10 Best Corporate Gifting Ideas for Clients & Employees (2020)

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Corporate gifts are an innovative way to let your clients, prospective clients, employees, and all associated with your company know that you value their association with your brand.

However, it’s very crucial to choose the right corporate gift so it stands out in the crowd and at the same stays true to the values of your brand.

It’s always a good idea to choose a corporate gift that gives out the same or similar message as your brand and creates an association between the two.

The second most important thing for corporate gifting is that it needs to be functional.

That way the gift will be a constant reminder of your brand instead of being a wasteful investment.

Here we have shortlisted some innovative and creative Corporate gifting ideas for both clients and employees.

Corporate gifts/gifting ideas for clients

1. Handcrafted personalised clock

Handcrafted personalised clock
Handcrafted Personalised Clock


If your brand has anything to do with creativity, beauty, elegance, craft or detailing, then it’s a good idea to gift something handcrafted like these gorgeous wall clocks from Craftshed.

Each clock can be custom-designed and you can choose to put quotes or crafty elements that are associated with your brand.

You can also choose the colours of your brand to help brand association.

It will be like a custom piece of art which every client would love to showcase in their home or office.

2. Cord Wrap

Cord Wrap natural
Cord Wrap


If you are looking for a gift to clients that is formal and yet innovative, and exudes class and quality, then this simple leather cord wrap by Gripp DC is a good choice for you.

Its handcrafted in Italian leather and has stunning brass details.

Used to keep wires tidy, its something everyone needs but doesn’t usually end up buying themselves.

They will thank you every time they see their desk looking tidier than before. Not a bad way to be remembered, is it?

3. Memo pad by Episode

Silver plated memo pad tree of life detail
Silver Plated Memo Pad


This beautiful silver plated memo pad in a filigree pattern makes for a lovely gift to clients.

It looks elegant and classy and is something that is useful and right in front of the eye all day long.

A pleasant reminder to the client of your brand, we say.


4. Car seat pocket organiser

Car seat pocket organiser
Pocket Organiser


Another classy and useful gift for your clients, this car seat pocket organiser from Fabbity is made in a sleek leather finish.

It fills the gap between the console and the seat and can be used to keep a phone, newspaper, tablet and also doubles up as a charging station.

5. Personalised wine bottle case

Personalised wine bottle case
Personalised Wine Bottle Case


A bottle of wine is a perfect gift when you are embarking on something new with your client or celebrating something special.

Send them a wine of their choice in this gorgeous wooden bottle case personalised with their name and a thoughtful message and we ensure you it’s going to be something he will remember for long.

Business is all about maintaining relationships and knowing what your client likes is one of the first steps towards taking this relationship towards its goal.

6. Eco friendly pens with case

Eco friendly pens with case
Eco friendly Pens With Case


If you want to give out the message of being eco-friendly and are looking for a gift that will do it in style, then this small and sweet corporate gift by The Giving Tree is a good choice.

It’s a set of 5 newspaper rolled pens, delicately placed in an all paper pen box, all embellished with Madhubani art and happy quotes.

It is sure to brighten up anyone’s desk space.

Its also available in an eco-friendly theme print but we love the colour combination and happy vibe of this one.

Corporate gifts/ gifting ideas for Employees

7. Cord Holder by Gripp DC

Cord Holder by Gripp DC
Cord Holder


Help your employees organise their wires and cords, headphones and all things thin and ‘tang-ly’ with this cord holder they can keep in their bags or desks.

Handcrafted in Italian leather, it looks stylish and is sure to make a fabulous impression when they pull it out in front of a client.

8. Customised pendrives

Customised pendrives
Customised Pendrives


Pendrives have revolutionised the way we share and exchange our data and they are almost as indispensable as a pen now.

What if your employee is able to make a statement with this tiny piece of data storage? He is sure to love a personalised, innovatively crafted pen drive that will reflect his and the company’s personality.

Choose from a range of stylish custom-made pen drives including wearable pen drives from Blissket and gift your employee something they will love to use and flaunt.

 9. Music Flowerpot

Amazon - PETRICE Flowerpot Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth
Music Flowerpot


An innovative gift that promotes green, this piano planter plays music at the touch of a finger and also has LED lights that twinkle as the music plays.

A rare combination of style, eco-friendliness and music, this is a gift all your employees and their families will love.

Each home could do with this cute little music flowerpot and these could even be placed on the desk as well.

Not enough? This planter can also function as a Bluetooth speaker and a night lamp.

10. SmartWatch

SmartWatch Compatibility Loudspeaker Multi Language All Webilla


Gift your employees a smartwatch and help them organise their daily routines better.

It promotes efficiency not just at work but also encourages them to stay fit and stay in touch with all.

This Xiaomi watch is versatile, has a lot of features, is compatible with both Android and iOS devices and is unisex so can be worn by all employees.

It has all the features of a smartwatch and is a perfect gift that every employee is sure to appreciate.


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