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Best Halloween Costume Ideas of 2018 (India Targeted)

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Halloween may have its root deeply embed from Cletic paganism but then celebrating Halloween is a trend that we see Indians going crazy about with each passing year.

We may or may not know the tradition behind celebrating Halloween but it is now common to hear people hosting Halloween parties and kids and adults both going totally ga-ga with dressing up to look as scary and funny as possible.

And while it may have been a challenge to source for a Halloween costumes a couple of years back, with online portals now its way easier and fun to get the right costume for both adults and kids.

We have handpicked a few of the best Halloween costumes of 2017 which you can buy online for both kids and adults.


Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Boy’s Halloween Outfits

Vampire Cosplay Carnival Vintage costume

Vampire Cosplay Carnival Vintage costume - Halloween costume for boys This one is for the tiny tots who dare to dress differently and love playing pranks.

Dress your little prankster as a vampire and leave him loose to suck blood… not literally though!

Price: Rs. 2402

You can buy it here


Prince Fairytale Cosplay Costume

Prince Fairytale Cosplay Costume - Halloween Costume for Boys We know he is your little Prince Charming. And even if it is for a day, you wouldn’t want him to look and behave dreadful.

This one is especially for the dotting parents who cant see their kids as the demons.

A royal blue princely coat with rich golden embroidery, this comes with a matching trouser.

Price: Rs. 7832

You can buy it here


SBD Lord Hanuman Mythological costume

SBD Lord Hanuman Mythological costume - Halloween Kids costume When in Rome, do as the Romans do. So when in India, we need to display a bit of our Indian culture in whatever we choose to celebrate and yes, that includes Halloween too.

Now because Halloween is about scaring away the ghosts, what better way to do it than dress as Jai Bajrang Bali!

This Hanuman costume set includes Lord Hanuman, shorts, long scarf, a pair of armlets, a pair of pear neck piece, Hanuman tail, Hanuman mask and the gada.

The Hanuman shorts, long scarf and the cloth waist belt are made with China silk material.

Price: Rs. 3680

You can check it out here

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Girl’s Halloween Outfits

Witch Halloween Black Fly Gown for girls

Witch Halloween Black Fly Gown for girls When the occasion demands that your princess look scary instead of pretty, this is the costume you go for!

This black costume for your little girl is apt to turn eyes to her as she walks in to be the star at the Halloween party she goes to.

Price: Rs. 1200

You can check it out here


Purple Halloween Witch Fancy Dress Costume and Hats 

Purple Halloween Witch Fancy Dress Costume and Hats for Girls Give your little one a broom and this dress and let her fly to the Halloween party and bewilder everyone present there.

This 2 piece junior fancy dress costume comes with a hat and a dress for a perfect witchy look.

Price: Rs. 1715

You can check it out online here


Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

Couples Sexy Halloween Costumes

Halloween Reversible Red & Black Cloak

Halloween Reversible Red & Black Cloak - Halloween Costume for Couples Buy two of these, one for you and one for your partner.

Yeah, we know you do not want to dress alike but the beauty of this costume is that it can be reversed and worn to either spot the red or the blue colour with a contrast coloured collar.

So where you can spot the red colour, your partner can choose to reverse and spot the black side. Easy on the pocket and great on style… apt for this Halloween.

The Vampire Cape comes with an adjustable collar and is fastened with a black string tie.

Price: Rs. 935

You can check it out here

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Queen Egyptian Goddess & Ancient Egyptian King Tut Pharaoh Costume

Queen Egyptian Goddess

Satiate your need to dress as an Egyptian God and Goddess this Halloween.

As a couple when you enter the party dressed to depict the ancient Egyptian God and Goddess you are sure to make a lot many eyes pop out!

Price: Rs 2300 (for women) and Rs 2100 (for men)



Sexy Halloween Costumes for Women

Bat Devil Adult Female Halloween Costume

Bat Devil Adult Female Halloween Costume Woman as bats look beautiful! Don’t believe us?

This wonderfully designed Halloween costume will speak on our behalf to convince you.

Price: Rs. 1999

You can check it online here


Scary Zombi Tattered Dress

Zombi Tattered Dress - Halloween Costume for Women

Fancy dressing as zombie? Fulfill your wish this Halloween, dressing as one.

This layered and tattered zombie dress looks scary every bit!  

Price: Rs. 1750

You can check it out online here


Sexy Captain Lady

Sexy Captain Lady - Halloween Costume for Women When everybody decides to look scary, you can opt to look sexy.

Dress us as a sexy lady captain and be the centre of attention at the Halloween party you go to.

Price: Rs. 1999

You can check it out here


Halloween Costumes for Men

Imported Inflatable Dinosaur Riding Adult Halloween Costume

Imported Inflatable Dinosaur Riding Halloween Costume for Men Imagine scaring people away being a dinosaur!

You don’t get to do these things everyday so when it is Halloween you need to make sure you enjoy the chance to do so!

Imported from Hong Kong, this inflatable Dinosaur riding adult Halloween costume is fun! Its sure to add a lot of screams and laughter alike.

Price: Rs. 2510

You can check it out online here


Adult Midnight Ghoul Costume

Adult Midnight Ghoul Costume for Men Don’t come running to us if you have people running away from you when you decide to buy this and go to the Halloween party.

Scary to the core, this ghoul costume if teamed up with the right make-up is a sure shot prize winner!

Price: Rs. 2,999

You can check it out online here


Satan Man Costume

Satan Man Costume - Halloween Costume for Men The satan is considered to misguide a human at any instance if given a chance.

Dress up as one this Halloween and change the perception of a satan by doing good.

What good you may ask? Amusing people! This fantastic outfit is sure to amuse people at the Halloween party you attend this year.

It comes with a hooded robe and belt. The devil stick can be purchased separately.

Price: Rs. 2500

You can check it out here

So these were some of the Halloween dresses that are handpicked for you. The styles have been chosen keeping in mind their popularity.

They styles are sure to remain evergreen saving you the trouble and stress for buying another Halloween costume in 2018. Have a scary good time!

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