Top Contact Lenses Brands In India 2020-Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

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Sense of sight is one of the most important aspects of being human. Our ability to see affects every experience we have, from colours we see to the food we eat. This is why vision correction supplies like best contact lenses and best spectacles have been around ever since humans learned to manufacture glass. We, humans, are naturally inclined to preserve and improve our sight, but unfortunately, the advancements in technology led to the rise of devices with a screen that are not eye-friendly.

Now we spend hours and hours in front of a computer screen or a mobile device which is taking a toll on our sight. Eyesight weakness is prevalent and use of vision correcting spectacles has become a sort of fashion trend. But there are many of us who still don’t want to wear spectacles for some reasons like the looks you have after wearing spectacles. For such people, technology has made it possible to correct vision problems using contact lenses.

Lenses vs Glasses

To keep this guide completely honest it is important to weigh the pros and cons of contact lenses against spectacles.

Spectacles still remain most convenient sight correction devices but their impact on your face aesthetics caused by depressed eyeballs is concerning. Furthermore, eyeglasses sit about 12mm away from the eyes, so your peripheral vision can be distorted.

Buy Best Contact Lenses In India

Contact lenses have been one of the major achievements of the ophthalmology industry. The best contact lenses not only correct your vision problem without the need of wearing spectacles or undergoing surgery, but they also come in different colours so that you can accessorize your eye defect. Cool isn’t it!

But buying top contact lenses in India can be a bit of a problem with so many brands around. Not to mention you have to be well aware of the cheap knockoffs sold. In this top contact lenses India guide we are going to provide you with a detailed manual to buy the best lenses. Furthermore, we will be sharing the top 5 contact lens brands with you so that you can pick one easily.

What to look for in best contact lenses?

Before we recommend top contact lenses in India, it is important that you know what types of contacts are available in the market. Contact lenses are divided into two families-Soft Contact Lenses and Hard Contact Lenses.

Soft Contact Lenses

As the title suggests, these are made to be soft and have no solid form. These are the most popular not only in India but all over the world. Available to correct all kinds of eyesight problems including myopia, hyperopia, blurred vision and even age-induced loss of near vision, there are further sub-categories of soft contact lenses.

Daily Wear Soft Contact Lenses

These type of soft contact lenses are worn every day but removed at night before going to bed. They are left in the disinfection overnight and then worn again in the morning. These are the most commonly used soft contact lenses. The duration for which you can wear these contact lenses depends on the manufacturer.

Extended Wear Soft Contact Lenses

Designed for comfort of the wearer, these soft contact lenses can be worn for extended hours and you do not have to remove them every night. Unlike, most contact lenses, you can sleep wearing extended wear contacts.

For disinfecting you do need to remove them once a week to prevent infections or damage to the eye. Risk of infection is most with these contact lenses.

Disposable Soft Contact Lenses

As the name suggests, these are discarded after a specific period of use. Disposable lenses are available as daily, weekly or monthly wear lenses. One of the advantages of these contact lenses is that they are designed to be dirt repellant that implies you do not have to disinfect or clean them. Just take them out before sleep and wear them again in the morning.

As they are much more convenient than the other two types of soft contact lenses, they are usually expensive too.

Hard Contact Lenses

The rigid hard contact lenses are used to correct some of the most severe eye defects. Unlike soft contact lenses, they are not advised for cosmetic use. Although they provide clear and crisp vision, they require extra care and maintenance as compared to soft contact lenses. Generally, hard contact lenses are advised for people with dry eyes. As these contacts are more breathable your eyes are much safer in them.

Top 5 Best Contact Lens Brands in India

1. Bausch & Lomb

Not only in India, but Bausch and Lomb is also a globally established contact lens brand which is known to offer nothing less than extremely good quality contact lenses. The quality in their contacts comes from the vast experience Bausch and Lomb has dealing with eye problem solutions for their customers. No matter what kind of sight problem you have, the brand will have a contact lens to fix it for you.

The biggest reason for the success of Bausch and Lomb in India is their technological capability to make affordable best contact lenses available for the masses without compromising on quality.

Bausch & Lomb Contact Lens
Bausch & Lomb Contact Lens


Now the Bausch & Lomb contact portfolio is extremely vast. Just so that you do not get overwhelmed we recommend the Bausch & Lomb I Connect Contact Lens. These contact lenses are designed keeping in mind the comfort of the wearer and specifically target the youth of the country. Highly effective, affordable and easy to handle, anyone can use the Bausch & Lomb I Connect Contact Lens.

2. Acuvue

Acuvue is another top contact lens brand in India which is known to give a tough competition to Bausch & Lomb. One of the most recommended contact lens brands in the US too, Acuvue is known for designing eye lens that is easy to handle, very comfortable, block high level of UV and provide exceptional vision. The brand suggests that they work towards developing their technology to create contact lenses that work in harmony with your unique eyes.

Acuvue contact lenses go a step beyond vision correction and address lifestyle needs that ensure your vision quality is not further deterred.

Acuvue Contact Lens
Acuvue Contact Lens


From this brand, we recommend the Acuvue 1 Day Moist Daily Contact Lens. These are disposable contact lenses that can be discarded every day which means you do not have to worry about keeping them clean and disinfecting them before use. One of the main advantages of these lenses is that they keep your eyes moist which protects them from any damage or irritation. Available for both near and farsighted corrections, you can have them customized as per your convenience.


3. Freshlook Contacts

Freshlook is a brand that is more focused on making use of contact lenses a style statement. If you want to colour your eyes, then there is no better brand than Freshlook Contacts. The big difference between colour contact lenses from Freshlook and any other brand lies in the technology.

Freshlook uses something called the 3-in-1 colour technology to create contacts that give your natural beauty a boost. Whether you are up for a dramatic transformation or just want a subtle enhancement you can use their contact lenses, even when your vision is perfect. The brand offers many kinds of colour contact lenses but our favourite is the One Day Color Pure Hazel Powerless Contact Lenses.

Freshlook Colour Contact Lens
Freshlook Colour Contact Lens


The Freshlook One Day Color Pure Hazel Powerless Contact Lenses are designed to give a more natural look to your eyes and overall appearance. The best thing about these contact lenses is that they are disposable and you can discard them every day that ensures there is no chance of infection.


4. Diamond Eye

A homegrown top content lens brand In India, Diamond Eye is known for providing contact lenses are not only comfortable but also versatile. The Diamond Eye contact lenses boast of features that you will not find even in international brands. The brand makes use of advanced technology to manufacture extra light contacts that are comfortable for the wearer and yet durable.

Diamond Eye Contact Lens
Diamond Eye Contact Lens


If you are looking for corrective contact lenses or colour contact lenses with zero power, the Diamond Eye is a brand you must consider. If you are considering contact lenses for cosmetic use, the Diamond Eye 3 Pair 0 Power Monthly Contact Lens is our recommendation. These contact lenses are available in green, grey and dark blue colours. The biggest advantage of using these lenses is they are made of 55% water and 35% phemfilcon that makes them extremely safe for eyes.

You do not have to worry about infections when using Diamond Eye 3 Pair 0 Power Monthly Contact Lens.

5. Polo House USA

Not as popular in India as Bausch & Lomb or Acuvue, the Polo House USA is one of the top contact lens brands in India which is slowing creating an identity for itself. The company manages to provide affordable contact lenses which are comfortable for the wearer and have the minimum threat of being infectious.

Polo House USA Contact Lens
Polo House USA Contact Lens


If your vision does not need correction and you want to use contacts for stepping up on the fashion front, Polo House USA Monthly Contact Lens will be ideal for you. These are zero power contacts that are created to be super comfortable and use a new age technology to keep them disinfected for a long time. The Polo House USA Monthly Contact Lens fall under the soft contact lens category and are much comfortable to wear than hard contact lenses. Another advantage of using these contacts are their lifetime of 30 days which means you do not have to keep a whole set of best contact lenses for everyday use. Plus, they are unisex, so men and women both can use them.



Now we hope you have enough knowledge to pick the right kind of contact lens. We listed the best contact lens brand in India to simplify the process of buying contact lenses. Just remember to pick a lens brand that offers comfort and reliability over cost. This is all you need to know to buy the right pair of contact lens for yourself.