Best Gym Gloves For Men in India: Top 5 Gym Gloves to Buy Online

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A gym glove is a fitness accessory that every fitness enthusiast should have. From beginners to experienced bodybuilders, everyone must invest in a quality pair of gym gloves. These gloves are specifically designed for workouts. Whether you lift weights, do calisthenics or if are a gymnast, you will appreciate how a gym glove can protect your wrist, palm, and hand from injury. That being said, you will not get any of these protective benefits if you are not careful. Not all gym gloves for men are created equal and finding the right pair can be tricky.

This is why we are here with the list of top 5 gym gloves for weightlifting in India that you can buy online. We have also shared what criteria we used to pick these gym gloves for men.


Top 5 gym gloves for weightlifting in India

1. Nivia Python Gym Gloves

Nivia Python Gym Gloves



Suitable for both bodybuilders and weightlifters, these gym gloves for men from Nivia are highly recommended. Nivia Python Gym Gloves are made from stretchable leather that fit perfectly and comfortably support your wrist as you lift weights.

Nivia is a global brand that is known to offer some of the best gym and sports accessories. This is why these gym gloves for men top our list. The only problem is when you use them for calisthenics (as they lack extended wrist support), it increases the risk of injuries.

What we liked:

  • Designed for both bodybuilders and weightlifters
  • Enough padding
  • Stretchable leather for perfect fitting
  • Remains odour free and clean even while sweating
  • Designed for men and women

Rahul Arora, Hobbyist Bodybuilder: Nivia Python gym gloves are excellent for men and women. Even if you have no idea what size or type of padding you need, buy these as they come with ergonomic padding and super stretchable micro leather that will be a perfect fit.  


2. Nike Extreme Lightweight Men’s Gloves

Nike Extreme Lightweight Men’s Gloves



If you are a pro who lifts heavyweights, you will need gym gloves that are made from tough material but are also breathable. The Nike Extreme Lightweight Men’s Gloves are just for you. They are designed to be compact so the wrist grip is not too much to hinder your mobility. You will find these gym gloves for men fit for all your bodybuilding regimes.

What we liked:

  • An ideal combination of sturdiness and breathability
  • Heavily padded at the right places
  • Washable
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Nike Extreme Lightweight Men’s Gloves is an excellent choice, although it can get a bit expensive.

Adit Jindal, Professional Weight Lifter: I prefer these gym gloves from Nike because they are extremely well padded. I can lift as much weight as I want without wear and tear. Although, being an imported product, the import duty increases the price.



3. Vector X Vx 300 Gym Fitness Gloves 

Vector X Vx 300 Gym Fitness Gloves




If you are looking for gym gloves that are lightweight and dry faster, then Vector X Gym Fitness Gloves are right for you. No matter how long you have been lifting weights, these snug fitting and ergonomically designed gym gloves for men are going to be perfect for you. The Amara and Lycra material used in these gloves absorb sweat easily and do not let your grip to loosen.

Vector X Vx 300 Gym Fitness Gloves are the best quality gym gloves that are affordable yet do no compromise on fitting, padding, or comfort level.

What we liked:

  • Fast-drying lightweight material
  • Ideal for weightlifting as well as cycling
  • Padded palms and fingers
  • Soft backing
  • Prevents callouses
  • Snug fit and ergonomic design

Karan, Gym Trainer: As a beginner, your focus must be finding the right quality gym gloves rather than getting carried away by the premium looks. Vector X Vx 300 Gym Fitness Gloves might not be the prettiest but they are economically most efficient. 



4. Burnlab Flex Gym Gloves for Men and Women

Burnlab Flex Gym Gloves



Burnlab gym gloves have padded half fingers. There are some loops added to the fingers for a better fit. If the look of the gym gloves matters to you then this pair comes with some aggressive designs. Suitable for both men and women, these gym gloves are multipurpose for weightlifting, cycling, CrossFit, and more.

The wrist support is kept minimal for more mobility and the spandex material used is light in weight. In the palm region, there is gel-infused padding. For better grip, the surface is textured. Finger loops come in handy for removing the gloves.

What we liked:

  • Gel padding offers maximum comfort
  • Absorbs sweat much faster
  • Attractive design
  • Suitable for multipurpose
  • Unisex gym gloves

Varun, Cyclist: Most gym gloves designed for cycling somehow restrict the motion of the wrist affecting the ability to handle. Burnlab Flex Gym Gloves have minimal wrist support that enables free motion.



5. OxOFit Ventilated Gym Gloves 

OxOFit Ventilated Gym Gloves



If you struggle with sweaty palms, then you need gym gloves that provide excellent ventilation. OxOFit Ventilated Gloves are designed to keep the top part almost open. Provided with wrist support and half finger design, these gym gloves for men are excellent for people who sweat a lot.

For better palm protection and grip they have rubber paddings. You can adjust the long wrist wrap as per the support required. OxOFit Ventilated Gloves are excellent for weightlifting, pull-ups, cycling, CrossFit, and bodybuilding workouts.

What we liked:

  • Great ventilation for sweaty palms
  • Excellent wrist support
  • Good padded palm support
  • Rubber padding
  • Silicon printed neoprene for extra grip & comfort

Karthik Krishnan, Gymnast: For me sweaty palms are huge trouble, but it is a comfort to find OxOFit Ventilated Gloves that have a completely open upper part for maximum ventilation. 



How we picked the top 5 gym gloves? 

Material Quality: Just with any gym accessory, the material quality of gym gloves is also of importance. As these gloves will have to handle heavy weights and workouts, early wear and tear are imminent. But, if you invest in good quality gym gloves that are made from materials like lightweight Lycra, stretchable leather, or spandex, they will last longer.

Padding: The most important feature in gym gloves for men, without enough padding your palms will do not have proper support while lifting weights. Gym gloves must always have appropriate padding to avoid any injury.

Grip: Especially if you are buying gym gloves for weightlifting or bodybuilding, the grip is a factor you cannot compromise on. If a gym glove can’t offer tight enough grip that it’s a waste of money. We ensured gym gloves for men we have picked are tested for a strong and stable grip.

Fitting and Comfort: Unless your gym gloves are a perfect fit and comfortable to wear, you will not enjoy the workout. Ergonomic design is a must-have.


Gym gloves are not just for wrist support but they are also essential to provide much-needed protection against injuries. If you have sweaty palms or your hands have calluses or cuts, to avoid a slippery grip or infection, invest in good quality gym gloves for men.

Hope the gym gloves we listed above will end your search.