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8 Best Dash Cams for Cars In India (2021) | Top Rated Dash Cameras Offering Maximum Security

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Indian roads are chaotic and full of non-considerate drivers. Accidents are a common occurrence which is why you need to be careful while driving, but unfortunately, safety on roads depends on other drivers as well. While you cannot control how others drive, but with a dash cam , you can record the events in case of an accident. We don’t have to explicitly mention how difficult it is to claim insurance without solid evidence. Also, in situations like road-related disputes and road rage criminal offences, a dashcam proves to be vital evidence.
A quality dash cam helps you make driving safer by recording everything that happens when you’re behind the wheel. These little windscreen-mounted cameras can capture any unexpected moment with enough detail to resolve any claims.
That being said, what should you consider when choosing a car dashcam in India? To begin with, the resolution of a dashcam is important. Almost every entry-level dash camera in India can shoot footage in full HD, but some of the best dash cams for cars also offer 4K video recording as a standard feature. That added resolution might not be essential but can be extremely helpful in observing passive details like reading the number plate of a passing vehicle. Wide dynamic range i.e., WDR is another feature of a dashcam must-have. Among others include G-sensor, WiFi, and more, but we will go into those specifications later in the post.
Let’s take a look at the 8 best dash cams in India.

Top 8 Dash Cams in India

Dash Cam Name Resolution View Capacity
70mai Smart Dash Pro 1944p QHD 140degree 64GB
DDPAI mini dashcam FHD 1080p 140degree 128 GB
Campark Dual Dash Cam (Front+Rear) 1080P FHD front, 720P rear 170degree 64GB
Blueskysea B1W dashcam 1080p 150degree 64GB
YI Smart Dash Camera


1080p 165degree 64GB
Instaplay INSTACAM Dash Cam 1080p FHD 130degree 64GB
70mai Smart Dash Cam 1080p FHD 130degree 64GB
DDPAI A2 Car Dash Camera


1080p 140degree 128GB

1. 70mai Smart Dash Pro

70mai Smart Dash Pro


In our books, the best dash cam in India is the one that can capture more details in both darkness and strong light. The 70mai Smart Dash Pro can deliver exactly what we are looking for with its WDR 140° wide-angle lens that auto-adjusts exposure to record videos in 1944P HD. Its 6-glass lens can effectively reduce distortion or degradation of images.
● WDR 140° wide video recording
● 1944p HD video
● G-sensor for auto Motion detection
● Auto locks collision or sudden jerk videos to emergency file
● Built-in 500mah battery
● A 6-glass lens with F1.8 aperture
● Excellent video clarity even a night mode
● Built-in battery for parking mode video recording
● Android and ios apps
● Auto collision detection
● Hands-free voice control
● Sensitivity is too high, starts recording emergency videos even on a small bump


2. DDPAI Mini Car Dash Camera

DDPAI Mini Car Dash Camera


DDPAI is a company that is new in the field of imaging and road surveillance. Their Mini Car Dash Camera is a product that encapsulates its innovative solutions with highly reliable hardware. This budget-friendly car-attached camera is suitable for every Indian car owner given the fact that it has every necessary feature.
● Records video that 1080p resolution
● Wide-angle 140° view capture
● WDR Technology for super night vision
● A 6-G lens with 1 infra-red filter
● Wireless video stream to a smartphone
● F2.2 Lens Aperture
● 1/2.9 inch Exmor CMOS Sensor and G-sensor
● 512MB RAM and 128GB storage via external SD card
● Optional 24 hours parking mode
● Very compact design
● High-quality video recording
● Can operate in a temperature range from -25⁰C to 85 ⁰C.
● A wide-angle view can cover 4-6 lanes of traffic.
● Built-in super capacitor makes it highly durable and temperature resistant.
● Auto-detects collision and saves the footage.
● Auto switches to parking mode when the vehicle is stationary for 15 minutes.
● For parking mode, DDPAI Hardware Kit is needed which is sold separately.
● Night mode video is grainy.


3. Campark Dual Dash Cam (Front+Rear)

Campark Front & Rear Camara for Cars


 Car dashcam with a dual camera is a worthy investment, particularly if you live in a hot zone where accidents are common. Campark is a good dash cam for dual recording. It features a front 1080p full HD camera and a rear 720p camera. This car dash cam can display and record continuously and saves files in 1/3/5 minutes clips. If the microSD card is full, it automatically overrides the earliest footage. Like all the premium dash cams in India, this one also features a special WDR system for automatically adjusting video quality in low-light environments.
● Dual dashcam
● 1080p FHD front camera
● 720p rear camera
● Emergency accident lock
● 24hour parking monitoring
● Reverse mode for assistance
● Affordable dual dashcam
● G sensor & motion recording
● Advanced Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
● Full HD 1080 front recording
● The rear camera records only in 720p


4. Blueskysea B13 Mini Dash Camera

Blueskysea Dashcam



Blueskysea B13 Mini Dash Camera is offered by a Chinese manufacturer that specializes in innovative surveillance solutions. If you want a stealthy product, B13 Mini is an ideal dash cam for this purpose. Just install it behind your rear-view mirror and it will fit perfectly without getting noticed.
● Unique 360° rotatable camera body
● Dual supercapacitors
● WiFi built-in
● 1080p video resolution
● 150° ultra-wide-angle lens with low light sensor
● 6-G All Glass Lenses, G-Sensor and Loop recording
● 24-Hours Parking monitoring
● 360-degree rotatable body
● Truly stealthy dashcam
● Operates effectively in hot environments.
● G-sensor triggers emergency mode video recording
● Expensive


5. YI Smart Dash Camera

YI Smart Dash Camera


YI technology claims this to be the most advanced visual recognition algorithms it uses. The YI 89006 Smart dash camera performs impressively powered by the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). One of the most advanced and optimized visual recognition algorithms, ADAS boosts safe driving. There are all the features that you will want in the best dashcam .
● 1920x1080p 60fps high speed video recording
● ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)
● G-sensor technology
● Emergency recording feature
● TFT LCD widescreen
● 165-degree ultra-wide-angle recording
● UI is better with large buttons.
● Produces high-quality clear images.
● ADAS makes real-time intelligent lane departure warnings.
● Easy to install.
● The screen is black and white.


6. Instaplay INSTACAM Dash Cam

Instacam Dashcam


Have you been burnt more than once because your dashcam was not able to capture the registration plate of other cars or stoplights?
Instaplay INSTACAM is included in our best dash cam in India 2021 list because it will come in handy in time of need when you must record a collision or other road activities. This dashcam records videos in 1080 FHD at 30 FPS for crystal-clear video recording.
● 1080 FHD camera
● 30 FPS video recording
● 130-degree wide-angle lens
● 2-inch full HD screen
● Best dashcam for cars in India for budget buyers
● 1080p video
● Less energy consumption at 1W
● Motion sensor
● No parking mode


7. 70mai Smart Dash Camera

70mai Smart Dash Camera


Another amazingly great dash cam for cars is from 70mai Co. Ltd, this one provides you with all the standard safety features within budget with the reliability of the brand. The 70mai Smart Dash Camera is provided with STARVIS CMOS SONY IMX 307 sensor for clear 1080p video recording in all kinds of lighting conditions. Its 130-degree field of vision can cover traffic over 4 lanes.
● Full HD 1080P video resolution
● 130-degree wide-angle lens
● Advanced video encoding storage compression
● G-sensor function
● Loop recording
● WDR technology
● 24-Hour Parking Surveillance
● WiFi for real-time connectivity
● HD quality picture even at night
● Easy to install.
● Loop recording function
● G-sensor auto detects a collision.
● Voice command is not entirely reliable.


8. DDPAI A2 Car Dash Camera

DDPAI A2 Car Dashcam


The final product in the list of best dash camsis the DDPAI A2 Car Dash Camera. Yet another excellent dashcam from DDPAI, this one is mid-ranged without compromising on the features. It can capture the real-time proof of collision in 1080p resolution with crystal clarity. Furthermore, its H.265 hardware encoding makes it is a reliable and durable dashcam.
● Ultra HD 1080p video
● H.265 hardware encoding
● 6-layer glass lens
● 140° Wide Angle
● F2.2 aperture
● 512 RAM
● Supports microSD of up to 128GB.
● Built-in 3 axis G-sensor offers excellent sensitivity.
● Suitable working temperature range from -25°C to 85°C
● 1-year replacement assurance
● Seamless Loop Recording
● Emergency locked videos
● Wireless video output with WiFi
● The problem of auto-shutdown when it gets hot


Dash Cam Buying Guide

Dashcam for cars are available in many models and with varying features, but the most important specifications to look for are:

Dual or Single Cam:

There’s nothing to specify here as it is evident that a single cam or a single-channel dashcam (front) is the one with only a front camera and a dual-channel dash cam can record both front and rear view of a vehicle.

Camera Quality:

While there are quality dash cams that can record in 4K resolution as a standard, but pick one that has at least 1080p resolution for the front camera and 720p for the rear one.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR):

It is the technology that enables a dashcam to process images to ensure clear recordings in bright and dark light. With WDR a dashcam can combine multiple images at different levels of brightness to create one superior image.


A gyro sensor is important to detect collision and sudden movements. Dashcams with G-sensor auto record videos in locked mode (videos cannot be overwritten).


If you do not want to hassle with USB cables to download the recorded videos from the dashcam, look for one that has WiFi capability to download the recorded footage directly to your phone.

Screen/ No Screen:

Some products come with screens that let you check video while recording. But some compact models do not have screens and are cheaper as well.

Other features:

Mounting hardware type, battery life, MicroSD card, parking monitor, etc.


We have based this review extensively on the best dash cams in India that have all the safety features and are yet economically priced. We have covered the mandatory features as listed above while picking the best products, now it is on you to choose a dashcam that fits your budget and needs.
Hope this guide helps.



Q. What is a dashcam?

A dashcam is a compact camera device that you can mount on your windshield as well as on the rear mirror (dual dash cams) for recording live driving videos. It is a helpful tool for safety, road dispute reconciliation, and damage settlement as the videos are a piece of hard evidence.

Q. Why use a dashcam?

For easy insurance claim settlement with live video as evidence of damage, for dispute settlement on the road, for safety against damage and theft in parking lots, and more.

Q. What are some features that dashcams should have?

The best dash cam in India will have high-quality video recording, WDR technology, auto-detect collision functionality, Gyro sensor, WiFi, and clear night recording.

Q. Is dashcam legal in India?

Yes. Just as the same way CCTV footage is used in Indian courts, video footage from the dash camera of a car can be used in the court of law, for an insurance settlement, or local police to prove your innocence.