Best Clothing Websites in India – Top Online Clothing Stores for Men, Women, & Kids

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Online shopping is such an integral part of our lives whether it’s groceries, movie tickets, books, gifts, or fashion and what matters most to us is knowing where to shop.

We all know that all one needs to do is hit the search box with a few keywords and there will be dozens of shopping sites in the results.

But how do you know which of those results is the place to spend your money at?

Yes, it can get confusing and that is exactly why we’ve put together this list of the best online clothing websites where you can have the best shopping experiences.

We’ve sorted the websites into four categories to make things even easier – websites that cater to only Women, only Men, Men and Women, and only Kids.

Womens Clothing Websites

Stalk Buy Love

Stalk By Love Website variety of women’s western wear

Shop for every variety of women’s western wear at StalkBuyLove.

Convenient categories make shopping even easier so you can find office wear, party wear, casuals, tops, dresses, whatever you’re looking for in a matter of minutes.

That apart, this shopping site also has big discounts and a very generous Sign-Up bonus for new shoppers.

They also have bags, belts, scarves and other accessories so you can build a complete look and buy it all together. You can pick up a dress here for as little as INR 799.

Start shopping here

Get Stalkbylove  on GreatBuyz.




Shein online shopping Website

Very popular with Millennials Shein is a big name on the online shopping circuit thanks to its amazing range of trendy apparel for women.

Here too you can shop for every possible kind of garment for formal and casual settings.

You can’t miss the offer codes on the homepage that will get you discounts as you shop.

Shop with even just a few hundreds in your wallet and find great clothes here.

Check out Shein here



FabAlley Website online shopping store for western and Indian clothes

Faballey is a great online shopping store for western and Indian clothes.

The stunning range of Indo-westerns really caught our eye here, but they also have a huge selection of classic western designs and traditional Indian garments – something to suit every kind of shopping mood!

Yes, Faballey also has plenty of discounts and cashback offers to make it an even more tempting shopping destination.

You can spend as little as INR 500 and still find something spectacular here.

Have a closer look at Faballey here

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Fabindia Website for Indian and Indo-Western outfits

Fabindia is a huge favourite with women and naturally so considering the superb range of Indian and Indo-Western outfits available here.

If you like traditional textiles and craftwork, Fabindia is a veritable treasure trove of sarees, dupattas, scarves, kurtas, skirts, jackets, the list is long.

Shop at Fabindia here

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Shoppers Stop

Shoppers Stop Website online paradise for women

Shoppers Stop is an online paradise for women! From garments to makeup, accessories, bags, purses and even intimates, this is a one-stop shop for everything.

Buy the best brands and get super deals too.

Start shopping right now here

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Mens Clothing Websites


Creyate Website for men’s wear from formal corporate wear

Creyate has an eclectic selection of men’s wear from formal corporate wear to the more relaxed casual and leisure wear.

They also offer a neat range of formal suits. There’s a selection of ready-mades and you can also have things customised to your personal preference in the Design Your Own section.

Prices start from INR 1999.

Check out Creyate here


Bombay Shirt Company

Bombay Shirt Company Website online menswear

Launched in 1012 this online bespoke shirt company is a must-have on every online menswear shopper’s list.

You can buy ready shirts online or book a home visit and get measured for a custom made top quality shirt, made to fit you perfectly.

Prices start at a very reasonable INR 1690.

Get your bespoke shirts here



Lifestyle Website Indian clothes to Western wear for man

This multi-brand store caters to every need of a man on a shopping spree – from Indian clothes to Western wear, formals, informal wear, sportswear, tees, shirts, shorts, they have it all.

With more than 40 brands on this online store, there’s something for every shopper.

Check out Lifestyle here


Tata Cliq

Tata Cliq Website online shopping destination for men

Tata Cliq is another great online shopping destination for men.

Not only do they have the top brands all under one virtual roof, products are sorted in multiple ways so you can navigate to what you’re looking for very easily.

Buy clothes, footwear, watches, bags and wallets, and much more at Tata Cliq.

Browse the Tata Cliq shopping site here

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Ajio Website great selection of menswear

Ajio has a great selection of menswear and accessories like shoes, backpacks, sunglasses, caps and hats, and lots more.

Keep your eyes peeled for discount offers and sales, they have plenty of those!

Start shopping at Ajio here

Ajio  available on GreatBuyz.

Clothing Websites For Men & Women


Amazon Website for online clothing

One can’t imagine a list of best shopping websites in any category without Amazon and where clothing’s concerned it’s way up at the top!

An unparalleled selection of brands and sellers with every possible style of clothing available, it’s no surprise that Amazon is a great place to shop at.

No matter what the budget or occasion you’re sure to find something suitable here.

Start shopping here

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Myntra Website for women’s and menswear

One of the best online shopping portals for clothes and accessories, Myntra brings the best brands for women’s and menswear together.

A massive range of brands and products, easy returns, plenty of discounts and sale promotions, and of course, a strong mobile presence, all make Myntra a favourite shopping destination.

Myntra has just celebrated its third birthday with many discount promotions and you can be sure there will be many more occasions for similar celebrations.

Start shopping here

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Jabong Website Cover

Jabong is a giant on the online shopping scene offering the best of Indian and international clothing and accessories brands for men and women.

Buy outfits, watches, shoes, bags and wallets, and even beauty and grooming products for both sexes all at Jabong.

And yes, they have apps for Android and IOS so you can basically shop from absolutely anywhere.

Use your credit or debit card, payment apps, or pay CoD, whatever suits you. It doesn’t get easier than this!

Check out Jabong here

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Amydus Website online garments

Amydus has hit the right chord with the niche audience of plus sized clothes shoppers who form a huge section of the online shoppers of today.

Dedicated exclusively to larger sized men and women, Amydus offers well designed, attractive clothes at realistic prices making it a shopping Mecca for many.

The fact that they also customise makes things even better!

The women’s range is vast but the men’s range is pretty good too.

Check out the incredible range of garments at Amydus here



Koovs Website clothes and accessories for men and women

With a stunning range of International brands at reasonable prices, Koovs ticks all the boxes that make an online fashion shopping site popular with customers.

Known for constantly adding new products very frequently Koovs keeps abreast, if not ahead, of trends and that is something that works majorly in its favour.

Whether you’re looking for funky or conservative attire, Koovs will certainly have something or you.

Browse their vast range of clothes and accessories for men and women and see for yourself!

To start shopping at Koovs click here

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Kids Clothing Websites


Hopscotch Website online shopping for kids

Parents probably enjoy shopping for their kids even more than shopping for themselves and online shopping sites like Hopscotch make it an even greater pleasure.

With clothes for all ages, from infants to pre-teens, this store is a veritable virtual wonderland for kids’ clothes.

It helps that Hopscotch also has footwear, school accessories, toys, books, baby needs, party stuff… you name it!

You will start with shopping for clothes and likely end up buying a whole lot of other goodies for your little darlings at Hopscotch!

And yes, you can download the Hopscotch app to your IOS or Android phone too.

Enter the world of Hopscotch here

Hopscotch  available on GreatBuyz.


First Cry

First Cry online shopping for kids

Shop for clothes and accessories for infants and older kids at First Cry.

Casual daily wear, formal clothes, party wear, sleep wear, ethnic clothes, sports and swim wear – the list is literally endless.

First Cry has the top brands from around the world for a mind boggling range of kids’ clothes and accessories.  You can also shop on your phone using their IOS or Android app.

With a multitude of payment options from cards, net banking and even cash on delivery shopping at First Cry is really easy.

Check out firstcry here

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Reliance Trends

Reliance Trends Website clothing for boys and girls

Reliance Trends has a nice selection of clothing for boys and girls from ages two to fifteen, at good prices.

Choose from comfortable daily wear to trendy and stylish party wear all under one roof.

You can track your orders and even pay cash on delivery though they do have credit/debit cards, net banking and Jio Money as other payment options.

Browse the collection at Reliance Trends here


Zara Website online shopping for kids

Start your kids’ fashion journey early – get their wardrobe from Zara. This top shopping Mecca has an amazing collection for kids and for infants too.

With Zara shopping here is an absolute pleasure.

Have a look at what’s available at Zara here


Flipkart Website for kids’ clothes

You will be surprised to see the amazing range of kids’ clothes available at Flipkart.

Get great deals and choose from a wide variety of brands and products here.

Buy sleepwear, casual clothes, party dresses and even fancy dress costumes at this online store.

Check out Flipkart here

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