Father's day Gifting Ideas for Son

10 Perfect Gifts for Father’s Day from Son – Fathers Day Gifting Ideas for Dada’s Boy

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He’s your first buddy and he’s the one who has played your first video game with you, bought you your first remote control car and your first real car!

Or did you sneak out his car when he wasn’t watching?

The bond between fathers and sons is usually bitter sweet, often because men are less expressive and more impulsive when it comes to relationships.

After all that he’s done for you, why not add a bit of emotion into the relation by buying him a gift for Fathers Day?

He might not hug you after he receives it, but we’re sure he’s going to love the gesture and flaunt it to all his friends for years!

So boys, drop the inhibitions and lets look at what options you have for Father’s day gifts for your darling dad! Here are 10 amazing gifts that sons can gift their Father’s this Father’s Day.

1. Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Spot
Amazon Echo Spot


You guys have bonded over technology for years and he probably is the one responsible for your tech craze! Well, it’s time to turn the tables.

Whatever be the age of your father, he is going to love the new Amazon Echo Spot, a revolutionary far-field voice recognition device that connects to Alexa – a cloud-based voice service.

Echo has changed the way we listen to music or search for information on the internet.

Voice enabled, all you need to do is ask the device to play the music you like, or the information you seek, and the music will be played, the answers searched and announced.

The new Echo spot takes that comfort a level up by introducing a screen to the device.

The screen can be used to answer calls, make video calls, watch videos, see your calendar, to-do lists, and much more. All hands-free!

Price: Rs 10,999

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2. Saregama Caravan

Saregama Caravan
Saregama Caravan


Let your father relive his retro radio days with the Saregama Carvaan, a portable digital audio player with in-built stereo speakers that comes with 5000 evergreen Hindi songs inside.

However, the best part about this speaker is its design. It resembles that of an old radio and is something your father is sure to love!

The Caravan can be used to listen to these evergreen songs or can be connected via Bluetooth to listen to a personalised playlist, and if that’s not enough, it offers the option of listening to radio as well.

It also has a USB drive and a battery life that lasts 5 hours.

The 5000 songs music collection on Saregama Carvaan has been handpicked and categorised based on singers, lyricists, music composers, moods etc. Each category can be selected by turning a jog-dial, old style!

Price: Rs 5,990

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3. Chinese Collar Nehru Jacket

Chinese Collar Nehru Jacket
Chinese Collar Nehru Jacket


We’re sure at some point in life you would have borrowed a tie, a suit or a kurta from your dad for a ‘special occasion’.

Its now time you motivate him to socialise in style by gifting him this chic Chinese collar Nehru jacket that is now popularly called the Modi Jacket.

He can wear it over any of his kurtas and he is ready for an evening with friends or a family gathering.

Fab India has tons of colours in Nehru jackets but we like this one for dads. You could choose to differ.

Price: Rs 1,590

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4. Fossil Smart watch

Fossil Smart watch
Fossil Smart Watch


While you were your dad’s fitness workout for the most part of his life, since you have settled down, you now need to encourage him to have an active lifestyle.

Do that by gifting him this Smart Watch from Fossil that not just looks stylish, but also helps him stay connected.

It has display notifications for texts, calls, emails, and app updates. He can control music with this watch and also track his activities like steps, distance, and calories burned.

Price: Rs 13,997

5. Hidesign Maasai Mens sling

Hidedesign Mens Sling


An excellent gift for an Indian man who loves to be independent and organised, we assure you your dad will love this Father’s Day gift.

Its light weight, trendy, masculine looking and has ample pockets to help him organise his stuff when he is travelling.

The combination of tan leather with dessert green canvas makes the design all the more appealing.

Price: Rs 4,725

6. Crossword gift voucher

Crossword gift voucher
Crossword Gift Voucher


For a dad who loves to read, there is no better gift than books.

And if you are not sure about what book he’d like, Crossword gift vouchers are a great bet!

In fact if he has stopped reading books because he has no time, this will probably tempt him to start again.

Coz as age catches up, books are the only friends who are always by ones side.

Price: Rs 100 onward

7. Nachtmann Whiskey glasses

Nachtmann Whiskey
Nachtmann Whiskey


Men are happiest (well, most of them!) when they are having their glass of whiskey, and laughing over silly things with their bunch of friends.

Add to those moments by gifting him these wonky whiskey glasses that are sure to be a fun conversation starter on his next boy’s night out.

This glass has a diamond shape and the base isn’t flat. So the glass rests tilted which makes it look drunk! Isn’t that cool?

Add to that the fact that keeping your whisky in the tilted glass enhances its aromas and flavour, and we assure you, this is a gift your dad will love!

Besides admiring the fact that his son now knows so much about his favourite drink.

Price: Rs 680 for a set of 2

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8. Fun coasters

Fun coasters
Fun Coasters


If you want to keep it light, and gift him something fun, then these coasters are your best bet. They are useful, bright and perky enough to liven up his mood.

Every time he puts his cup of tea, or a drink down on these, he’ll feel special. And no, they aren’t too girly!

Price: Rs 560

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9. JSB Foot massager

JSB Foot massager
JSB Foot Massager


If your dad has been spending long days at work, or generally been complaining of tiredness and foot pain, this is a gift he will definitely appreciate.

It is a foot massager for calf pain relief that has a kneading function, foot roller and heat too. It works on feet, ankles, calves, thighs and can be used for arms as well.

Designed to massage the lower body to help in blood circulation and stress relief, it’s a practical Father’s day gift for a dad who has done so much for you all his life!

Price: Rs 5,999

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10. Antique pocket watch

Antique pocket watch
Antique Pocket Watch


If your father likes to collect antiques, gift him this vintage pocket watch that is sure to take him back to the days when his grandfather or maybe great grandfather would carry one. It will be a keepsake, and something he would love to own.

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Men will be men and practicality will always come before emotion, even when it comes to gifting. And when the person gifting and the person receiving the gift are both men, the dynamics of gifting are totally different.

Enjoy picking the most practical gift from the above and see your father smile ear to ear when you leave him with the present.