Best English Grammar Books To Improve Spoken And Written English

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English as a global language plays an important role in one’s success. If your command over the language is lacking or you want to improve your spoken English, the best place is to start with some books. An English grammar book can help you build vocabulary, better understand English grammar, and improve your spoken skills.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, here are the top 5 best English grammar books that we recommend for you.

Top 5 English Grammar Books To Buy Online

1. High School English Grammar and Composition Book


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Author: Wren and Martin

Language Difficulty: Easily accessible

Suitable For: Beginners

 Approach: Decent analysis and research

An English grammar book that has been on the market for years and already helped millions of beginners get a stronghold of the basics of the language, the Wren and Martin’s book is demanded and accepted among all age groups of students.

This is not just the best English grammar book but is also an appropriate guide to learn the rules of the language. We recommend this English grammar book for adults who are just starting off to learn spoken English. In this book, you will find knowledge more than just the grammatical part of the language. Other aspects of English such as correct usage of different words, sentence formation, comprehension, and composition.


Good paper quality

Writing space is provided

Self-practice book

Easy to understand


The answer key is not included

Beginners level; not for higher levels


2. English Grammar & Composition, Arihant Publications

English Grammar & Composition, Arihant Publications

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Author: S.C Gupta

Language Difficulty: Moderate

Suitable for: Job Seekers

Approach: Detailed analysis and Massive research

An extremely useful English grammar book for all competitive examinations, this comes from the desk of S.C Gupta. Although this English grammar book covers the significant part of the language composition with grammar for easy learning, it is specifically designed from an exam point of view.

This is the best English grammar book for job seekers as it not only covers the basics such as the formation of words, synonyms, antonyms, idioms and phrases, sentence, and phrasal verb formation but also major writing topics such as letter writing, essay writing, report writing, and even email writing.


Enough variety in questions for practice

In-depth knowledge

Includes solutions for unsolved questions

Detailed information on both grammar and composition


Witten in Hindi

Inclusion of too many rules can get confusing for learners

3. Word Power Made Easy

Word Power Made Easy

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Author: Norman Lewis

Language Difficulty: Sophisticated yet easy to follow

Suitable for: Professionals (who want to improve their spoken English)

Approach: Elaborate analysis and refined research

Arguably the most popular spoken English book created by the legendary grammarian Norman Lewis, Word Power Made Easy is a step-by-step guide to improve your command over the English language. This English grammar book is excellent for people with poor vocabulary. Candidates aspiring for competitive exams like TOEFL, GMAT, CAT, GRE, or banking exams can also rely on this book for preparations.

This spoken English book is divided into hierarchical sections for easy follow-ups. Over the years, the book has updated its vast vocabulary, helping millions of students get a great hold of the language.


Every chapter is followed by a review exercise

Filled with vocabulary

Cheap and affordable

Trivia to break the monotony


Can be difficult to understand for some

Printing is very fine posing difficulty for readers


4. Practical English Grammar

Practical English Grammar

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Author: A.J Thomson

Language Difficulty: Complex

Suitability for: Professionals

Approach: Detailed and precise

First published in 1997 by Oxford, this English grammar book from veterans A.J Thomson and A.V Marrinet has been widely acclaimed as one of the most competent grammar books. Due to the detailed analysis of the significant component of the language, vocabulary, Practical English Grammar is best suited for those who want to improve their spoken English.

Keep in mind that understanding and learning from this book requires a basic understanding of the English language. This is why it is best suitable for preparing for aptitude exams like CAT and GMAT. It includes unsolved papers and previous year papers for better scoring in competitive exams.


Complete basics of English grammar are covered

Detailed analysis of the topics

Best for job aspirants

Highly affordable


Complex language not suitable for beginners.

Keys need to be bought separately

5. Objective General English


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Author: R.S Aggarwal

Language Difficulty: Complex and informative

Suitable for: Competitive Exams Aspirants

Approach: Deep analysis and Impeccable research

One of the most renowned Indian authors, R.S. Aggarwal has written several books from kindergarten to post-graduation and competitive exams level. His Objective General English book is an ideal choice for your English language learning needs.

Sectioned into 8 units, it starts with basic vocabulary and moves towards comprehension ability, phrases and words, common errors, general language use, and ends with two practice sections. This English grammar book has helped thousands of students score well in competitive exams, earning it the title of one of the best English grammar books available.


A large number of questions

Step by step topics starting from basic

Good for all level of learners

The answer key is included


Detailed solutions to questions are sold separately

Poor paper quality



English is widely accepted and used as a primary language for professional use in India. Not only it is important to learn the language for success in career, but almost every competitive exam in the country has English as a fundamental parameter for qualification.

We hope the best English grammar books that we have listed here will help you get a stronghold of verbal as well as written English.