Best Facial Steamers In India 2020

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Using face steamer helps to soften the dirt and oil deposit in your pores, improving your overall skin. It thus makes it simple to remove oil, clear the skin, and let it breathe with ease. Face steaming also helps to soften the skin’s outermost layer and improves the penetration of water, oil, herbs, and other skincare products. Steaming is an important part of the facial process but with hectic life schedules, we don’t get time to do facial regularly. Thus the best solution available is to invest in a good face steamer.

What does face steaming do?


A face steamer helps to open your pores and loosen the dirt accumulated. This results in a deep cleansing of your skin. Opening the pores further soften your blackheads, thus making them easy to remove.


Steam helps to hydrate your skin and it results in increased oil production, thus naturally moisturizing your face.


The combo of steam and perspiration dilates the blood vessels and leads to better circulation. This boost in blood flow further nourishes the skin and supplies oxygen to your skin. And this then leads to a healthy, natural glow.

Releasing sebum

Sebum is the natural oil produced by the sebaceous gland that lubricates your skin as well as hair. And so when sebum is trapped under your skin, it makes a breeding place for bacteria, thus causing blackheads and acne.

Releasing cells, bacteria, etc

Opening the pores on your face allows the release of bacteria, dead cells, and other dirt that clog your pores and lead to acne.

Promoting elastin and collagen

An increase in blood flow during a facial promotes elastin and collagen production. Thus this leads to younger-looking and firmer skin.

Better absorption of skincare products

Face steaming increases the permeability of your skin, thus enabling it to absorb the skincare products in a better way.

Soothing effect

When you feel that warm steam coming on your face, it leaves a soothing and relaxing effect. You can add some herbs, essential oils, or aromatherapy scents and enjoy your face steaming session to the maximum.

Benefits of a face steamer

There are indeed a lot of benefits you get by using a steamer for the face. They include

  • Moisturizing the skin
  • Reducing acne
  • Better looking, fresh skin
  • Skin exfoliation
  • Relaxing and soothing effect on the skin as well as overall body

So now as you have got an idea as to what all facial steamer can do for you.

Top 3 facial steamers in India 2020

1. EzLife Kingdom K-33S Facial Steamer



First on the list is the EzLife Kingdom K-33S Facial Steamer which offers nano ionic, minute steam that penetrates deep into your skin and moisturizes it fast. Regular use of the steamer can reduce the outbreak of blackheads and acne on your skin. Also, the users have great confidence in this steamer as it helps to cleanse the deep layers of the skin, reducing toxins and replenishing the skin from within. Also, its nano ionic steams help you to do skincare at home with ease.


  • Easy to operate
  • Silent operation
  • Targeted steaming wherever you want
  • Best for aromatherapy


  • Less water capacity

You can buy this steamer and enjoy a soothing session at home.

2. Dr. Trust USA 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Vaporizer Room Humidifier and Towel Warmer



This steamer for the face works on the Nano ionic steam technology, providing the best skin penetration and rejuvenating your skin, and helping in proper blood circulation. The best thing about this face steamer is that it offers powerful steam to cleanse as well as nourish your skin. The steamer has a hollow design where you can easily add your essential oils, milk, etc.


  • Nano ionic steam technology
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Humidifies the room
  • Silent operation


  • A little expensive

If you are looking forward to buying this steamer, click on shop now and get your face steamer now


3. Newnik V108 Vaporizer/Steam Inhaler



This amazing steamer for the face is a natural way to get healthy, glowing skin. The sleek design of the steamer ensures that you can use it anywhere, anytime. Not just this steamer rejuvenates your skin, it even provides relief from cough and congestion.


  • Stylish piece
  • Aroma inhalation and deep pore cleansing
  • Adjustable steam controller
  • Get rid of cough, congestion, and throat irritation
  • Heat insulated design


  • None

Buy this best facial steamer in India 2020 and have a refreshing, healthy skin


Summing up

While there are a lot of benefits of using a facial steamer, go ahead and decide on the best face steamer. Taking care of your skin is important and helps to make you look much younger. Find the perfect steamer for you and you will never regret your purchase.