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Best Jewellery Brands in India – Top 10 Jewellery Brands in India

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When Norwegian film star Sonja Henie said – Jewellery takes people’s minds off your wrinkles, she hit the nail right to bring in light the importance of jewellery in the life of a woman.

But then because it is so important, it also means that narrowing down on a good piece of jewellery is a daunting task, especially so if it is precious jewellery.

After all an investment of something that runs into more than five figures isn’t something to be taken lightly.

To help you out, GreatBuyz decided to go scouting for the top 12 Indian jewellery brands that deserve your attention. The designs that caught our fancy have been included as well. Enjoy the compilation!


The brand tops our list simply because they believe their designs do the talking. The boutiques aren’t intimidating with heavy lighting and plush interiors.

Instead, they welcome you to an ambiance that is at par with international boutiques with minimalist interiors.

You will find hints of Belgian legacy in the store design with facets of the diamond being represented in the glass facade, unique faceted chandeliers and steel installations fitted with crystal balls.

The brand began its journey in 1888 before it metamorphosed into ORRA. Present in 21 cities, the brand has 33 stores which house the most exquisite designs of gold and diamond jewellery. This is one of the best diamond brands in India.

The options that they have for bridal jewellery with bridal sets in kundan, polki and coloured stones are sure to leave you spellbound.

ORRA Diamond Necklace

ORRA Diamond Necklace
ORRA Diamond Necklace


The diamonds in this necklace just stole our heart!

With a lifetime warranty and exchange, this necklace is a part of the brand’s Falaq Collection and weighs about 32 grams and comes studded with 116 diamonds and 29 coloured stones.

Perfect to team up with a saree or a dress, this necklace is sure to give you not just a second but many more repeat glances.

Price: Rs. 2,96,195


2. Kalyan Jewellers

From Amitabh Bachchan to Sonam Kapoor, the list of celebrities on board as brand ambassadors for Kalyan Jewellers stands tall.

With a family legacy of 109 years, the company ventured into jewellery retailing in 1993 in Thrissur.

Having 133 showrooms spread across India and GCC, Kalyan Jewellers holds a prominent place when we talk of top jewellery brands and diamond brands in India.

Medea Navratna Earrings

Medea Navratna Earrings
Medea Navratna Earrings

 We love this dainty pair of studs by Kalyan Jewellers that embodies the nine gems and makes it perfect for everyday wear. Set in 18K gold, it offers you the goodness of the most important nine gems, each of which has a special power.

Price: Rs 28,899


3. PC Jeweller

With a strong presence online as well as offline, PC Jeweller has mastered the art of winning customers with their range of jewellery that comes in different price ranges.

With a presence across 68 cities with over 85 showrooms, the brand has an exhaustive collection online as well.

The Nishan Gold Earrings

The Nishan Gold Earrings
The Nishan Gold Earrings

 It is impossible to not fall in love with these earrings. A combination of intricate design in gold, accentuated with small pearls, this pair truly reflects the ethnicity of Indian culture yet can be worn well with any western outfit. Looping wonderfully around your earlobes, the design is one of its kinds.

Price: Rs. 1,86,599

4. PNG Jewellers

Their journey started in the 18th century and it continues till date with six generations of the Gadgil clan ensuring that the brand values are never compromised upon.

With a strong focus on ethics, PNG Jewellers has expanded cautiously to cover most regions in Maharashtra, beginning their journey from Pune.

Their online store operates from Mumbai. The flagship Heritage Collection has jewellery in polki, jadau, uncut diamonds and traditional Maharashtrian jewellery.

Ball Design Thusi Haar

Tulsi haar
Tulsi Haar


Set in 22k gold, this stunning necklace weighs close to 3.7 gms. It looks heavy and can be worn easily for a formal occasion to add glamour to any Indian outfit. Most importantly it is easy on the pocket and thus perfect for the festive season just round the corner!

Price: Rs 14,481

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5. Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor Khan is the brand ambassador for this brand and it is reason enough for us to believe that the brand has indeed something jaw dropping to offer.

Stunning earrings and rings in the most exquisite of designs fill up their collection along with a breathtaking range of bridal sets.

Founded in 1993 in Kozhikode, today the brand is present across nine countries with over 210 stores. The company currently ranks among the BIG 5 jewellery retailers globally.

Precia Gemstone Gold Necklace Set

Precia Gemstone Gold Necklace Set
Precia Gemstone Gold Necklace Set


The simplicity of this set caught our attention. It is a perfect buy for the upcoming festive season and a design that is timeless so can be worn year after year without it looking out of place. Set in 22K gold, it has rubies and emeralds that extend a dainty look to it.

Price: Rs 91,974


6. Tanishq

From the house of Tata’s, Tanishq has created a huge fan following for itself with a strong presence across the country.

Spending handsomely on campaigns and promotions, brand reputation and visibility has helped it catch the attention of the most conservative shoppers who would have earlier vouched for their family jeweller when it came to buying precious jewellery.

The journey for the brand began in 1994 when branded jewellery was still at its nascent stage.

Coined by Xerxes Desai by marrying the words ‘Tan’ meaning body and ‘Nishk’ meaning a gold ornament, the brand set the ball rolling for retail jewellery brands in India.

Today, the brand has over 253 stores across the country and is available online as well.

18K Diamond and Ruby Finger Ring

18K Diamond and Ruby Finger Ring
Diamond and Ruby Finger Ring

 Literally a crown around your finger, this one is sure to make you feel like a queen.

With a combination of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and a combination of yellow and rose gold, the spectacularly designed ring is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

It is a stunner to say the least. This beauty is a part of Tanishq’s Mirayah collection.

7. Senco Gold and Diamonds

Having its roots in Kolkata, the brand is now available across 14 states in India. With 93 stores in 72 cities and towns in India, the patronage the brand has is far and wide.

With a range of gold and diamond jewellery that falls in the affordable range, the brand offers something for everyone.

Check their collection online to have a glimpse of what they have to offer and of course you can fill up the shopping cart if something catches your eye.

Net Loop Wood Pendant

Net Loop Wood Pendant
Net Loop Wood Pendant


This is the one that caught our attention. Perfect for everyday wear, the design highlights a unique collection of wood and gold. Team it up with either a leather chain or a gold, either way it will look nice.

Price: Rs. 11,174


8. TBZ

Needing no introduction, Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri Ltd. is one of the oldest and noted jewellers in India.

The legacy of the brand is more than a century old and it has been dedicatedly working towards wooing the new generation with their campaigns and offers.

With their presence in 11 states, the brand is available through their stores and through online channels like Amazon as well.

TBZ – The Original 18k Yellow Gold and Diamond Bangle

TBZ - The Original 18k Yellow Gold and Diamond Bangle
TBZ Gold and Diamond Bangle

Made in real diamonds, this bangle can add oodles of glamour to your overall look with its striking beauty. Set in 18K gold, its has close to 168 stones that make it so beautiful. The metal weight is a little above 17 grams.



9. CaratLane

With a strong presence online and now with their offline stores at all prominent malls across India, CaratLane has redefined the way Indians buy jewellery.

Their online portal offers ease of jewellery buying with the smallest of information put up including how best to measure the ring size!

With the aura the brand has created around itself, it is of little surprise that Tanishq has invested in the brand so heavily.

What sets them apart is the option they give you to try the jewellery at home before you decide to buy and of course even after you buy it, in case you aren’t happy with it or happen to change your mind, return it and they shall be happy to take it back without any questions asked.

Amita Mangasutra Bracelet

Amita Mangasutra Bracelet
Amita Mangasutra Bracelet


We know that wearing a mangalsutra is an integral part of our Indian tradition but we also know that not many are comfortable wearing it round their neck.

This makes us pick this lovely mangalsutra bracelet for you to try. Set in gold, you can choose the quality of the diamonds that best suits your needs and budget.

Price: Rs 14,504

10. Tribe Amrapali

If the glitter of gold is not your type then for sure it is the silver metal that will find its place in your jewellery collection.

And even if you are not a fan of silver, we are sure that the designs by Tribe Amrapali will compel you to think again.

Thank us and of course Tribe Amrapali later for acquainting you with the beauty of this metal that hasn’t received its due credit getting overshadowed by gold since time immemorial.

Two history students – Rajesh Ajmera and Rajiv Arora took the onus of creating masterpieces with silver metal and showing the world how beautiful it can look on women if designed well.

The story dates back to 1978 when the duo travelled to the remotest interiors of India to seek inspiration and give life to Amrapali which today is a renowned luxury brand.

With over 1200 experienced craftsmen, each of the pieces are designed with utmost care and dedication. And the results show the same. The brand is available in over 36 outlets, including major markets throughout the world.

Silver Floral White Glass Necklace

Silver Floral White Glass Necklace
Silver White Glass Necklace


A breathtaking beauty, this gorgeous necklace features a beautiful composition of flower motifs, handcrafted in oxidized silver and studded with white glass.

Pair it up with a white ethnic dress or you can even stun your friends this navratri wearing it with a chic chaniya choli.

Price: Rs 20,500

Enjoy the pleasure of shopping for diamond jewellery online and take advantage of the many online offers and exchange programmes offered by the brands.

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If you think silver, gold or diamond jewellery is not something that you can afford for now, you always have the option to go with artificial jewellery India. Artificial jewellery, also called as imitation jewellery is made of inexpensive metal and gemstones. Such jewellery comes in different designs, shapes and styles and can be worn on various occasions- be it for traditional, formal wear or every day, casual use. We have a separate post on the best artificial jewellery brands in India, have a look at it and get to know the top Artificial jewellery brands you can shop with.

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