Best Gym Wear Brands In India-A Sports Enthusiasts Guide To Gym Wear

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How often does your New Year’s resolution list start with “Start going to the gym”? No, we are not judging you and just stating the facts that studies show. According to several polls, exercising tops the most resolution lists across the globe.

Interestingly most people drop out of the gym after the first few days because it is not a comfortable experience for them. The clothes you wear to the gym have a big role to play in how your body handles the stress of the exercise. This is why gym wear is important in keeping you motivated to go to the gym. There’s another reason why it is true, the “enclothed cognition”. Researchers at Northwestern University found that clothing with symbolic meaning can have a major impact on the wearer and they called this the “enclothed cognition”. They found in a study that subjects who wore white lab coats like the doctors paid more attention to tasks at hands than otherwise. There you have it a scientific reason why investing in a good gym wear brand is beneficial for you.

There are several quality gym wear brands in India including the internationally popular names like Reebok and Nike. Then there are homegrown brands too that are using technology to create sportswear that offer comfort and leisure.

Different Gym Wear for Different Workouts

Just as diverse workouts are, gym wear suited for these workouts is equally varied. To avoid mishaps (think pants falling when doing yoga!) buying workout-specific clothing is better. We do not want you to spend heavy on buying an outfit for every workout but here are some guidelines to follow.


Any type of strenuous exercise that makes you sweat profusely will require gym wear with moisture-wicking fabric. Such clothing will make you feel more comfortable during sweat-heavy activities. If you are into running, investing in quality running shoes is mandatory to avoid foot injuries and blisters.


These activities will require form-fitting gym wear that doesn’t snap when you are stretching out.


Stretching and bending forms the basis of these exercises so it will also require form-fitting gym wear but nothing as serious as required for cycling or swimming. Simple quality t-shirts and pants make appropriate gym wear for these exercises.

These T-shirt won’t become transparent when you’re sweaty. Pilates and barre classes also sometimes require grippy socks.

Now that you are aware of the needs of a quality gym wear, it’s time to choose from the most popular gym wear brands in India.


1. Nike

Nike Gym Wear


No gym wear brand list can start without Nike at the top spot. This American brand is the largest gym wear brand in the world, and insanely popular among Indian gym enthusiasts. If you are not limited by budget then Nike has some of the best gym wear to offer for both men and women.

However, if your requirement is not strictly to some really strenuous exercises at the gym, Nike apparel might be a little overspend for you. The brand focuses primarily on the needs of the athletics that is why their sports accessories are of global standard.

Other than gym wear, Nike also offers shoes, flip flops, skirts, hoodies, winter jackets, deodorants and perfume.

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2. HRX by Hrithik Roshan

HRX by Hrithik Roshan


Now Indian gym wear brands are also competing with the global mammoths, and HRX is one such brand. Promoted by Hrithik Roshan who is known to be a fitness freak, the brand has quickly become a choice of the Indian youth.

A one-stop shop for both men and women, HRX offers complete gym wear including t-shirts, joggers, socks, vests, gym trainers in all sizes. The HRX gym wear mostly use breathable cotton fabrics which make them ideal for the gyms allowing the skin to breath when you are sweating profusely. Another factor that contributes to its popularity is the affordability of its products. HRX gym wear starts from Rs. 500.

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3. Puma

Puma Gym wear


Puma is an international success in the gym wear and sports industry that competes with some of the best American brands. As a German brand, Puma is most known for its shoe line, but its gym wear is also regarded as the industry best.

The popularity of Puma in India is among both the genders. Puma track pants, women sports bra, tracksuits, sportswear and other accessories are top selling in the Indian markets. High quality is the reason why Puma is the apparel sponsor of two IPL teams and some football and golf teams in India.

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4. Fila

Fila Gym Wear


An Italian sportswear brand, Fila is a dominant name in the sports industry because of its authentic and durable sports accessories. The brand was started by Fila brothers as underwear manufacturing label but it gained recognition only after progressing into the sportswear arena.

Today, Fila is one of the most popular international sportswear brands in India offering a full range of gym wear including shorts, t-shirts, tracksuits, hoodies, sports bra, bags and outwear. The brand is known for offering unisex gym wear which is highly admired by the users.

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5. Aesthetic Nation

Aesthetic Nation Gym Wear


Less of performance wear brand and more of an activewear brand, Aesthetic Nation’s gym wear product line is trendy, funky and practical. From track pants and shorts for summers to hoodies for winters, the brand has every apparel you will need for your gym wardrobe.

The USP of Aesthetic Nation is their performance bottoms made from sweat-wicking, soft fabric for absolute dry comfort for both men and women. The brand uses something called Cool-Dry technology for its t-shirts and vests.

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6. Adidas

Adidas Gym Wear


The multi-billion German brand is so popular among the sports fan that it is nicknamed by many as All Day I Dream About Sports (although, Adidas is an amalgam of the name of its founder ‘Adolf Dassler’).

If you are looking for one of the top unisex gym wear brands in India, Adidas stands out of the masses. The brand offers some amazing gym wear with specialized fabric combination to help your body breath and not get sweating when you are pumping the iron.
From socks to tracksuits, Adidas offers a complete range of gym and sportswear including Women Tops, Shorts, Sports Shoes, Pants & Tights, Sports Bra and Jumpsuits.

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7. Alcis Sports

Alcis Sports Gym Wear


Another Indian brand on the list, Alcis Sports is a performance wear brand known for its vast range. You can find gym wear for running, yoga, training, sports lifestyle, cricket and racquet sports on the offer from Alcis.

As if that was not enough the brand also offers you an option to customize your clothing as per your needs. Alcis boasts of using technology that makes their apparel lightweight; allowing all-around movement of the body. Technology-enhanced performance wear is the USP of the brand and if you are looking for similar gym wear, Alcis is the brand for you.

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8. Reebok

Reebok Gym Wear


Reebok started as an English sports shoe brand under the title J.W. Fosters & Sons but later took the name which became an iconic brand in the world. Gym wear from Reebok is one of the most sold product lines for the brand.

Now it is an Adidas subsidiary, but for some reason, both the brands maintain their unique and distinguished products and are still seen as competitors. All major online stores in India sell men and women gym wear products. The brand offers track pants, sports bra, t-shirts, track jackets, shoes, bags, sunglasses and other accessories.

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9. Skult by ABOF
Skult by ABOF


ABOF which is an abbreviation for All About Fashion is a brand endorsed by Shahid Kapoor. The Skult line from ABOF is dedicated men and women sportswear athleisure brand. It is boasted to have the best-suited gym wears from an Indian brand that can be worn outside the gym too.

We can say that the active wear from Skult is truly athleisure clothing and not just the workout gear.

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10. Under Armour

Under Armour Gym Wear


Under Armour is another American brand that is touted as the one-stop-store for all kinds of sportswear and sport accessories. In 2009, the brand forayed into athletic shoe manufacturing and due to its innovated product design it was soon able to give brands like Adidas and Nike a run for their money.

One of the reasons to pick gym wear from Under Armour is their products are better priced than most other international brands offering the same reliability, quality and practical use. Also, you will find different style and types of gym wear including track pants, shorts, t-shirts, shoes, tracksuits and vests.

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11. Yepme

Yepme Gym Wear


A popular Indian fashion brand, Yepme is also known for its sportswear for men and women. Building on its already established fashion brand, Yepme uses technology to provide sports and active wear that can also be used as casual wear.

Tracksuits, activewear, t-shirts, track pants, vests, track shorts, sport watches-the brand offers a complete gym wardrobe collection for its customers. If you are looking for gym wear that is practical, stylish and comfortable, Yepme is an ideal brand for you.

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So, we are done here folks, hope you all will have a comfortable time sweating!

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