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Top 10 Gym Equipment Brands For Domestic Purpose | Best Gym Equipment Brands

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Struggle to find the best gym equipment for your home gym is REAL.

I got to experience the trouble of finding the right brand gym equipment when I shifted to a bigger home that had enough space to create my dream home gym.

My search began just the usual, i.e., browsing through online stores. However, the experience turned sour when I looked at the price tag of most gym equipment I was looking for. I needed the best gym equipment brands offering products at a wholesale price so that I can set up my gym without breaking the bank.

I am sure my struggle taught me a lot, and I think my experience will help you choose the best gym equipment brands.

After reviewing dozens of brands and their equipment stock, I was finally able to narrow down on the brands that were offering products that met my home gym goals and were in the budget too. I know that expensive gym machines give an impression of being high-quality and premium, but I will warn you not to fall for falsified claims.

In this guide, I have listed the brands that became my favourite not because of their affordable pricing but the innovation, efficiency, and selection.

Read on and get to know the best gym equipment brands.

1. Powermax Fitness

Powermax Fitness
Powermax Fitness

Explore Entire Range

I will recommend Powermax Fitness for both residential as well as commercial fitness needs. Maintaining constant innovation in their products, my ex gym instructor recommended me this brand.

Powermax Fitness machines must be the first choice of beginners due to ease of their use and a large amount of data available. When you are a beginner, you can use all the help you can get which is you get from smart machines from Powermax Fitness.

The Powermax Fitness TDA-230 is the product I bought for my home gym. It has all the features you will want for a full-body cardio workout.

2. KRX

KRX Fitness
KRX Fitness

Check KRX Free Weight Range

The largest seller of home gym kit on Flipkart, KRX, might not be an elite brand with a celebrity association, but it is a budget gym equipment brand that you must consider for free weight training.

I found the home gym kit from KRX to be ultra-personalized. You don’t have the same freedom of space with home gyms like the commercial gyms. Focusing on the needs of every individual, KRX is offering a gym kit of varied weight combinations.
If you are looking for a gym kit for the family, KRX is the brand you must consider.

3. Lifeline


See Lifeline Gym Sets

While the search for cardio and weight training was comparatively easier for me. But finding the ideal strength training equipment gave me a good run. Although easily available online, I was not convinced with the strength training machines being offered at preposterous prices.

Then I came across Lifeline, a gym equipment brand more focused on strength training. A fitness leader for the last 40 years, Lifeline’s influence is present globally. The designers here focus on building weight machines that will help increase muscle mass.

I bought the Lifeline 309 Multi Bench, which proved to be the right choice.

4. Gold Fitness

Gold Fitness
Gold Fitness

See Gold Fitness Poducts

I stumbled upon Gold Fitness when I was looking for a pushup and dips bench for my home gym. Although I had never heard of the brand before, honestly, I was amazed at how customer friendly their gym equipment is. Easy to assemble and use, if you require affordable, dependable, and reliable gym gear, Gold Fitness is one of the best gym equipment brands.
Gold Fitness A Tower with Push up DIPS and Workout with 20 in 1 Bench that I bought is quite a pleaser.

5. Kore Fitness

Kore Fitness
Kore Fitness

See  Kore Fitness Dumbbells

I just forgot the part where I warn you about inaccurate weights that are shipped by some of the brands. Don’t be surprised if you get handed a 3kg dumbbell in the name of a 5kg weight. It happens (and it did!).

After a lot of trial and error, I finally found Kore Fitness, which is a prominent gym equipment brand on Amazon. If you are ordering dumbbells for your gym online, order them from Kore as it is a premium brand that guarantees accurate weight gym products.

6. Protoner

Protoner Fitness
Protoner Fitness


A leading gym equipment manufacturer in the country, Protoner, is one of the most popular brands for free weight gym equipment on Amazon. With over 600 gym equipment listed, the brand intends to offer every type of equipment, you require for your home gym. You can easily find Protoner products in commercial gyms all across India.

I recommend Protoner for free weight gym equipment.

7. Strauss

Strauss Fitness
Strauss Fitness

See Strauss Accessories

Unfortunately, I had to make space for my wife’s yoga practice in my home gym. Also, the onus of finding her the best yoga gym equipment fell upon me which is why I came to know about Strauss.

An immensely popular gym equipment brand for everything related to yoga and cardio, Strauss is the brand you need to remember for chest expanders, gym ball, yoga mat, tummy twister, well everything a girl’s routine workout will require.

8. Cosco

Cosco Fitness
Cosco Fitness

See Cosco Gym Range

Cosco is simply the go-to gym equipment brand for me. It’s my personal favourite as it follows international quality standards for its machines. Hundreds of thousands of gyms across the country use Cosco gym equipment. Known for producing the best quality and finest gym machines for commercial as well as domestic use, I can’t pick any one product. All Cosco gym equipment is marvellous.

9. Syndicate



A homegrown brand, Syndicate gym equipment, ranges from highly engineered treadmills to everyday use dumbbells and covers everything in between, i.e. Olympics bars, massage chairs, and other mild home gym equipment. If you are in northern states such as UP, MP, Gujarat, Punjab, and Delhi, you can avail Syndicate gym products at discounted prices because of the local availability of the seller. For the rest of you, Syndicate is also available on Flipkart.

10. Sunsai



I think I am almost done with the list of best gym equipment brand that made my favourite list, but in the end, I can’t quit without mentioning Sunsai.

If you need the best cardio equipment such as cross-trainer, recumbent bike, spinning bike, crazy fit, etc. then this Maharashtra based gym equipment manufacturer must be on your list.

What To Remember

Neither the price nor loads of features decide whether a gym brand is worth the investment or not. Only with personal experience, you get to know which is the best gym equipment brand.

I shared my personal experience and now waiting for your comments and suggestions to make this guide a complete resource for anyone looking for the best gym equipment brands online.

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