the competition. While most courses will demand that you have some basic knowledge of computers and programming, but some basic courses will get your foot into the door so you can start earning. HTML, CSS, and bootstrap are the beginners’ courses that you can take to start with but we recommend that you choose a computer language course that’s in demand.

Python is one of the multi-purpose languages that are growing in demand. It is one of the languages that anyone can learn with minimum efforts. We recommend you the From Zero to Python: Essential Course for Absolute Beginners course that is available on Udemy. The only prerequisite for this course is a computer with an internet connection.



2. Graphic designing

If you have a creative knack, you can earn as a graphics designer and the best part is, you need not have a degree for the same. Some of the best certificate courses in India in the graphic designing industry train you to express your passion and enthusiasm for design.

Greatbuyz picked a course after a thorough search that will help you kickstart your career as a graphic designer without requiring any money investment. The Introduction To Graphic Design course on Udemy is one of the most popular courses in its segment that had enrolled over 27000 students and received 1200+ positive reviews. Above all, it’s a free course that trains you how graphic designers combine technology and creativity to create designs for websites, brochures, mobile apps, games, posters, logos and more.

Access course on Udemy

3. Yoga instructor

The world is crazy about yoga, and we don’t blame them. The health benefits of yoga are well known which is why people from all over the world seek services from certified yoga instructors. As a homemaker, being a yoga instructor can be a very fulfilling career. If you have been practicing yoga, then you can consider a 2-3 months yoga course to solidify your understanding of the basics and will earn you a certificate that paves the way to make a living as an instructor.

Now, learning to become a yoga instructor requires you to learn physical postures, different asanas, and routines that you can only learn in the presence of a teacher. This is why no online course is recommended for earning a certificate. In India, Aadi Yoga School is one of the best institutes to earn a certificate as a yoga instructor.

4. Creative Writing

A certificate in creative writing can open the door to a world of opportunities. While a creative mind doesn’t require a certificate for validation but remember, you are trying to earn income and a certificate can make your resume stand apart. Furthermore, a quality certificate course can enhance your foundational knowledge with better writing techniques. With the exponential growth of online publications, the demand for authors and writers is increasing worldwide.

Coursera has an incredible course offered by Wesleyan University titled, ‘Creative Writing Specialization’. If you want to move past writing as a hobby and earn as a professional writer, this is the course that will teach you about three main genres of creative writing- short story, narrative essay, and memoir.

Access the course on Coursera

5. Makeup & hairstyling courses

Makeup artists are always in demand, but professional makeup artists who can showcase their talent and have a certificate for it earn the brownie points. Best courses in India for makeup artists offer specialization in bridal makeup, personal grooming, the entertainment industry, and photographic shoots.

AOFM Online Makeup School based in London offers an International Diploma in Freelance Makeup Artistry that is recognized by some of the biggest brands across the entertainment and photoshoot industry. If you are serious about earning as a makeup artist or hairstylist, this course can provide the much-needed starting point.

Access online certification course here

6. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is now the paramount form of marketing that was once ruled by print media and Television. As the world has rapidly digitized itself, there has been a rapid shift of audience from the traditional marketing mediums to the digital realm. It is a wise choice for homemakers to make a career in digital marketing.

Digital marketing involves a lot of domains like search engine optimization, social media marketing, mobile marketing, affiliate marketing, ads and more. Once you complete a digital marketing course that empowers you with the necessary skills, you will have the ability to make money online as well as get hired in all sectors.

Simplilearn has a Digital Marketing Specialist course that claims to “transform you into a complete digital marketer with expertise in the top eight digital marketing domains — search engine optimization, social media, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content, mobile, and email marketing.

Access the course from Simplilearn

7. Tally ERP9 with GST

Tally ERP programs have always ranked as one of the best courses in India due to increased demand for accounting professionals across all segments. Small businesses especially depend on freelance accounting professionals for their business accounts needs. With the Indian government introducing GST, the demand for Tally ERP9 professionals with GST understand has skyrocketed. Tally ERP is not just an accounting software but a full-fledged solution for accounting, inventory, taxation, GST, return filing, MIS reporting, finalization of account and auditing.

NIIT has a comprehensive certification course in GST using Tally ERP9 for students. It is one of the best certificate courses in India for homemakers who have an accounting or economics background.

Access course on NIIT

8. Event Management

If you like to be in charge of the situations and have a knack for handling events at home, then a career in event management will suit you. Event planners are known to earn more but they need to have a flair for styling and design.

There are various online courses in India for event management. Commonly there are diploma courses, PGDM or Post Graduate Diploma courses and MBA courses offered in event management. These provide you with an understanding of the fundamentals of the event planning process, key stages involved in event management and managing event skills. Event Management Development Institute, Amity University of Event Management and the National Institute of Event Management are the best institutes to pursue a certification course in event management.


9. Child Psychology and Child care Course

One of the best certificate courses for homemakers is Child Psychology and Child Care that makes them employable in the vast childcare industry. A course in child care helps you develop your skills in the areas of understanding the psychology and physical needs of children, ensuring child safety, understanding the special needs of children and enforcing a safe environment for children to learn and grow independently. Most homemakers agree that working with children can be extremely rewarding and also allows them to promote their learning and communication to be a positive role model for kids.

The Understanding Child Development: From Synapse To Society, it is an excellent course offered by Coursera in association with Utrecht University. It is a course that explains the development of children at various levels in life and how you can assist their well being at all the stages.

Access course on Coursera

10. Foreign language courses

Globalization is making the whole world a global village, which is why the demand for foreign languages is rising. No wonder; translators, instructors and content curators with foreign language understanding are high in demand.

MNCs are regularly looking for professionals with knowledge of foreign languages. A course in a foreign language will provide you with essential speaking, listing, reading and writing skills that will enable understanding of the structure of the language.

Coursera has a bunch of foreign language courses that are designed for homemakers, marketing executives, teachers, broadcast journalists, tour managers, translators, and others.

Explore language courses on Coursera


As a homemaker, you work with commitment, quick wit and dedication to nurture a happy family. Fortunately, you can build a highly satisfying career using the same attributes. Greatbuyz has listed some of the best certificate courses in India for homemakers that help you earn money and make your own identity.

Do let us know what you think of our picks in the comments below.