Top 10 DSLR Cameras for Beginners

Best DSLR Cameras for Beginners in India (2020)

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Digital photography is a worldwide obsession and there’s a mind-blowing range of digital cameras offering the latest technology easily available in the market.

Not just professionals, but several amateurs are taking up photography as a hobby, and with the right equipment, a lot of patience, some experimentation and an eye for detail, one is sure to master this hobby.

As with most popular things, when there’s a lot of choice things can get confusing and the technical minutiae can make matters even more complicated.

If you too would like to dabble with this metal box of magic that captures moments, things and moods for life, and are confused with which one to buy, here’s a list that makes buying digital cameras online as simple as ever. You can thank us later!



Nikon Camera D7200 24.2MP

Nikon Camera D7200 24.2MP
Nikon Camera



You can’t think of DSLRs without the name Nikon popping up. A giant in the market Nikon cameras are known for top quality and this extends to their collection of camera lenses as well.

The Nikon camera D7200 24.2MP is one of the best DSLRs available today.

A sturdy magnesium alloy body and a mere 767g weight means this camera can be carried around easily without worrying about damage.

The long life battery gives you tension free shoots without the constant worry about battery running out.

It comes with built in NFC and wi fi so you can transfer photos to other devices and share on social media very easily with the Wireless Mobile Utility 3 app that works on Android and iOS.

If you’re looking for a feature rich, easy to use DSLR then this one is a great choice.

Camera Price: Rs 60,499.


Canon Camera EOS 80D 24.2 MP

Canon Camera EOS 80D 24.2 MP
Canon Camera



Canon is another giant in the world of cameras and the EOS 80D is one of the best DSLRs in the market today.

Portraits, landscapes, close-ups, food photos, street photography, travel, sports – whatever your chosen niche, the EOS 80D is perfectly suited.

It is also amongst the top selling Canon cameras in the world.

Customise settings, review and adjust them easily via the top panel LCD and live view display.

Shoot comfortably in low light settings (especially restaurants) and get great results thanks to the wide ISO sensitivity range of 100 – 16,000.

Shoot in JPEG or RAW formats, shoot stills and videos, share files wirelessly via the free Canon Camera Connect App, connect to devices via the USB port, there’s a lot you can do with the Canon EOS 80D 24.2MP!

Camera Price: Rs 71,500.



Pentax Camera K-70 DSLR with 18-135mm lens

Pentax Camera K-70 DSLR with 18-135mm lens
Pentax Camera



Pentax is an old and trusted name in the camera business and the K-70 DSLR is an excellent product. The 24.24MP sensor means you will get fantastic detail in your photos.

Add to that features like shake reduction and Pixel Shift Resolution, Prime MII Image processor, Full HD video, built in wi-fi , not to mention its dust, freeze and weather –resistant body, and you have a camera that fulfils all your photo shooting needs.

The built in wifi allows you to share images and even use your mobile as a remote control for the camera.



Olympus Camera OM-D E-M5 Mark II

Olympus Camera OM-D E-M5 Mark II
Olympus Camera


For those who prefer to shoot hand-held instead of working with a tripod the Olympus OM-D E-M5 mirror-less camera is ideal.

The image stabilisation system gives you sharp images cancelling out blurs and shakes.

The compact camera is also easy to handle, it’s light but sturdy, letting you shoot photos without getting stressed or tired like one does with high end DSLRs.

Camera Price: Rs 96,900


Fujifilm Camera X- Pro 1

Fujifilm Camera X- Pro 1
Fujifilm Camera


The Fujifilm X-Pro 1 Mirrorless Digital Camera comes with a 16.3 MP APS-C X Trans CMOS sensor, an EXR image processor, hybrid optical ad electronic view finder, 3 inch LCD monitor and many other top of the line features.

An absolute new release, this model is equipped with the latest tech and will make photography a pleasure for an amateur and a delight for a professional too.

Add lenses of your choice and you will have a complete camera kit.

Camera Price: Rs 142,361


Sony Camera Alpha A68M

Sony Camera Alpha A68M
Sony Camera


You can’t go wrong with a Sony camera and the Sony Alpha A68M is one more excellent product from this brand.

The 24.2 MP ApS-C Exmor CMOS sensor gives you photographs with incredible detail.

Add to that the dedicated AF sensor with 79 AF points and 15 cross points plus Translucent Mirror Technology and you have a machine of the future.

The 1cm electronic viewfinder is a comfortable size where you don’t strain your eyes and the 2.7 TFT LCD tiltable screen gives you clear previews of your shots.

The camera also has red eye reduction, self-timer, audio recording and an auto focus option.

You can shoot landscapes, holiday photos, portraits, and even action shots up to 8 frames per second on moving subjects.

Camera Price:  Rs 64,994



Hasselblad H6D-100c Medium Format DSLR

Hasselblad H6D-100c Medium Format DSLR
Hasselblad Camera


Hasselblad cameras are what most photographers dream of owning someday.

While the prices may seem steep the products are high end and boast cutting edge technology and it’s no surprise that most professional photographers have a few Hasselblads among their cameras.

The H6D-100c has a 100MP 53.4x40mm CMOS that will give you very high resolution photos and UHD 4K video too.

The ISO sensitivity ranges from 64 – 12800 and the sensor also comes with 16 bit colour depth and up to 15 stops that allows the photographer to shoot in every sort of light conditions, whether high or low.

This camera has a USB 3.0 Type C connector for quick image transfer, a 3” 920K dot touch screen LCD display monitor, and a Mini HDMI port, plus dual memory card slots and built in wi fi.

You can connect to an iOS device and use the Phocus Mobile app for remote camera control, wireless image previews, browse files on the camera, and also raw file processing, among other things.

Camera Price: Import it for $32,995


Panasonic Camera Lumix GX7

Panasonic Camera Lumix GX7
Panasonic Camera



Panasonic first introduced the technology of mirrorless cameras and the Panasonic Lumix GX7 is their latest offering in this category.

The 16MP Micro Four Thirds sensor means you get top quality high resolution photos.

The camera has attractive features like Creative Panorama, and Stop Motion Animation video, plus the Lumix Creative Control mode which offers you 22 filter effects for stills and video.

It also has a 90 degree tiltable Live View Finder and wifi connectivity using NFC technology thanks to which you can connect the camera to your phone by just touching them to each other.

Camera Price: Rs 38,648.00


Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D 6.1MP Digital SLR Camera

Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D 6.1MP Digital SLR Camera
Minolta Camera


The Konica Minolta Maxxum 5D with Anti Shake is a DSLR that gives you good quality images and a pleasurable shooting experience.

The camera is not heavy and is easy to use making it a top choice with hobby photographers.

This model has a 6.1 MP CCD that gives you top quality prints of up to 14x19inch size. The 2.5 inch LCD display gives you clear previews of your shots.

The camera is extremely user friendly and has convenient dials and controls that makes it easy for beginners too.

There are many pre-set options for White Balance, colour temperature adjustments, filter effects, high speed auto focus and many other features that help enhance your photographs.

Anti-Shake technology helps reduce blurred and fuzzy photos.

The 5D body supports all Maxxum system lenses so you can change the lens depending on what and where you’re shooting. The 18-70mm lens lets you shoot portraits and wide angle shots.

Price: Rs.81,986.



Leica TL2 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Leica TL2 Mirrorless Digital Camera
Leica Camera


If you’re looking for a good mirrorless camera that’s easy to handle, gives great pictures and looks really sleek the Leica TL2 is made just for you.

The sensor is the heart of a camera and the 24MP APS-C sensor paired with a Maestro II Series processor work together to give you the best possible photography experience.

Access the Menu from the large 3.7” touch screen display and configure the settings to your personal preferences.

You can change things easily by simply tapping on the touch screen. Shoot sharp and clear photos whatever your subject and in various light conditions.

The TL2 also allows for continuous shots up to 20fps plus fullHD or 4K video recording.

Match your Leica TL2 with Leica lenses and you’re in for an amazing time with photography.

Camera Price:  Rs 171,499

Now that you have a good idea of the best digital cameras that you can buy, go shop! Don’t forget to post your camera reviews and work in the comments section. Happy clicking!