Best LED Light Companies in India

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From burning logs of trees to illuminate the surroundings to oil lanterns and then the transition to electronic lights – the journey if nothing has been enlightening when it comes to moving from darkness to light.

And the best part is that it doesn’t seem to stop. First came the craze for incandescent light followed by halogen and then CFL (compact fluorescent light).

Just when we thought we had seen it all, bang came the entry of Light Emitting Diode aka LED. So to explain – LED, is a semiconductor device that converts electricity into light.

They are energy efficient and come in styles that can leave you spoilt for choice. Literally!

What’s more! These also come with options of having them configured with Amazon Echo and just using your voice you can switch them on, off and play with their intensity to have exactly the kind of brightness you need.

We Indians have a fetish for lights, after all, our country’s most important festival – Deepavali revolves around lights, isn’t it?

Little wonder, India today stands as one of the biggest markets for LED lights in the world. But with so much choice, comes confusion!

So we went scouting for the best LED light companies in India. Here is the list…

1.Philips Electronics Ltd.

Philips tube lights/bulbs


Needing no introduction, Philips is a name synonymous with lights.

Of course their electronic appliances too have a huge fan following but then Philips tube lights/bulbs have a fair amount of market share.

And now with their range of LED lights, the brand is targeting to woo Indian customers and to quite an extent they have managed to as well.

Philips considers India to be their biggest market for LED lights.

Philips Dual Color Changing 8.5W LED Bulb, White and Yellow both in one

We quite liked this one from Philips. It offers you the option to have white and yellow light with just one bulb!

So based on your mood and occasion, change from yellow to white all in a jifyy! And the best part – it comes with a 24 months warranty.

Price: Rs 430

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2.Osram India 



A German brand, it has not yet managed to create a top of mind recall for itself when it comes to light but ask and professionals in the field of home interiors and they shall vouch for Osram. Cutting edge technology defines their range.

With a manufacturing plant in India, the brand in the country is better known as Osram India.

The brand offers a complete solution for all your LED lighting needs – be it indoors or outdoors.

Osram SP-840-RD-12W 12-Watt LED Slim Panel (White)

We choose to pick this one up simply because it’s a no nonsense design and will fuse with any kind of décor  style that you may choose to have. Made using high strength material, this slim panel light is apt for indoor as  well as outdoor use.

Price: Rs 912


3.Havells India Ltd.


Who wouldn’t have heard of this name? Known more for their cables and switches, Havells has an enviable range of LED lights as well. You would be surprised to learn that the brand has 14 manufacturing locations in India.

Havells Rayline 6-Watt Rechargeable LED Batten (White)

Carry this batten with you wherever you go. It looks like a tube-light and functions like one too.

The only difference being you do not need to permanently mount it on the ceiling. Recharge it as and when the light becomes low/dull.

It comes with two dimming modes and a pull chord switch for on-off. Its low glare light is perfect for illuminating the room without hurting the eyes.

Price: Rs 1,050
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Bajaj LED lights
Bajaj LED Lights


Would you remember their ad – jab mein chota bachcha tha badi shararat karta tha…?

Bajal lights and light bulbs have illuminated Indian homes since decades now. And moving with times, they have now launched their range of LED lights.

Bajaj LED Glow 424 LRD Rechargeable Lantern It is simply impossible not to fall in love with this lantern.

A perfect combination of vintage design with modern technology, Bajaj has beautifully amalgamated both and the result is this beautiful lantern.

Use it indoors or outdoors, it works equally well provided it is charged for a minimum of 6 hours.

It comes with a mode switch for easy operation and just in case something goes wrong with it, don’t fret! There is a 6 months warranty with it.

Price: Rs 764


Wipro LED Bulb
Wipro LED Bulb


From fabric wash to oil to soaps, baby products and lights! Wipro has created a niche for itself in the market with its products that one can vouch for when it comes to price and quality.

Their range of LED lights is pretty impressive and well priced as well.

Wipro Garnet Smart Light 7W B22 LED Bulb, Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

Bring home a revolution with this Wipro smart LED bulb that will help you light up your home with different shades, all of which can be controlled with your phone!

Just download “Wipro Next Smart Home” app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store and choose from 16 million color shades, set the brightness to any level, schedule a time and create a light group as desired.

Turn it to a night bulb when you sleep or create a romantic ambiance with a candlelit effect.

Price: Rs 1,247


Eveready 12 Watt Golden Yellow Light
Eveready Blub


For those who are hooked to Amazon Deals of the Day, you would have seen Eveready offering their LED lights with attractive offers.

The brand is synonymous with batteries but their range of LED lights are gaining a fair share of attention as well, thanks to their marketing initiatives including advertisements.

Eveready 12 Watt Golden Yellow Light Pack of 2 LED Bulbs

The golden yellow light is simply charming! It has the feature to illuminate not just your room but also elevate your mood with its glow.

Price: Rs 399

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7. Syska LED

Syska LED lighting
Syska LED Lighting


Promoted by Actor Irrfan Khan, Syska LED lighting has been spending heavily on its advertising and they have a very strong presence online as well.

With just two decades of presence in the country, they have acquired a considerable market share with their sharp marketing initiatives and value for money LED lights and other products.

Syska 0.5watt Multi Color Led Bulb (Pack of 12)

Good things come in small packages and this one is sure shot dynamite! Twelve 0.5 watt multi color LED bulbs is all you need to get creative with your lighting at home.

Create a new experience each night with changing the colours of the bulb or during festivals, replace all your existing bulbs in the passage with these multi color bulbs. The result is sure to be delightful.

Price: Rs 510

8. Moser Baer

Moser Baer LED bulb
Moser Baer LED Bulb


Known more for their CDs and DVDs in the yesteryears when CDs and DVDs were still in vogue, Moser Baer now offers a wide range of LED lighting solutions.

Though not quite spread far and wide, the brand is catching up with its competitors and we may soon see ourselves asking for Moser Baer LED lights the next time we go out shopping for LED lights.

Moserbaer 14-Watt LED Bulb (Pack of 4, Cool Day Light)

This pack of 4, 14 watt LED bulbs are both energy and cost efficient.  The cool day light illuminates the room evenly without any glare.

Price: Rs 823



Surya LED lights come pocket friendly
Surya LED Lights


A perfect name to what it has to offer, Surya LED lights come pocket friendly with a wide range to choose from.

They happen to be the biggest LED manufacturers in the country with 50 different products to choose from.

Surya LED Lamp, 9W Neo (810 Lumen, Pack of 4, White)

With a two years warranty, these bulbs come with an exceeding high life where they last for up to 25000 hours! This makes it the most value for money LED bulb in India.

Price: Rs 459


10.GE Lighting

GE Lighting
GE Lighting


GE is one of the most popular and reputed companies in the world with a range of products that have been in existence since a century. GE Lighting, a division of GE, offers a range of lighting solutions including an impressive range of LED lights that are priced at a premium.

GE Lighting GE LED 60 Watt Equivalent Soft White Candelabra Base Dimmable Clear Finish LED Lightbulb, 2 P

This imported LED 60 Watt light available on Amazon is attractive because of its sheer size and shape. The off bright light is pleasant to the eyes and it illuminates the surroundings evenly as well.

Price: Rs 3,905
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LED lights are energy efficient and thus the initial cost of investment is soon recovered by saving on electricity bills. Besides they are cooler, prettier and more versatile. Need more reasons to buy them?


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