Best Washing Machine Cleaners in India: Top Descaling Powder for Washing Machine

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As a regular washing machine user, you might have noticed scales forming on the inside of your appliance. It is a common problem, nothing to be worried about. The scale deposit on the washing machine is commonly due to hard water. Another factor is the detergent used, some detergents can leave a residue that accumulates and forms scales.

Fortunately, you can manage the problem with a quality descaling powder.


Why use descaling powder for washing machines?

Hard water has lime particles that gradually build up on the walls of the washer tub in the machine. This is a process of calcification that results in limescale. But if left unchecked, the scale and residue can build up on the internal parts of the washing machine that include the heater, motor, drain pipe, and filter, clogging them in the process. With scaling, the efficiency of the washing machine is deteriorated, also reducing the product life.

A descaling powder for the washing machine is the simplest solution to keep limescale build-up in check.

How does a descaling powder work?

A quality descaling powder for the washing machine is made from acidic constituents that chemically react with magnesium carbonates and calcium carbonates in the scale, breaking them down.

In most households where water supply is from underground through borewells or submersible pumps, it is probably hard water. If you have a municipality water connection, then you might not need descaling powder as such water is treated and does not lead to scale formation. However, if you get your water from other sources, you will need to invest in a quality descaling powder for the washing machine.

Now that you know why do you need a descaling powder for your washing machine, it’s time to pick the right product. Usually, you are recommended to go with a descaling powder that is made by the same brand as your washing machine. However, it is not the case with most quality descalers available. You can use them for cleaning appliances of any brand unless they specifically mention being used with a particular brand.

Here are the top descaling powders for a washing machine to buy online.


7 Top Descaling Powder for Washing Machine: Reviews

1.Fortune Multi Use Descaler

Fortune Multi Use Descaler


Some women prefer their washing machine to smell fresh always, which is why they are choosy about the fragrance of a descaler. If you are one of them, we have a fresh citrusy fragrance-filled descaling powder from Fortune.

As the title suggests, you can use this descaler for more than just a washing machine. It can effectively descale showerheads, faucets, dishwashers, coffee makers, and even electric kettles. Few users have reported amazing results from using this descaling powder on the floor. As a biodegradable formula, Fortune multi-use descaler does not harm the environment or pollute water bodies. You can use this product with any appliance, just make sure to properly follow the instructions to use it with various appliances for best results.


  • Machine Type: Front load, Top load
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Compatible with all leading brands
  • Cleans, Descales, Sanitizes, and Deodorizes washing machines


  • Affordable descaling powder for washing machine
  • Fresh citrus smell


  • Cannot be used with hot water
  • Can damage the drum if you let it sit in for too long


2.IFB Essentials Descale Appliance Descaler

IFB Essentials Descale Appliance Descaler


This descaling powder for washing machine is from IFB, but do not assume that it is only suitable for IFB machines. This is a descaler that you can use with any brand washing machine without worrying about compatibility.

It is a highly efficient descaling power that can remove lime scales easily and prevent metal corrosion. Additionally, it also removes the foul odour because of scaling and any other kind of smell from the washing machine. It is available in handy 100 grams pack. For descaling, all you have to do is to empty the packet in the washing machine and start it at a regular cycle. Once, the cycle is complete, clean the filter to remove scales and run a normal rinse cycle.


  • Machine type: Top Load and Front Load
  • Available in easy-to-use 100gm packs
  • Suitable for any washing machine brand
  • Reduces electricity usage after every descaling cycle


  • Suitable for washing machines, dishwashers, coffee makers, and showerheads
  • Removes bad odour


  • Takes an entire packet to descale
  • Prevention of corrosion due to scaling is limited


3.Atomic Washing Machine Cleaning Powder

Atomic Washing Machine Cleaning Powder


Disgruntled with a washing machine heavily soiled with scales and consuming too much electricity? If you are looking for a descaling powder that can make a difference, then here is an excellent product from Atomic. A highly efficient descaler, this product not only cleans scales but also removes grime and micro-organisms.

Irrespective of the washing machine brand or whether it is top load, front load, or semi-automatic, this descaling powder is suitable for all. It comes in a pack of 3 and each packet is 150 grams which you need to empty for each cleaning cycle. If you are looking for a truly efficient and eco-friendly descaler, Atomic Washing Machine Cleaning Powder is the one.


  • Machine Type: Front Load, Top Load, Semi-Automatic
  • Available in a pack of 3
  • Compatible with all brands and washing machine models
  • Can kill micro-organisms and disinfect the appliance


  • Removes scales, grime, microorganisms, and odour
  • Highly efficient and eco-friendly


  • Takes longer to clean
  • Expensive


4.Bosch Siemens Quick Descaler for Appliances

Bosch Siemens Quick Descaler


If you are looking for a descaling powder for a top load washing machine, then this Bosch Simens Quick descaler is the right product. It can also be used for front load washing machines. Whatever product you own, this descaling powder is suitable for all brands and models.

It can remove lime scales and dirt easily along with eliminating any sort of bad odour from your washing machine. In a single cycle, you can remove the scales and any other form of accumulations from the washer tub and other parts of the washing machine. This descaling powder can also be used with dishwashers. For maximum cleaning, it is recommended to use the descaler with water at 50 degrees.


  • Machine Type: Top Load and Front Load
  • Made in Germany
  • Very efficient in removing lime scales and calcium build-up
  • Suitable for all brands


  • Can be used with washing machines and dishwashers
  • Cleans scales in just one cycle


  • The quantity has to be measured carefully
  • Expensive


5.LG ScaLGo Descale Powder for Washing Machine

LG ScaLGo Descale Powder


An innovation from the LG consumer products, if you own an LG washing machine, we recommend you to try the LG ScaLGo descaler. It works with other brands as well but it is more efficient for LG appliances. Suitable to be used with both front load and top load washing machines, it can also reduce the corrosive action of deposits and make your appliance more efficient.

Feel free to use it for eliminating any kind of scales not just from the washing machine, but also from an electric kettle, dishwasher, steam iron, and showerheads. After cleaning, this descaling powder leaves a pleasant fragrance.


  • Machine Type: Front Load, Top Load
  • Good quality descaler from LG
  • Available in a pack of 3


  • Pleasant after-wash smell
  • Easy to use and affordable


  • Requires more than one wash cycle to be effective
  • Needs hot water


6.Whirlpool Scalegon Descale Powder for Washing Machine

Whirlpool Scalegon Descale Powder


If you want to do descale and remove odour from your washing machine but also get it smelling fresh, then you must try Whirlpool Scalegon Descale Powder that comes with added fragrances. Although designed for Whirlpool washing machines, you can use the Scalegon descaler with any brand.

This descaling powder improves the performance and reduces the power consumption with a single-use. You get cleaner clothes while saving on the electricity bill. Furthermore, this is the best descaling powder as it is an eco-friendly formula so it is safe for the environment. Overall, the Whirlpool Scalegon Descaler is an affordable, highly effective, and biodegradable product that assures you of a shinier drum after each use.


  • Machine Type: Top Load and Front Load
  • Available in a pack of 3
  • Best suited for Whirlpool washing machines
  • Added fragrance makes the cleaning experience pleasant


  • Can be used with any brand washing machine
  • Eco-friendly formula


  • Not as efficient as other descaling powders
  • Pricing can be better


7.Samsung Descale Powder for Washing Machine

Samsung Descale Powder


Next on the list is the best descaling powder for Samsung washing machines. This descaler is specially designed for Samsung washing machines and works well for top-loading, front-loading, or even semi-automatic models.

According to the company, you can use it with other brands as well, without causing any damage to your appliance, we still recommend you use it if you own a Samsung appliance. This descaling powder works excellently not only for washing machines but also for dishwashers, electric kettles, tiles, showerheads, and coffee makers. For cleaning your washing machine, empty the packet in the washer drum and run the machine on a regular cycle.


  • Machine: Top loading, front-loading, and semi-automatic
  • Designed especially for Samsung washing machines
  • Available as a pack of 4


  • Can also be used for electric kettles, dishwashers, coffee makers, and showerheads
  • Quite affordable


  • Does not remove the odour completely
  • For front loading washing machines, one packet is not enough



A descaling powder is a value for money investment that keeps your appliance running efficiently for the long term. The descaling powders that we have listed can also be used with other appliances like dishwashers and coffee makers.

We hope this review will help you choose the right descaler for your needs, but make sure to read the instructions on the pack before you start using any descaling powder.



Q. Does descaling powder affect the fabric of clothes?

No. As you do not use the descaling powder with a load, it does not affect the fabrics in any manner. Just make sure to rinse the washing machine properly after the cleaning cycle.

Q. Does descaling powder affect washing machines?

No. On contrary, it improves the efficiency and life of the washing machine by preventing corrosion, clogging, and odour.

Q. How to perform descaling?

You add the descaling powder in the prescribed quantity and run the machine on a regular cycle. Then you follow with a rinse cycle.

Q. How to avoid scaling in washing machines?

Avoid using hard water for washing clothes as it is the primary source of scaling. Also, use a detergent that leaves minimal or no residue at all.