Best International Banks in India – Top 10 List of Foreign Banks in India

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From having a wardrobe filled with international brands to indulging in a cup of coffee at an international coffee chain, we have been enjoying all things that come from across the seas.

And just like apparel and food chains, India is also home to a number of international banks.

After all, Indian economy has been growing since over a decade and a half, and like foreign brands and investors, international banks too have made their presence felt in our country.

The advantage of having international banks setting up their branches in India and offering Indians and NRIs alike with their services and facilities has also been responsible to have banks within India pull up their socks and offer customer services at par with what international banks offer.

If you are looking at having an account with an international bank – whether personal or corporate or seeking a loan, we have done some leg work for you to bring to you the Top 10 International Banks that are present in India.

1. Citibank

City Bank
City Bank


Citibank with its huge blue branding has been on top of the list of international banks in India since many years now.

Establishing their presence in India since 1902, the bank has over 750 ATMs throughout the country and within India itself it has close to 7,500 employees.

In terms of branches, the numbers are less than that of Standard Chartered and HSBC but the bank is popular in India as a lot of multinationals including call centers have a tie up with the bank for the salary accounts of their employees.

The banks other focus areas include debit cards, credit cards, private banking and big time NRI banking. In fact at some point or the other we have all had a Citibank executive call us offering us credit cards on behalf of the bank.

Offering personal, housing and business loans, the bank has been helping Indians with financing options as well with minimum paper work and other formalities.

The history of the bank dates back to 1812 as the City Bank of New York and later became First National City Bank of New York.

Though the bank began its operation in India in Kolkata, it is headquartered in Mumbai as of today.

2. Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Charted Bank
Standard Charted Bank


Standard Chartered Bank holds the number two position and rightly so.

With over 102 branches, the bank has its presence in 43 cities within the country.

The name Standard Chartered comes from the names of two banks from which it was formed by a merger in 1969: The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China and Standard Bank of British South Africa.

The key services offered by the bank include Corporate & Institutional Banking, Commercial & Private Banking and Retail Banking.

The other subsidiaries include – Standard Chartered Securities Ltd., Standard Chartered Private Equity Advisory (India) Pvt. Ltd., Standard Chartered Investments and Loans (India) Ltd., Standard Chartered Finance Ltd. and Standard Chartered Global Business Services Pvt. Ltd.

3. HSBC Bank


Needing no introduction, the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited, popularly known as HSBC, has been enchanting Indians with its services across 50 branches within the country.

The origin of the India chapter can be traced to 1853 when the Mercantile Bank of India was established in Mumbai  The main services offered by the bank include credit card, foreign exchange, debit cards and loan facility.

The first ATM in India was set up by HSBC as early as 1987. The bank serves its customers in India through three global businesses – Retail Banking and Wealth Management, Commercial Banking and Global Banking and Markets.

4. Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank
Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank has a wide global reach spread across over 70 countries with more than 78,000 employees across the globe.

All of this in a very short span of time since its launch in Germany in 1980. The bank in India is a fully integrated financial service provider to Indian corporate, institutional and individual clients.

The services it offers through its 18 branches within India, include on-shore investment banking, institutional equities broking, asset and private wealth management, retail banking and business processes outsourcing.

It is estimated that the bank has over 5 lakh customers in the country.

5. Bank of Scotland

Bank of Scotland
Bank Of Scotland


The Royal Bank of Scotland, popularly known as RBS, today has just one branch in India that is in Mumbai.

But it must be noted that this bank was one of the oldest international banks in India with their journey dating back to 1921.

Not taking any fresh banking commitments, the bank is working through its branch in Mumbai to attend to customers still associated with them within the country.

While the bank was operational, it was committed towards supporting local communities wherein it implemented several programs to promote enterprises with a special focus on livelihood generation, youth and women.

6. Development Band of Singapore Bank

Development Band of Singapore Bank
Development Band of Singapore Bank


Popularly known as DBS Bank, it holds the number 6 position in the list of Top 10 international banks in India.

Completing 50 years since its first branch in Singapore, the bank has 12 branches within India. The primary aim of setting up DBS in India was to strengthen the ties between both the countries.

The popular services offered by DBS include credit cards, personal banking, NRII banking and home loans.


7. Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank
Barclays Bank

With many firsts to its credit, Barclays Bank stands tall amongst the international brands present in the country.

It has been responsible to fund the world’s first industrial railways in 1819 to unveiling of the world’s first automated teller machine in 1967. With a history of over three centuries, the bank opened its India chapter in 1990.

The product offering includes Corporate Banking and Investment Banking and it has been a Top 5 arranger of domestic debt since 2010 and a Top 3 arranger of offshore bonds in 2012.

The bank’s commitment to India is cemented by the fact that it invested $800 million of capital which by far is the largest capital commitments by any foreign banks in the country.

Wealth & Investment Management, which operates through Barclays Securities & Investments Pvt. Ltd, has attained a leading position within just five years of being set up and has been voted the Best Private Banking Bank in India by The Asset for three consecutive years.


8. The Bank of America

The Bank of America
The Bank of America

As the name suggests, this is a bank from America and has its presence in India for over five decades now, beginning its operations from Mumbai in 1964. Bank of America, N.A. is a subsidiary of Bank of America Corporation operating in India where it provides banking products such as working capital and term loans, structured finance, export finance, global cash management, trade products, foreign exchange services and currency solutions to top Indian corporates, multinationals, multilateral agencies, foreign government entities and financial institutions. Apart from Mumbai, the bank also has its presence in Delhi, Chennai and Bengaluru.

9. The Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait

The Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait
The Bank Of Bahrain And Kuwait

Popularly known as BBK, the Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait was incorporated in 1971.

Moving out of Bahrain, it opened its first overseas branch in Kuwait in 1978. The Indian story began in 1986 as a scheduled commercial bank.

Today, the bank has branches across the country – Mumbai, Hyderabad, Aluva and New Delhi where it offers its customers services like credit facilities, wide range of deposit products, NRI services, a fully equipped dealing room and a strong remittances department as well.

Apart from these, the BBK also specializes in providing structured finance to mid corporate and SMEs along with ECBs to large corporate in India.

The NRI desk is exceptionally well taken care off to cater to the needs of NRIs like personalized banking, share market investments, portfolio investment services, mutual fund investments etc.

If you are looking for a housing loan, do check with the bank what they have to offer. You may end up getting a good deal from BBK for your dream house.

10. Doha Bank

Doha Bank
Doha Bank

Doha Bank has a swanky branch at Mumbai’s Nariman Point. It is one of the largest commercial banks in the State of Qatar and it opened its first branch in India at Mumbai, on June 10, 2014.

With three branches across the country – Mumbai, Chennai and Kochi, the bank offers credit facilities, range of deposits, trade services which include import services, guarantee services, trade credit, advising l/cs, local bill discounting, bills under collection and export finance and NRI services.

Where the NRI services offered by the bank holds the number one position from the bouquet of services it provides, the other two best services include money exchange and corporate banking.

Have fun going international with your banking!