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Best Guitar Brands in India: Top Acoustic Guitars to Buy Online

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Learning guitar is a hobby every teenager fantasizes about. As far as musical instruments go, a guitar is one of the most popular ones. However, all great guitar players at some point in their lives start using acoustic guitars. If you are looking for the best guitar brands, we are here to help you. There are top acoustic guitar brands in India, both international and homegrown. The choice of the best guitar brands depends on what your requirements are. Not all guitars are created equal.

Depending on the level of advancement, you will be faced with more technicalities when playing an acoustic guitar. That being said, if your heart and soul is in it, then playing the guitar is fun. Depending on your level of playing skills, your genre, and the kind of music you want to produce, you can choose between these top-quality acoustic guitars.

Top Acoustic Guitars in India – Our Top Picks


Saffron Body Material Back Material Warranty Price (in INR)
Yamaha F310, 6-Strings Acoustic Guitar Wood Rosewood 1 year 9,490
Kadence Slowhand Series Premium Acoustic Guitar Wood Rosewood 1 year 12,300
Fender CD-60 SCE NAT Dreadnought Semi-Acoustic Guitar Spruce Mahogany 1 year 27,064
Yamaha FS100C Acoustic Guitar Wood Mahogany 1 year 9,990
Donner DAG-1C Beginner Acoustic Guitar  Spruce Rosewood 1 year 15,504
Hertz HZA-7000 Acoustic Guitar Wood Nato 1 year 10,518
Ibanez GA15-NT 6-String Classical Guitar Cedar Mahogany 1 year 13,138
Fender CD60s Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Spruce Mahogany 1 year 22,050
Kadence Slowhand Series Premium Acoustic Guitar Rosewood Mahogany 1 year 21,500
Ibanez PF15-BK Acoustic Guitar Mahogany Mahogany, Rosewood 1 year 16,660

Top Acoustic Guitars – Reviews

1. Yamaha F310, 6-Strings Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha F310


Buying the best acoustic guitar doesn’t mean you will have to spend a fortune. Best guitar brands in India offer economical options too. Yamaha F310 is a guitar that every first-time acoustic guitar user must buy. This 6-strings acoustic guitar comes with features that will help you take your playing skills a notch up.

Designed to feel like authentic and traditional guitars, Yamaha F310 is made from rosewood fingerboard that offers maximum comfort. Spruce top, Neto neck, and Meranti sides and back are additional features, making it a good buy.

What we liked:

  • Lightweight
  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy to play
  • The only flaw we can find is the not so appealing body design, at best Yamaha F310 acoustic guitar looks standard.

2. Kadence Slowhand Series Premium Acoustic Guitar

Kadence Slowhand


Now if you are not limited by budget and want to get your hands on a premium acoustic guitar, then the Kadence Slowhand Series Premium Acoustic guitar is the one. The Black Spruce Top SH-04 acoustic guitar is made from the finest wood and the final finish makes it look like black beauty.

It features a rosewood bridge with dreadnought demi cut body and blacktop spruce.

What we liked:

  • Finest looking guitar
  • Lightweight
  • Exceptional style and shine
  • Easy to play
  • High-quality Kadence strings

3. Fender CD-60 SCE NAT Dreadnought Semi-Acoustic Guitar


Fender CD60s


Fender Company is the largest guitar manufacturer in the world. Their Fender Stratocaster and Fender Telecaster guitars are popular globally and are used by many known musicians for producing music. This is why Fender is counted among the best guitar brands.

The Fender CD-60 SCE NAT Dreadnought Semi-Acoustic Guitar combines the best tuner with the best electronic on-board features. Not only for professionals, but this acoustic guitar is right for beginners and intermediate guitarists as well. Because of its Fishman classic design, rolled fingerboard, and solid spruce top with scalloped X bracing, Fender CD-60 SCE NAT Dreadnought Semi-Acoustic Guitar is simply the best.

What we liked:

  • Super clarity of tone with an amplifier
  • Easy to play
  • Venetian cutaway body
  • While this is one of the best acoustic guitars to buy online in India, however, if you play it frequently, then the strings will need replacement soon.

4. Yamaha FS100C Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha FS100C


Another quality acoustic guitar from Yamaha in our list of the top 10 best acoustic guitar brands in India, this one is a budget option. When you are getting started, you will need a guitar that is smooth to play and is responsive. Yamaha FS100C Acoustic Guitar is easy to handle and you will soon get a good grip on it.

It is one of the best acoustic guitars to buy online in India. It comes with a nice cutaway design, spruce back and sides, Mahogany Neck, and open chrome tuners.

What we liked:

  • 14 frets to play
  • Ideal beginner’s acoustic guitar
  • Has a natural and traditional touch

5. Donner DAG-1C Beginner Acoustic Guitar 

Donner DAG-1C


If you are just beginning your journey with acoustic guitars, Donner DAG-1C is the ideal option.

We recommend the Donner DAG-1C Beginner Acoustic Guitar because it comes with all the useful accessories to enhance your first learning experience. It comes with steel tuning pegs to get a comfortable position to hold the guitar. For easy learning, this guitar is infused with 20 Brass Frets with Fret position Marks at 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 17th frets. Its cutaway dreadnought body produces vibrant tone quality.

What we liked:

  • A lightweight acoustic guitar
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Affordable

6. Hertz HZA-7000 Acoustic Guitar

Hertz HZA-7000


Best guitar brands are the ones that offer guitarists the most value for their money. Hertz happens to be one such brand that offers the best acoustic guitars in India. Hertz HZA-7000 Acoustic Guitar not only produces the best tone quality but also offers a guitar playing experience that ensures immersive quality.

Whether you are a newbie or a pro, Hertz HZA-7000 Acoustic Guitar is right for you. However, owing to its size and handling, beginners might take a while to get a good grip of this guitar. It offers features like Nato neck, spruce surface, rosewood fingerboard, and Active 5-band equalizer.

What we liked:

  • Fine body finish
  • Lightweight
  • Classy design
  • 6-strings guitar

7. Ibanez GA15-NT 6-String Classical Guitar

ibanez-ga15-nt6 top acoustic guitars
Ibanez GA15-NT 6


Ibanez is one of the best guitar brands for mid-range acoustic guitars. The Ibanez GA15-NT 6-String Classical Guitar is one of the finest in its class. It comes with a series of great sounding features such as frets, a fully classic body without any cutaway, and mahogany back and sides. It is a standard size acoustic guitar so you will have no problem adapting to this from any other guitar.

What we liked:

  • Traditional yet stylish appearance
  • Great acoustic tone
  • Easy to play
  • Classic size
  • Great sound effect

8. Fender CD60s Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar


Fender CD60s


For high-quality and affordable dreadnought tone, Fender remains one of the best acoustic guitar brands. Fender CD60s Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar comes with a solid spruce top with modern tonewood and mahogany body. It’s easy to play neck and rolled fingerboard gives your hand the right comfort when playing your favourite tunes.

What we liked:

  • Dreadnought body style
  • Solid spruce top
  • Rolled fingerboard edges
  • Mahogany back and sides
  • Easy-to-play neck

9. Kadence Slowhand Series Premium Acoustic Guitar

kadence-slowhand top acoustic guitars
Kadence Slow Hand


Another valuable addition from Kadence is this Slowhand series premium acoustic guitar that sells because of its mahogany body and premium quality gloss finish. Its fretboard is all rosewood while its black spruce gives it a solid classic look. It comes with an in-built equalizer and demi-cutaway to ensure the best experience.

What we liked:

  • 45-inch size and 21 frets
  • High-quality instrument
  • Finely crafted body
  • Best quality tone

10. Ibanez PF15-BK Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez-pf15- top acoustic guitars
Ibanez PF15-BK A


Ibanez PF15-BK Acoustic Guitar is a complete value for money given its professional features, performance mahogany body, and tuning machine chrome die-cast tuners. This 6-strings guitar is an inexpensive option backed by the trust of Ibanez. It also features Ibanez Advantage™ bridge pins.

What we liked:

  • Lightweight
  • Affordable quality
  • Elegant appearance with exceptional design
  • Most professional features

How to buy an acoustic guitar? 

Budget: Based on the money you are willing to spend, your choices might vary. But we recommend you to go for Yamaha or Ibanez acoustic guitars, as these two brands are known for offering top-quality albeit affordable guitars. You must invest as much money as you can in a good quality acoustic guitar upfront, as cheaper alternatives will do no good to your music or experience.

Style of music you want to play: What tone do you want to play? Rock, Country, Folk or Pop? The more precise you are about style or genre, the easier it will be for you to pick a guitar. For bass and fuller sounds bigger guitars are better, while smaller guitars are best for brighter and more mid-ranged tones. With that said, it falls on the style of music you are going into.

Your personality: Depending on your size and height, you must choose an appropriate sized acoustic guitar. For smaller people, a concert body style guitar is better, whereas large folks will be better off with bigger Dreadnaught guitars.


A great-sounding guitar is no less than a feat of engineering, thus their price and high quality are often proportional. Make sure you spend the maximum you can on the best acoustic guitars as you will most probably be spending years bonding with your guitar.

We have done our best to list the best guitar brands and their top-of-the-line guitars that you can buy online in India. Do let us know which one you liked!