10 Best Designer Curtain Brands in India

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Curtains are important, not only because they provide privacy but also to define the home decor. Every house has a story to tell, curtains arguably display the taste of its inhabitants in the most flamboyant way possible. Curtains not only control the amount of light entering the rooms, but they also set the aesthetics with their shades and colour patterns. You certainly can’t be lenient with picking the best designer curtain brands. As there is a lot of variety to choose from, pay attention to these factors.

Buying Best Designer Curtain Brands online in India – How to Choose?

  1. Colour: Available in a huge range of colours you must be careful to pick the shade or colour that will best match the interiors. Aesthetics and presentability are important.
  2. Material: From polyester to silk and cotton, you can buy the curtains in all kinds of fabric. Fabrics like polyester and polyresin are modern and easy to maintain, while cloth materials like cotton and silk are royal and user-friendly.
  3. Length: Curtains come in various sizes. The most commonly available sizes are 63″, 84″, 95″, 108″ and 120″. For windows, 63” or 5.25 feet is the suitable common length while for doors it is 93” or 7.75 feet.

Now let’s check out the best designer curtain brands in India.

Best Designer Curtain Brands in India

1. Linenwalas



Linenwalas is a well-known digital premium textile brand in the country. Not only in India, but they have a global clientele who love their beddings, sheets, curtains, pillows, and other furnishing products. With over 15 years of experience, they have perfected their products to best match the requirement of Indian households.

Linenwalas Cotton Door Curtains are ornamental in the true sense. Made from premium quality cotton, these curtains block 80% of sunlight. If you want to enhance your interior décor with matte finish curtains, you must try these. Linenwalas is one of the top curtain brands in India, so when you buy their products, you can expect top-notch quality and generously sized curtains (7 X5 ft). These are the best curtains in cotton fabric that you can buy online.

Why buy them: 

  • Minimalistic yet trendy
  • Machine washable
  • Durable
  • Nice fall

Where it lacks: 

  • Cotton may shrink after washing

2. Home Sizzler

homesizzler best designer curtain brands
Home Sizzler


Home Sizzler is one of the top curtain brands that dominate online stores. Made from 100% polyester, the Home Sizzler curtains are incredibly durable and colour safe. They are easy to maintain because of their lightweight composition. You can use these curtains indoors as well as outdoor because they are fade-proof. Their semi-transparent material makes them the best curtains for bedroom windows and doors. Each curtain has eight eyelets that are large enough to fit curtain rods of any size.

The Home Sizzler Door Curtains that we recommend are made from 100% polyester. Their semi-transparent, light filtering composition and 7×4 ft dimension make them ideal for any size door. They are also machine and hand wash compatible.

Why buy them: 

  • Anti-wrinkle and anti-shrink
  • Trendy design
  • Easy to clean polyester
  • Rust-proof eyelets
  • Affordable

Where it lacks: 

  • Semi-transparent material does not block light completely

3. AmazonBasics

amazonbasics best designer curtain brands
Amazon Basics


AmazonBasics is Amazon’s private label brand that offers everything from tech accessories to home décor products. Since its launch in 2009, AmazonBasics has grown in popularity as it offers products, especially for cost-conscious online shoppers. But, as the brand has a reputation to live up to, it offers affordable products without compromising on quality. With over 11,000 positive reviews, AmazonBasics curtains are certainly the best curtains online.

AmazonBasics room darkening blackout curtains will be perfect for you if you live in a high-rise or your room gets direct sunlight. These curtains can block the harmful UV rays and can completely block sunlight. If you prefer complete darkness in your room when you take an afternoon nap, these are the best curtains to assure privacy and low light. They are made from polyester and available in 42” x 84” sizes.

Why buy them:

  • Soothing navy-blue colour
  • Triple weave fabric
  • Completely blocks UV rays
  • Keeps the room cool

Where it lacks:

  • Can only be dried on a clothesline and not the dryer

4. Modern Fab

modern-fab best designer curtain brands
Modern Fab


A Shree Ram Enterprises brand, Modern Fab is counted among top curtain brands for many reasons. Modern Fab curtains are known for their quality, longevity, and bold designs. If you are looking for solid colour, pattern-free curtains, we recommend you Modern Fab Polyresin Solid Grommet Door Curtain.

These door curtains are digitally printed which gives them a 3D design feature. Available in multiple attractive colours, they are the best curtains to add a relaxed ambience to your bedrooms or study. Measuring, 7×4 ft, they will fit most doors. They are made from polyresin which makes them durable as well as machine washable. You can also use them on windows to let the right amount of light come through.

Why buy them: 

  • Unique 3D design
  • Lightweight polyresin
  • Machine washable
  • Attractive colours

Where it lacks: 

  • Has plastic rings that might not be as durable as metal rings

5. Home Weavers Curtains

home weavers curtains
Home Weavers Curtains


Home Weavers is comparatively a newer brand but its products are already among top-selling across multiple eCommerce stores. If you want the best curtains that are easy on the pocket, certainly Home Weavers is a brand you should check out.

Home Weavers Polyresin Designer Grommet Curtain is not just practical but also ornamental. It is a window decoration that makes your home look more elegant. Made from high-quality polyresin, these curtains are available in various sizes and colours. Polyresin curtains do not shrink after washing so you can be assured that these curtains will last long.

Why buy them:

  • Grommet top finish
  • Designer pattern
  • Machine washable
  • Affordable

Where it lacks:

  • Cannot be bleached or sun-dried

6. LaVichitra



If you want to contemporize your interiors then we will recommend LaVichitra. Known as one of the top curtain brands for its impressively designed curtains, you will be surprised at how classical their curtains can make your space look.

The LaVichitra door curtain is the product of our choice because of its balanced transparency, ample size (7×4 ft), durable polyester fabric, and design. These curtains are uniquely designed to have a transparent floral net at the top with a non-transparent solid-colour body. This combination is elegant that keeps your indoors looking vibrant.

Why buy them: 

  • Unique & attractive design
  • Easy to clean
  • Lightweight
  • Machine washable

Where it lacks: 

  • Thinner fabric

7. Homefab India

Homefab India


Homefab India is catering to the needs of customers since 2002. The brand continuously evolves its curtain designs to accommodate the changing décor styles. They offer curtains in dozens of styles, made from different fabrics

Homefab India Royal Silky Cream Door Curtains is the product of our choice. If you want curtains for spaces that have monotone walls or plain white coloured window panes, these minimalistic silk curtains will fit the décor well. Made from 100% polyester, these are the best curtains for blocking sunlight completely as they are entirely opaque. Each curtain piece has eight metal grommets that will fit any size curtain rod.

Why buy them: 

  • Smooth silk finish
  • Excellent drape effect
  • Lightweight
  • Machine washable

Where it lacks: 

  • Metal rings are prone to rust

8. Cloth Fusion

Cloth Fusion


Cloth Fusion is a Lagom Retail Pvt. Ltd venture based out of Delhi. Ever since its inception in 2018, the brand offers a full range of home décor including curtains, bed sheets, pillow covers, table cloths, and more.

Cloth Fusion Fabric Solid Curtain is a set of two blackout curtains that reduce the amount of heat and UV rays entering your room. Made from heavy-duty polyester, these curtains can reduce noise and keep outside disturbance limited. The 7 feet size is fit for doors as well as windows. If you want the best curtains for privacy and protection, thermal insulation, and complete blackout, this is the product for you.

Why buy them: 

  • Thick fabric
  • Offer thermal insulation
  • Noise-reducing
  • Machine washable

Where it lacks: 

  • Cannot be bleached

9. Galaxy Home Decor

galaxy home decor
Galaxy Home Decor


The best designer curtain brands in India are growing and Galaxy Home Décor has certainly earned its spot on our list. The brand offers some of the best curtains online. The product range they offer is extensive and includes printed curtains, blackout curtains, digitally printed curtains, velvet curtains, plain curtains, and more.

Galaxy Home Decor Curtains for the door that we have included in our list are made from polyester. These translucent curtains are ideal for the living room, bedroom, study, and guest room. It keeps the light coming into the room minimal while its solid colour is elegant. These curtains are easy to maintain as they are machine washable. Also, they are available in various sizes and colours so you can always pick the perfect one.

Why buy them: 

  • Fade-proof
  • Machine washable
  • Solid colour top
  • Lightweight

What it lacks: 

  • The fabric is thin

10. Queenzliving Mayfair Curtain

Queenzliving Mayfair Curtain


Queenzliving is an international brand that offers its products in India via online stores. The brand was launched in 2001 and since then, it has taken a digital turn to serve global customers. It is one of the top curtain brands in India, especially if you want to buy curtains online.

The Queenzliving Mayfair door curtains are a pair that has striking contrast and appealing looks. Made from pure polyester fabric, these curtains are easy to maintain as they are machine washable. The semi-transparent fabric softly filters out sunlight. With durable fabric, multiple colours, and size options, these are the best curtains.

Why buy them: 

  • Excellent quality
  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight
  • Elegant design

Where it lacks: 

  • Metal rings rust


Curtains are utilitarian as they block sunlight, control excessive heat and UV rays and offer privacy, but they are also accessories that make your house look beautiful. Be mindful to pick the best curtains online that are practical and beautify your home.

Hope our choices will help you pick the best designer curtain brands easily.


Q. Which type of curtain is the best?

It depends on your requirements and décor style. An ideal curtain offers the right amount of lighting and full privacy at the same time.

Q. Does the curtain come with metal rings?

Yes, most curtains listed above come with metal rings, however, some brands also offer plastic rings.

Q. What should be the length of a curtain?

For windows, 5ft length is ideal. For doors, 7ft curtains are suitable.

Q. Which is the best fabric for a curtain?

While polyester is easy to maintain, it can fade with time. Cotton and silk curtains do not fade easily but they may shrink after a wash.

Q. Which colour is the best for a curtain?

While plain cream coloured or white curtains go with all decors, the choice of colour should be as per the interior décor where it will be put.