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How To Pick The Best Computer Tables Based On The Needs

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How To Pick The Best Computer Tables Based On The Needs

A computer desk is an important piece of furniture that can easily influence the quality of your work experience in many ways. Computer tables make up an essential part of workstation and they come in different styles, shapes and sizes, made from several materials. Buying the right computer table is a decision that can improve your performance and even enhance your work experience. You don’t want to buy a computer table that you don’t need and is a waste of money.

What makes an Ideal Computer Table?

There is no one-fit-all answer.

There are a number of factors that you need to take into account before buying a computer table like, the area available to keep the table, how much space do you want on your computer table, what is your budget and lot many other factors.

What to look for in a Computer Table?

Before purchasing a table for your computer, you want to think about the:

1. Size

Computer desks are available in different sizes. This makes it important that you choose a desk only after considering the placement of the table and the area available. Usually, your computer table will house your monitor, keyboard and laptop on the top. You have to decide if you want additional space to keep books too. Measure the required space to get an idea of what size of computer desk you need.

2. Material

The second most important factor to consider when choosing a computer table is to know the material it is built from. Usually, computer tables are built from wood with metal frames. It is important to consider the material because the type of material used not only affects the price of the table but also dictates its appearance and weight. For instance, the desks made from metal and particle boards are pretty cheap but they are not as durable as premium wooden desks. However, wooden computer tables are expensive. Pick the material based on the purpose of the table. For students, a metal and particle board computer desk is more appropriate as it is lightweight as well as cheap. But for professional use in an office space, a premium wood desk will look elegant and practical.

3. Shape

Computer tables are highly versatile when it comes to shape. There are L-shape desks, U-shape tables, rounded computer desks and custom-made computer desks. While on the market the rectangular computer desks are pretty common, but the corner computer tables are equally popular. In recent days, the hutch desks are getting a common sight in homes. Depending on where you want to put the table in your home or office, you can pick a desk to put your computer and utilize the space most efficiently.

4. Pre-assembled or ready-to-assemble

You can buy both pre-assembled and ready-to-assemble computers tables online. The ready-to-assemble packages are a much more convenient option in terms of logistics. If you live in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Bangalore and are buying a computer table online, ready-to-assemble products are more convenient for you. But if you want better visual appeal on your computer desk, then we recommend pre-assembled products that are expensive but totally worth the price for a piece of premium furniture.

5. Ergonomics

You most probably will be spending hours with your computer table. It is important that the table you choose is ergonomically designed to support your body posture. The height and width of the table must be appropriate according to your height. It is important to look for elevated shelves, height adjustments, pull-out keyboard tray and well-positioned storage racks. Make sure that the edges of the rack are rounded so you don’t get any sudden bruises.

These parameters if kept into account will ensure that you are buying a computer table that will serve your needs well. Now, it’s time to check out some of the top computer table brands.

Top 7 Computer Table Brands

1. Nilkamal

The world’s largest moulded furniture manufacturer, Nilkamal is one of the best furniture brands in the country that has some of the best-designed computer tables available in different shapes and sizes. From furniture for bedrooms to ergonomically designed computer desks, Nilkamal has some of the best collections of furniture.

If you are looking for a computer table that is made from premium wood and metal, the brand has an assortment of products to offer. You can check out the complete collection of Nilkamal computer tables here.

Nilkamal Leo Computer Table

Nilkamal Leo Computer Table


While you are free to choose from the entire range of Nilkamal computer desks, we picked the Leo Computer Table from the brand as a noteworthy product. Made from premium metal and medium-density fiberboard (MDF), the Leo computer desk is available in multiple colours. This simple yet elegant modern design desk is suitable for dorm rooms, bedrooms and study rooms. Measuring 19x23x29 inches, you will be amazed by the utility of this computer table.

Price- INR 2,870


Rated-4.3/5 by more than 35 customers

Nilkamal Table Reviews
Nilkamal Table Reviews

2. Forzza

Started by the duo husband and wife, Namrata and Ramesh Dugar the aim of this furniture manufacturing brand is to provide every household with the best design furniture from not only Indian but all over the world. Furniture that is well designed, comfortable and quality yet affordable is what Forzza has to offer to its customers.

If you are bored with the conventional computer desk designs and want tables that are have refined design we recommend you to go through the Forzza’s computer table collection here

Wesley Study Table in Wenge by Forzza

Forzza Computer Table
Forzza Computer Table


Made from engineered wood, the Wesley study table for Forzza has a differentiated appeal from any other product. Its pitch black and dense white colour suits every living or bedroom. It will easily merge in the study room and your kids won’t find it too distracting because of its neutral colour tone. Measuring 63x47x15 inches, this Forzaa computer table is an elegant piece of furniture.

Price-INR 14,499


3. Durian

Catering to the furniture needs of homes and offices since 1985, Durian is at the forefront of the industry with its impeccable engineering and magnificent designs. Started as a furniture import business, today Durian has manufacturing units all over India. The brand deals with world-class home and office furniture, exquisite veneers, innovative laminates, top-grade plywood and sturdy designer doors.

Currently, Durian furniture can be brought through their 33 stores across the country and most conveniently from their eCommerce site.

Meridian Workspace Desk

Durian Computer Table
Durian Computer Table


This workspace desk makes an excellent computer table for offices. Made to look functional and sophisticated, you can choose from 4 sizes. Made from high quality engineered wood, this computer table is elegant furniture that has enough space to function as a filing cabinet as well. If you have been looking for a computer desk for your workspace we recommend you this Meridian desk from Durian.

Price-INR 28,470


4. Stylespa

A Forte Products India Private Limited brand, Stylespa was created with a goal of helping individuals create optimized, functional yet elegant habitats for their homes and workplaces. If you are on the lookout for a computer table that is not yet-another furniture but is created by designers who have new imagination and ideas. Stylespa has over 60 exclusive showrooms spread across India and its furniture can also be bought online.

Stylespa Midas V2 1 Drawer Computer Table

Stylespa Computer Table
Stylespa Computer Table


Modern designer computer table made from the finest quality European grade engineered wood, this Stylespa furniture will look elegant in your living room, study or bedroom. Primarily made from high-density MDF this table also uses eco-friendly European grade pre-laminated chipboard you get a 3-year warranty on its manufacturing.

Measuring 47x26x29inches, this pine dusk coloured computer desk also features best in class multiple shelves along with lockable drawer. Manufactured with stringent quality standards and premium fittings for durability and longevity, you will have excellent furniture in this computer table.

Price-INR 9027


Rated-5/5 based on one customer review

StyleSpa Reviews

5. Royaloak

One of the leading distributors and retailers of high-quality furniture in India, Royaloak is a brand that focuses on modernization. They make stylish and aesthetically pleasing furniture available for our homes, offices and outdoors from countries like Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Indonesia and China.

With over decades of experience and expertise, you will find the best collection of computer tables, sofas, room and office furniture and outdoor furniture at Royaloak stores or on their website.

Royaloak Arvin Computer Table-1.2M

Royaloak Computer Table
Royaloak Computer Table


A compact yet sleek computer table, this Royaloak product is made from superior quality hardware. The engineered wood that makes the primary material of this computer desk brings in strength and durability. Whether you keep it in your home or office, the alluring Malaysian design will look elegant everywhere. With enough storage space for books, computer peripherals and everything else, this computer table is utility furniture. Measuring 47.3×23.829.5in it will just squeeze into a small space.

Price-INR 5990



6. Ikea

IKEA is a brand that requires no introduction. The Swedish multinational group is the largest seller of ready-to-assemble furniture in the world. One of the reasons why IKEA became the best furniture brand in the world is because of how affordable its products are. Selling products to almost half the price as compared to its competitors like Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel, IKEA is now offering functional and practical options in India too.

IKEA 803.542.81 MICKE Desk

Ikea Computer Table
Ikea Computer Table


A computer table that fits just about anywhere, this IKEA MICKE desk is a functional piece that you can combine with other desks and drawers. Clean and simple look is masked with a clever design that hides messy cables. Measuring 75x73x50cm, this computer desk is modular furniture that offers you complete flexibility to be worked around with. You can mount the legs left or right according to space availability.

Price-INR 6388



7. Ebee

Ebee is a brand that brings you the modern design that lies on the intersection of clean lines, function and comfort accentuating form. The brand uses a combination of vinyl, plastic, glass, wood and steel in its furniture range. High-quality furniture for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining and outdoors-a huge collection of creatively designed furniture is on the offer.

Ebee Engineered Wood Computer Desk

Ebee Computer Table
Ebee Computer Table


A modular multipurpose desk, this computer table can be used for its intended purpose or as a writing desk, eating desk, laptop desk or as a book desk. You will notice its contemporary yet modern style which makes it compact sized so that it can be squeezed in small spaces. Weighing just 12 kg, this is a foldable computer desk that measures 23x25x15 inches. It comes preassembled so you don’t have to waste your time trying to set up the table.

Price-INR 1999



A computer table is not just a fancy prop but utility furniture. A wisely picked computer desk can not only enhance your working experience but it can also add more value to the space inside your home or office.

GreatBuyz has put together this guide to help you choose a computer table that serves the purpose. We also listed the top 7 computer table brands and handpicked their best products that you can buy online.