Top 10 Designer Umbrellas To Buy In 2018 for Indian Monsoons – Beat the Rains in Style

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We covered the top 10 umbrella brands in India in the last post and in this post, we share some of the top designer umbrellas to buy this rainy season.

Fashion dynamics are changing and changing like how!

Who would have thought that a simple thing like an umbrella can come under the ‘fashion’ category and that the options available would leave you spoilt for choice!

Monsoon can actually be a reason for you to cheer as this is the time you get to flaunt your designer umbrella and stand out of the crowd.

Check these chic premium quality umbrellas that you can stock up for the monsoon and carry them to suit your wardrobe and mood to drive away the monsoon blues!

1. Prosmart – Inverted Upside Down Reverse Umbrella (Ladies Umbrella)

Prosmart umbrella

This one is hot selling at the moment! Unlike the conventional umbrellas that keep you dry but manage to wet your car / your floor etc. the moment it is closed and kept; this one is a wonder piece!

This Wind Proof Reverse Folding Umbrella has the ingenious Reverse Open-Close technology makes all the difference.

Result? No more puddles on the floor. Closing it makes a waterproof cone keeping all the water inside so you can get rid of it better.

Another attractive feature of this umbrella is its handle that allows you to just let it slip over your arm letting your hands be free to hold your baby / bag etc.

Price: Rs. 699

Check it out here

2. Asera 3 Fold Automatic Umbrella (Ladies Umbrella)

asera three fold umbrella

A rose by any name smells just as sweet. Carry this floral beauty next time it rains heavily.

The dullness of the atmosphere is sure to be driven away by its fantastic design.

The rubber coated handle makes it easy to hold and the umbrella comes in a white cover with a rose on it.

Price: Rs. 649
You can buy it here

3. Jeans 5 Fold Compact Umbrella (Unisex Umbrella)

jeans compact umbrella

Extend your love for denims with this super cool jeans umbrella that is ultra compact and light weight.

When closed, this umbrella is just about 7.5 inches thus making it apt to be tucked away in the bag you are carrying without having to worry about it protruding out.

It’s ‘WRABTec’ rib design lowers chances of rib breakage in strong winds and it has rust proof aluminum cum fibre reinforced plastic (FRP) ribs and shaft.

Comes with a matching protective fabric case and also doubles as a sturdy travel umbrella..

Price: Rs. 550
You can check it out here

4. Dazzler III  LED Umbrella (Kids Umbrella)

led light dazzler kids umbrella

Perfect for your little munchkin, this one comes with LED lights to make sure that while he carries it during heavy rains, he is well within sight.

And if that is not all, it has a torch at its bottom. Wish they made things like these for elders too!

The multi-colour dazzling LED lights are positioned thoughtfully in the ribs and top center cap, and the torch in the handle is LED too.

It operates on 3 AAA cells and comes packed in a special gift box to surprise your little one.

Price: Rs. 699
You can check it out here

5. Cadillac Bike- Vintage Series (Men’s Umbrella)

bike print vintage umbrella

For men who love their bikes and miss riding them during a heavy shower, this umbrella is good to keep them happy.

The super stylish umbrella specially designed for men has a print of vintage bikes on it.

The umbrella is a sturdy one and made using rust proof fibre reinforced plastic ribs and shaft.

Price: Rs. 595
You can check it out here

6. ESPRIT Unisex Coral Red Umbrella (Unisex Umbrella)

espirit coral red umbrella

Coral red never goes out of fashion. Match it with your bold red lipstick and see heads turning even when the mighty rains are causing a ruckus outside.

The sponge padded handle makes it easy to carry and its automatic mechanism is just what you need when it showers unexpectedly and you have to be under your umbrella to ensure you do not spoilt that dress of yours!

What’s more… it comes with a matching cover so go all out and say… Gimme Red!

Price: Rs. 1170

You can check it out here

7. Beautiful Transparent Umbrella Long Handle (Ladies Umbrella)

transperant umbrella

This one made us fall in love with it instantly! The pretty pink flowers on the transparent body give it such a beautiful look.

No matter what you choose to wear, this umbrella is sure to make you look pretty.

The canopy design ensures it protects you and your clothes and don’t you worry about the wind… the design makes it apt to beat the wind no matter how strong it is!

Price: Rs. 1975
You can check it out here

8. Gun Umbrella (Unisex but more of a Men’s Umbrella)

gun umbrella

Looking for a quirky, unusually designed umbrella? For the cowboy in you, this one is just apt!

No no… you cannot shoot someone with it but yes, you can shooo away the rain from getting you wet with it.

The gun shape handle is sure to scare people around you but just as you pass, you can also watch them smile from the corner of your eyes.

After all, during the dullness of the rains, some humour does help. Pull the trigger to open the umbrella and let it protect you. How cool an idea, isn’t it?

Price: Rs. 1099
You can check it out here

9. Red and White Frill Umbrella (Ladies Umbrella)

red and white frill umbrella cute

Frills are pretty and the combination of red and white is a sure stunner. And when this combination comes together…boy!! What a visual delight.

This super amazing red and white stripped frill umbrella is a statement fashion buy to stand out of the crowd during this monsoon.

Price: Rs. 1600
You can buy it here

10 ESPRIT Leopard print umbrella

leapord print funky umbrella

Bring on your wild side this monsoon with this leopard print umbrella from Espirit.

The canopy is covered by polyester, which makes it easy to maintain while the print pattern renders it classy.

Price: Rs 1450
You can check it out here

With these super stylish umbrellas to choose from there is no reason why you should choose to stay indoors!

Looking to get some cool deals on umbrellas this rainy season? Visit the link below or download the app and use the search box to explore some killer deals on umbrellas.

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