Best Dishwasher For India-Top 5 Dishwashers in India Available Online

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Best Dishwasher in India

Kitchen appliances make life easier but none can match the comfort a dishwasher brings for homemakers. Grinding the utensils with all the paraphernalia easily tires you as much as a rope workout at the gym, healthy but not appreciated.

This is why the new India values dishwasher as much as any other kitchen appliance. Adoption of the best dishwasher for Indians in every kitchen is still not common but during our research, we found that Indian women are yet to believe the cleaning ability of dishwashers.

This is not acceptable, which is why GreatBuyz is here with a detailed guide on the best dishwasher in India. Well, we will cover more than one product, but before that, we will make you an informed buyer, aware of the basics as well as the advanced specifications of the best dishwasher.

Why Indian homes need a dishwasher? 

Convenience comes to mind first, but a dishwasher can offer quite a handful of benefits over making your kitchen life convenient.

Dishwashers save time 

The time it takes to load a dishwasher is minuscule when you compare it to the time it takes to wash each item individually. You will be surprised how much time you can save if you do not have to do the dishes yourself.

Once you get home the best dishwasher, you will have enough time to do other chores.

Dishwashers save water 

Normally a dishwasher uses 11 litres of water in a single wash cycle. Most faucets use 8 litres of water in under 5 minutes unless you can finish a load of dishes in 10 minutes, the efficiency of a dishwasher is much more.

If you think handwashing is much more ecofriendly then think again. A recent study found that just 10 hand-washing sessions use more energy than what’s needed to build a dishwasher. This is why the most resource-intensive and environmentally friendly method of washing dishes is to use a dishwasher.

Dishwashers save the skin 

Rough and dry skin is a common side effect of constantly washing the dishes. In the worst-case scenario, it can result in cracks and bleeding if you are spending too long washing dishes. A dishwasher saves you from scrubbing stubborn stains and gripping slippery dishes that stress your finger. If you have arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, then a dishwasher is physical therapy for your hands. Not to mention, you are more like to injure yourself while handwashing dishes.

Dishwashers can sanitize 

This is the single most important benefit of using dishwashers that handwashing simply cannot do. We know you think anti-bacterial detergent is enough but to truly wipe out germs and bacteria, you need heat. Only dishwashers can raise the washing temperature to bacteria-killing levels.

Your kitchen counter and sink are breeding grounds for diseases and to keep those areas germ-free is an additional chore. But sanitization serves another purpose as well. If someone’s sick in your home, sanitization helps curb the spread of illness by sterilizing the utensils they use.

How does a dishwasher work? 

As we mentioned before, most homemakers are not comfortable putting used dishes into a magic box and just getting cleaned dishes out of it. The process of cleaning is what makes them believe that they are not compromising with the health and well-being of their family.

We understand the conundrum which is why we took time to lay out the mechanics behind the working of a dishwasher in simpler terms.

Do you know that dishwasher was invented by Josephine Cochrane in 1887 because her servants kept chipping her china? She designed a sample hand-powered dishwasher which was later improved by William Liven in 1924. He added the heating element and water-propelled spraying arms to the design.

Even the best dishwasher in India remains a simple device under the hood, no matter how sophisticated the other elements have become with time. There are few main parts of a dishwasher namely, fill valve, spray arms, dish rack, heating element, fill the dispenser, and the float valve. This is how all these components are put together inside a dishwasher:

How Dishwasher Work

Although the internal design and model of the components change according to the brand and model of the dishwasher, the overall working mechanism remain 5-step.

While we breakdown each step in detail, before reading further, check out the video by that captures the inside of a dishwasher in action:to watch how dishwasher works  Click Here

1. Filling

You start by loading the dirty dishes into the dishwasher, putting in the soap, and selecting the correct cycle. The bottom of the basin of the dishwasher fills with water automatically and then water is heated by the element up to about 50degree Celsius.

The float valve ensures that the basin does not overflow. Once the water reaches the right temperature, it is sprayed onto the dishes.

2. Pumping and Spraying

The pump forces the heated water from the basin of the dishwasher into the spray arms. It can be assumed that an electric motor makes the arms spin, but actually, it is the high-pressure water leaving from the small holes in the spray arm that makes it a spin. This water is used again and again as it falls back into the basin. The high-pressure spray gets rid of the food stuck on the dishes. This waste is filtered out so that when the water is reused, it does not get stuck in the spray arm.

3. Cleaning with Detergent

Now depending on the washing cycle, you selected after a few rounds of rinsing by the spray arm, a sensor in the dishwasher will open the detergent dispense. The soap will fall and mix with the water that will add extra cleaning power to the heated water. It is recommended to use only approved detergents with your machine.

4. Rinsing and draining

The warm water will be continuously sprayed by the spray arms that will rinse off the detergent and any leftover food from the dishes. Once the rinse cycle is over, the dirty dishwater will be drained out by the pump automatically.

5. Dry cycle

This is usually an optional cycle but any best dishwasher in India completes the whole washing session by completing the dry cycle. In this step, the heating element raises the temperature of the dishwasher that turns any remaining water into steam and is vented out and your dishes are dried as well as sterilized due to high-temperature steam.

We hope you understand now that dishwashers clean better than handwashing dishes and save water.

Indian dishwasher marketing needs the push 

While the adaptation of dishwashers in Indian households is gradually increasing but there is still a long way to go. According to a report by the Economic Times,

“Estimates by dishwasher makers put the market between Rs 140-200 crore. In contrast, the size of the residential air-conditioner market in India is around Rs 20,000 crore, refrigerator Rs 21,000 crore and washing machine will be about Rs 8,000 crore.”

In an attempt to penetrate the skeptical Indian dishwasher market, makers are pushing the limit of these machines to give Indian customers the best dishwasher that fits their budget without compromising on the features.

While it would be a futile attempt to encourage you to use a dishwasher if we do not accompany this ultimate guide with the best dishwasher in India.

Here are our picks. (How we made the selection will be detailed later.)

Top 5 best dishwashers in India 

*Place setting: it is the design of the rack inside of the dishwasher that allows you to fit in the utensils

1. Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher (SMS66GI01I)

Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher
Bosch Settings Dishwasher



Bosch is one of the brands that is a global leader in home and kitchen appliances. The German brand has ruled the market for over one and a half-century which is why the dishwashers from Bosch feature technical perfection, uncompromising quality, unmatched performance, and absolute reliability.

Bosch SMS66GI01I Dishwasher is at the top of our list of the best dishwasher for India because it is a product designed for convenience and 100% quality performance.

Designed to be compact and fit for a small family of 4-6 members, this Bosch dishwasher features 6 built-in wash cycles-half load for fewer dishes, express sparkle for saving time, intense kadhai (specifically for Indian utensils), extra dry, varioEco (optimal use of water and electricity) and pre-rinse for touch stains.

The load of dishes you can do with 60 litres of water, Bosch SMS66GI01I can do the same using just 10 litres of water. It can do the dishes in 60 minutes.

Speaking of the fancy features, there’s a load detector that releases water, adjusts the temperature and cleaning time for optimal washing. The electronic lock prevents accidental switching or children from turning on the machine.

With technology designed for Indian cooking ware, you get a two-year comprehensive warranty on Bosch SMS66GI01I.

Why you must buy it: 

  • 12 place settings and 6 pre-set programs
  • Half-load program
  • Load and Aqua sensors
  • High cleaning efficiency
  • Electronic delay timer
  • Low power consumption
  • Perfect for Indian utensils
  • Childproof control lock
  • Stainless steel build and finish
  • Uses 1/6th of water than handwashing

What you need to consider: 

  • It is not suitable for non-stick and aluminium containers
  • At 52 dB noise operation sound, it can be a little noisy

2. IFB Neptune VX 12 Place Settings Fully Electronic Dishwasher

IFB Neptune VX 12 Place Settings Fully Electronic Dishwasher
IFB Neptune VX 12 Place Settings Fully Electronic Dishwasher


IFB is a homegrown brand that is not a veteran as Bosch but merely 40 years old, still, it has established itself as a name of quality and reliable technology.

IFB Neptune VX is the best dishwasher for India because it is designed to work the hard water that is a common trouble for most households. The built-in water softening device can soften the hard water up to 60 dh which increases the detergent efficiency. Just like the Bosch SMS66GI01I, this dishwasher also comes with 12 place settings making it a suitable medium to large families. There are six wash programs-eco wash, half-load, quick wash, pre-wash, quick wash, and Eco wash, these are enough to wash the most stubborn stains.

The efficient jet washer ensures that the dishwashing is done in less time and the high-pressure jet wipes off the grease, dust, and food particles out clean. For a full load of dishes, IFB Neptune VX uses only 9 litres of water which is an additional quality make it the best dishwasher in India.

Steam drying ensures that the dishes are evenly dried without forming any marks and sterilizes the utensils well.

Why buy IFB Neptune VX: 

  • Standalone 12 settings dishwasher
  • Adjustable racks
  • Stunning silver built-up and finish
  • Water softening technology
  • Smart and elegant design
  • Energy-efficient dishwasher
  • 2-years comprehensive warranty

What to consider: 

  • Noisy
  • A technician is needed for installation


3. LG D145WF Dishwasher

LG Dishwasher
LG D145WF Dishwasher


LG is serving customers since 1958 which is why it is considered one of the pioneering brands to offer innovative solutions backed with technology. The LG D145WF is the best dishwasher which is a high-end model encapsulating all the features and functionalities you would want in the best dishwasher.

This LG dishwasher is provided with 14-place settings makes it much more efficient in cleaning which is why it is used by even commercial setups like hotels, restaurants, and hostels. Powered with five washing programs-dual wash, auto, eco, gentle, and quick wash-you will find this dishwasher fit for all kinds of utensil washing needs.

This one has adjustable rack height which means you can easily fit in the large containers for more flexibility such as pans, cookers, and pots.

You get stainless steel inner tub, LED display for setting and wash cycle adjustments and an effective child lock to prevent the frequent tampering of the panel by the kids. This is a front-load model which also comes with a nifty smart diagnosis feature that self-accesses any problem, you don’t need an engineer for the job. You find the problem and can get it worked out free of cost within the warranty period.

Why buy LG D145WF dishwasher: 

  • 14 place settings
  • Smart diagnostic feature
  • Time delay for 24 hours
  • Energy-efficient inverter direct drive motor
  • Child lock feature
  • Smart rack mechanism to accommodate larger containers
  • Triple filter
  • Refill indicators and error display

What to consider: 

  • Expensive than most other models

4. Siemens SN256I01GI Dishwasher

Siemens Dishwasher
Siemens SN256I01GI Dishwasher


Siemens is one of the brands that is known to provide an innovative solution to make daily chores easier with appliances that have a modern design and reliable technology. This is why Siemens remains of the one best dishwasher brand in the country.

Siemens SN256I01GI is provided with some exceptional features to make it the best dishwasher for India. There’s a family of sensors to fully automate the dishwasher that includes load sensor and aqua sensor and for smooth functioning, you get a 12-place setting option.

You do not have to think twice to get sparkling clean dishwasher everything as Siemens SN256I01GI comes with pre-set 6 washing programs and 3 wash options. The Vairo speed features to speed up the washing time without compromising the wash cycle and the hot water stream is ensured to remove 99.9% bacteria and germs. When compared to other branded dishwashers, the Siemens SN256I01GI speeds up the washing process, taking 60% less time than most other machines. The 12-place settings mean you can fit in any shape or size of utensils in this dishwasher.

The innovative technology working under the hood of this best dishwasher automatically determines the dishwashing time, water temperature, and volume of water required. All of this combined with an elegant and innovative yet simple to use design makes it one of the best dishwashers in India.

Why buy Siemens SN256I01GI: 

  • 12 place settings
  • Saves 60% of washing time
  • Pre-set 6 programs and 3 washing options
  • Automatic detergent detection
  • Features aqua and load sensor
  • Elegant and simple design

What’s lacking: 

No child-lock

  • Produces 52dB noise

5. Voltas Beko DT8S Dishwasher 

Voltas Beko DT8S Dishwasher 
Voltas Beko DT8S Dishwasher


Voltas, the name that is backed with the Tata group and Beko, an internationally recognized brand for home appliances, working together brought us the Voltas Beko DT8S, the best dishwasher for India.

We Indians love the durable products, Voltas is aware of the fact which is why it engineered along with Beko a tabletop dishwasher which is targeting the nuclear families of India. With its 6 wash programs, the Voltas DT8S is suitable for proper washing the utensils. For more powerful cleaning, it comes with an additional spray arm that improves cleaning 5 times.

It is easy to operate with a push-button touchpad that is designed to complement the compact design of the Voltas Beko DT8S dishwasher.

With 8 place settings, you can wash the cutlery, glasses, longer items, and even larger containers thanks to the height-adjustable higher rack.

The 2 years comprehensive warranty seals the deal.

Why buy Voltas Beko DT8S: 

  • Tabletop model ideal for compact kitchens
  • Effective cleaning, it heats water to 70 degrees
  • Waterproof touch panel
  • Perfect for nuclear families
  • 6 wash programs and 8 place settings.
  • Energy-efficient uses 1KwH- 2KwH energy on an average per wash

What to consider:

  • Limited space constricts a load of dishes can be washed at once

Dishwasher Buying Guide: How We Picked These Top 5 

Dishwashers are still new to most Indians which is why we must help you understand how the best dishwashers are picked based on features.

1. Types of Dishwashers

In India, there are two types of dishwashers available: Built-in and Counter/tabletop models. Both models have their benefits and drawbacks depending on your house.

Built-in Dishwashers: The most common type of dishwashers in India, require pre-designated space for installation as they permanently fitting. They are heavier too. But they are easy to use and also pocket-friendly.

Countertop Dishwashers: The most economic models, they are portable and compact. For installation, all you have to do is to connect the pipe to the sink faucet. Their less internal space is one of the biggest drawbacks.

2. Wash Programs

All dishwashers have 3 built-in wash programs – light, normal and heavy. What makes these cycles different is water temperature, wash intensity, and time duration.

But today you will find dishwashers featuring a lot of many wash programs. To make thing easier, choose a dishwasher with the following wash programs:

  • Regular Wash Cycle
  • Heavy Wash Cycle
  • Quick Wash Cycle
  • Energy Saving Cycle
  • Smart Wash Cycle
  • Steam Wash
  • Rinse Action
  • Sanitization
  • Glassware Wash Cycle

3. Capacity

Dishwashers are best used when you do not have to load it multiple times due to a shortage of space. This is why depending on your family size you must buy the best dishwasher of the right capacity.

Typically, best dishwashers in India are offered in Compact and Standard sizes. A compact dishwasher is usually 18 inches that comes with 6 to 8 standard place settings. A standard dishwasher is provided with 12 to 14 place settings and usually is of 24 inches.

We know things can be confusing for you, which is why we devised a table based on family size to make choice easier for you.

Family Size    Capacity Size
Small 8 setting Compact
Medium     12 setting         Compact or standard
Large 16 setting Standard
Giant 16 setting Standard


4. Drying Mechanisms

Dishwashers also have a drying cycle that completely removes moisture and wetness from the dishes. The drying mechanism a dishwasher uses depends on the model and the brand. Most common drying options in most of the dishwashers are:

  • Heat-the most common drying method that uses heated air (170-degree Celsius) to evaporate the moisture
  • Fan-a preferred method of drying as it is suitable for all types of utensils, but it takes longer to complete
  • Condensation-a more efficient and hygienic drying mechanism it is only available in dishwashers with steel interiors in which the moisture is condensed and dripped out

5. Hard Water Compatibility

The best dishwasher for India is one that can deal with the hardness of the water. Hard water leaves stain on dishes and also makes detergent less efficient. Depending on the locality and water hardness you have to deal with, you have to pick the right model.

6. Noise

Just like other appliances, dishwashers also make noise. While some models are hard to tolerate, others go almost unnoticed. If you are bothered by the noise then you need to check out the range before buying. Here’s a table for easy understanding:

Dishwasher Noise Level (dB)
High-end <40dB
Mid-level 40dB
Mid-level 50dB
Low-level 50dB+


Now if the figures make no sense to you, here’s a video to tell you how different decibel range of sounds is like:
to watch this video Click Here

7. Energy Efficiency

This goes without saying, whichever home appliance you buy, checking the BEE-rating is mandatory. BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) lays down the guidelines for power usage at homes/commercial places by setting certain standards, rules, and regulations. If a dishwasher is not BEE rated it is poor quality.

8. Smart Features

Smart features are the extra luxury added to the dishwashers that makes it easier to use them. While picking the top 5 dishwashers in India, we looked for models that had:

  • Removable upper/lower racks
  • Timer to delay
  • Sanitize mode
  • Auto-restart
  • Child Safety lock
  • Half-load Option
  • Soil sensors
  • Speed or eco-wash
  • Flood Protection

9. Budget

We Indians are money-minded buyers so we want the best value for our investment. If you have a tight budget you must settle for a mid-range branded dishwasher as it will fulfill most of the requirements listed above.

10. Brand

Brand reputation is something that you cannot compromise on. We picked dishwashers from Bosch, Siemens, LG, Voltas, and IFB because these are the trusted brands known to honour the warranty on their products without any hassle.

How to use your dishwasher the right way? 

We took the liberty to include a step-by-step guide to use dishwashers the right way from the industry leader Bosch.



The best dishwasher is the one that fits your requirement. Almost all dishwashers in India come with necessary features, but if your budget permits, it is a good idea to select a model that has some additional features.

GreatBuyz has picked the top 5 models of dishwashers for you. We hope this guide will be your ultimate resource to choose the best dishwasher in India.

Dish Washer Frequently Asked Question

Q. Are dishwashers successful for Indian kitchens?

Yes, brands like IFB and Bosch make dishwashers for Indian kitchen that can clean the most stubborn stains from utensils. However, the burnt stains still need to be hand-washed.

Q. Do I need to pre-rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher?

ot necessarily. But if there is extra food that needs to scrape to the garbage or if you have left the dishes out for some hours such that the food dirt becomes hard, then soaking will help clean better.

Q. Can I use regular detergent in dishwashers?

No. Dishwashing soaps to be used with dishwashers are formulated differently. These soaps are more effective and produce a lot amount of suds. Regular dishwashing soap can cause your dishwasher to clog.

Q. Can pressure cookers be washed in the dishwasher?

We recommend not to clean a pressure cooker in a dishwasher as the food particles can clog the safety valve and the regulator.

Are dishwashers safe for all kinds of utensils?

No. Manufacturers warn against using dishwashers to wash wooden, iron, delicate china and crystal utensils. Check for ‘dishwasher-safe stamp’ on the item before putting it in the dishwasher.