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Good leather shoes are a part of every man’s wardrobe and they should be.

Whether it’s for office wear, formal occasions like weddings or party wear, every aspect of one’s wardrobe is important and shoes are no less.

They are an important part of our outfits and can make or break the impression we create in people’s minds.

And that is why we need to pay proper attention to our footwear and wear suitable shoes according to the occasion and situation.

Choosing footwear requires careful consideration taking into account not only the appearance of the shoes in question but the material, the fit, the level of comfort, and of course its durability.

Shopping for shoes, like with most other things, can become a complicated affair keeping so many factors in mind.

Ideally one should stick with known and reputed brands so one can be sure that the product we buy will be made with good material and will last long.

Check out our list of the top 10 leather shoe brands in India to help you make your choice of the perfect leather shoes. We’ve done the homework for you, now all you need to do is choose and shop!

1. Bata

Bata - formal shoe
Bata Leather Formal Shoes


Brand: BATA

Material: Leather

Closure Type: Lace-Up

Price: INR 1,110

There’s no shoe brand as well known as Bata in India!
From flip flops to formal shoes, from childhood to adult life, Bata has been the footwear favourite for millions of Indians.
If you are looking for the best leather shoes in India, then you can pick the BATA Men’s Bonus Formal Shoes that are made from genuine leather. Available in three distinct colours-black, brown and tan, these leather shoes are most appropriate for business wear. You will be amazed at how easy it is to maintain these shoes as they are created to last, thanks to the hand-stitched design.

Bata Brand Info

Established in 1894 in Zlin, a town in the modern Czech Republic, Bata started with 10 employees. Today it is a massive multi-national company with a very strong presence in India where it arrived in 1931.

The Bata Mascot Derby Lace Up for men is a smart pair of formal leather shoes that’s perfect for office/work.


2. Clarks

Clarks - Pure leather shoe
Clarks Pure Leather Shoe


Brand: Clarks

Material: Leather

Closure Type: Lace-Ups

Price: INR 4,399

Clarks is another preferred brand for the best leather shoes in India. This pair of Derby leather shoes from Clarks is extremely premium. The leather upper comes with the textured and patterned outsole and cushioned foot bed makes them very comfortable. We recommend these round-toe pair of brown Derbys for all occasions.
Above all, they come with a 3month warranty; if you are not satisfied with their performance then you can change them anytime.

Clarks Brand Info

Clarks has been making shoes since 1825 and has been available in India since 2005 when they opened three stores here.

Clarks is the official supplier of shoes to the British Royal family and carries a high degree of quality in every product it makes. You can count on the brand to provide nothing but only premium quality shoes.


3. Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies - Leather Formal Shoes
Hush Puppies Leather Formal Shoes


Brand: Hush Puppies

Material: Leather

Closure Type: Lace-Up 

Price: INR 3,071

You will find millions of Hush Puppies fan in India because of the wide range of shoes the brand has to offer. Their leather shoes are very impressive. Made from genuine leather the Brogues from Hush Puppies are a recommended choice. The brown textured leather material comes with hand-stitch and classic cuts. It is impressive how neat and remarkable the design comes out to be. They are comfortable pair of Brogues that will go well with any formal dress.

Hush Puppies Brand Info

The Hush Puppies brand is owned by a US company, Wolverine World Wide and was first introduced in 1958.

The brand’s global presence is well known and has been in India under the Bata banner for many years.

The brand uses the image of a Basset Hound as its logo and this breed of dog is often referred to as a hush puppy, thanks to this association.

4. Louis Phillipe

Louis Phillipe - formal shoe
Louis Phillipe Leather Formal Shoe


Brand: Louis Philippe 

Material: Leather 

Closure Type: Lace-Up

Price: INR 2,799

Already an excellent choice for all kinds of formal shoes, it is obvious to include Louis Philippe in our list of best leather shoes for men. Made from genuine leather, the Louis Philippe Men’s LPSCCRGFL00373 Leather Formal Shoes are a fashion statement. Give your formal wear a boost without putting in any effort when you pair with these exotic pair of brown leather shoes.
A warranty of 180 days is another reason to pick these leather shoes.

Louis Phillipe Brand Info

Louis Phillipe is a brand owned by Madura Fashion and Lifestyle which in turn, is a division of Aditya Birla Fashion and Lifestyle of the Aditya Birla Group. Apart from garments, the brand is also known for good quality footwear.

The Louis Phillipe range of formal shoes has some excellent designs.

5. Woodland

Woodland Camel Leather Shoe
Woodland Camel Leather Shoe


Brand: Woodland

Material: Leather

Closure Type: Lace-Up

Price: INR 3,565

The Woodland Camel Leather Shoes for men are a lovely caramel colour and have sporty rugged looks. These are great for outdoors and are equally good for the daily commute to work. Made to last, these are one of the best leather shoes for men in India. The rugged look makes it a worthy casual leather shoe. If you want to improve your casual looks by adding leather shoes, then this Woodland pair is the right choice.

Woodland Brand Info

The Woodland brand is owned by the Aero Group, an outdoor shoe manufacturer based in Canada. The brand entered the Indian market in 1992.

This was the first hand-stitched leather branded leather shoe available in India and took the market by a storm. Today Woodland shoes are available across the country in innumerable stores and of course, online too.

6. Timberland

Timberland leather shoe
Timberland Leather Shoe


Brand: Timberland

Material: Leather

Closure Type: Lace-Up

Price: INR 7,474

Timberland means business when it comes to shoes. If you are an adventurer then you can count on the brand to offer the best leather shoes. The Timberland Field BT 6-Inch Leather Waterproof Boots have a seam-sealed waterproof construction that keeps your feet dry even during rains. It has an additional leather lining for more comfort and durability. At the ankle, there is a padded collar and there are anti-fatigue midsole and a removable foot bed that provides all-day comfort.

Timberland Brand Info

Timberland is an American shoe brand that mainly makes shoes for the outdoors. The company is 100 years old today, established in 1918.

Over the years the brand has grown to become one of the most selling adventure shoe brands in the world.

7. Red Tape

Red Tape - black formal shoe
Red Tape Black Formal Shoe


Brand- Red Tape

Material- Leather

Closure type- Lace up

Price: INR 1,498

Another brand that is known for making timeless classics of a shoe, Red Tape leather formal brogues that we have picked for our best leather shoes in India list are a masterpiece. They are ultra-luxe brogues with sharp style and impressive detailing. Don’t just buy these leather shoes for men because of their ultra-sleek lace-up upper but also the thermoplastic rubber sole that offers multi-surface traction. Pair them with trousers or include them in your attire with a custom-fitted suit, they will be perfect for all occasions.

Red Tape Brand Info

Red Tape is one of the leading fashion footwear brands in India today.

The company manufactures a range of top-quality leather products including wallets, belts and shoes, among other things. Red Tape products are available in numerous countries including Germany, USA, France, Great Britain, etc.


8. Ruosh

Ruosh - Men’s Leather Formal Shoe
Ruosh Men’s Leather Formal Shoe


Brand: Ruosh

Material: Leather

Closure Type: Lace-Up

Price: INR 1,996

When we list a leather shoe pair from Ruosh then you got to pay attention. A homegrown brand that is competing with international shoe manufacturers, Roush Panelled Formal Derby shoes are an ample example of how quality-focused the brand is.

These leather shoes for men come with genuine leather upper and TPR sole for all-surface traction. Low maintenance leather shoes, all you need to keep them shiny is a simple wipe with a clean and dry cloth. This pair comes with a 3-month warranty, but we don’t think you will ever need it.

Ruosh Brand Info

The Ruosh brand is the in-house footwear brand from Sara Soule Pvt Ltd, a Bangalore based company that is into shoe and leather manufacture.

Established in 2001, the company is one of the largest footwear manufacturers in the world and has several international clients. With such expertise in the field, it was only natural for an in-house brand to be created.

9. Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper leather formal shoe
Lee Cooper Leather Formal Shoe


Brand: Lee Cooper

Material: Leather

Closure Type: Lace-Ups

Price: INR 1,739

If you want tough leather boots that you can also wear with formal wear, then these Lee Copper men boots are ideal for you. These brown coloured leather shoes are ideal for casual as well as formal occasion. They are no generic boots but have a stylish look that goes well with any kind of dress. If you want a comfortable pair of leather shoes that you can wear easily for 8-10 hours without being uncomfortable, go for this Lee Cooper pair.

Lee Cooper Brand Info

Founded in 1908 in London more than a century ago as a denim manufacturer, Lee Cooper is one of the best-known shoe brands in the world today. The brand is well known for its quality products and their footwear enjoys a lot of popularity in India since 1995.


10. Metro

formal leather shoes from Metro
Formal Leather Shoe from Metro


Brand: Metro

Material: Leather

Closure Type: Lace-Up

Price: INR 1,445

Metro is yet another homegrown brand that has made its impact on the Indian shoe market. These leather Derby shoes from Metro are an excellent pair with heels. Often finding the right heel height in leather shoes is tough, but these leather shoes are appropriately designed to make you a few inches taller. Don’t worry you will not be uncomfortable wearing them at all.

Metro Shoes Brand Info

Metro Shoes is a Mumbai based company that started in 1947. Their first outlet opened in Colaba, in South Mumbai. Today the brand has stores all over the country in the metros and in tier two cities.


Now that you have the list of 10 best leather shoes in India to choose from, have a great time shopping for the best shoes to add to your wardrobe.

And if you are looking for more options, you could also check out our post on the best formal shoes for men in India available to buy online.


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