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10 Best Vest (Banian) Brands for Men in India (2021)

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Even though the advertisement of a famous men’s vest says – yeh andar ki baat hain, going by the way all brands in this category promote themselves, majority of them roping in Bollywood actors, it is most certainly not something that is confined to the closets.

Men’s vests or banians have enjoyed quite some fanfare and the choice of vest, if we go by the advertisements, defines the masculinity in men. We take a look at the top 10 men’s vest (banian) brands in India.

1. ONN

ONN Denim Vest Black
ONN Denim Vest Black


From the house of Lux Industries Ltd., ONN is a premium men’s innerwear brand that is endorsed by none other than King Khan off Bollywood – Shahrukh Khan.

The brand is high on innovation and style. A look at their product portfolio and you are sure to fall in love with the range they have to offer which also includes denim vests.

ONN Denim Vest Black
If one can buy their vest in denim why settle for something else? This one is perfect to be worn hidden behind a shirt or you can even flaunt it for your evening/morning walks.

Trendy and comfortable, it is made using 100% combed cotton that is light weighted, breathable and super soft!



2. Jockey

Jockey - White Gym Vest
Jockey White Gym Vest


Be it innerwear for men, women or kids, Jockey has mastered the art of crafting super comfortable inners that remain unmatched  – be it in terms of price or quality.

They have been pioneers when it comes to retailing of innerwear the way it should be done – with fixtures and packaging that compliment the category.

Page Industries Limited in Bangalore is the exclusive licensee of Jockey International Inc. (USA) for manufacture, distribution and marketing of the brand in India.

White Gym Vest
We simply love this white muscle vest from the brand. Wear it to the gym or simply as a lounge wear or wear it under your t-shirt or shirt for an all day comfort, it is sure to be your favourite vest.

Made from premium Combed Cotton ‘magic rib’ fabric, it is an all purpose use vest.

3. Hanes

Hanes - Colourblock Sleeveless Vest
Colourblock Sleeveless Vest


They are a century old international brand and that is reason enough for us to trust them with quality and comfort.

From innerwear to outerwear, each of their products are well designed and apt for everyday wear – for men, women and kids.

Though in India they are yet to launch their exclusive online store, the brand has an active online presence through various market place online players like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, AJIO etc.

Colourblock Sleeveless Vest
High on style, this vest or banian is made using cotton stretch that automatically makes it a perfect choice for men who are always on the go! Styled with colourblock pattern, the vest has a sporty and youthful look to it.

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4. Lux Innerwear

Lux Innerwear
Lux Innerwear Vest


One of the oldest innerwear brands in India, Lux Innerwear is headquartered in Kolkata but has an enviable all-India presence.

Lux Cozi is almost synonymous with men’s banians and the brand has been actively roping in Bollywood celebrities for its various TVCs. Their latest Bollywood actor to promote the brand is Varun Dhawan.

Luz Cozi (black)
For men who like to play with colours, Lux Cozi offers a myriad of shades to choose from. From white to black, brown, grey, blue, red etc, make your pick. We have narrowed down on black for now.

5. VIP

VIP Bonus Nawab
VIP Bonus Nawab Vest


The credit to bring men’s innerwear out of the closet goes to VIP. They set the trend for other brands to follow with their strong macho TVCs.

Their advertising campaign featuring Dara Singh is still remembered by many where the line – majboot aisa, Dara Singh jaisa aptly encapsulated the salient features of the brand.

Today, VIP has expanded its product category to offer not just men’s innerwear but also lounge wear, thermals, socks and handkerchiefs.

VIP Bonus Nawab
As the name suggests, it is for the young turks aka the nawabs.  The cut of the vest or banian is perfect to compliment men and boys who are fitness freaks and have bulging muscles to show off.

The broad shoulder strap grips the body perfectly well which gives an all day comfort. To add to the comfort is the interlock fabric of the vest that works perfect for the Indian climate as it is high sweat absorbent.

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6. Rupa and Co.

Frontline Vest RNS
Rupa and Co. Vest


One of the largest knitwear brand in India, Rupa offers not just innerwear for men but the brand has an impressive range of casual wear as well.

With 10 sub-brands, it offers inner and casual wear for men, women and kids. From bermudas to lounge wear, shorts, leggings, capris, t-shirts etc. they have it all!

Their range of men’s vest has earned a huge patronage from its customers owing to their impeccable quality and value for money. The collection includes – basic banian, round neck vest, round neck sleeves and gym vest.

Frontline Vest RNS
For men who prefer their vest with sleeves, this one from Rupa fits the bill. Made using 100% cotton, it offers itch-free all day comfort.

7. Dollar

Dollar Big Boss Men’s Cotton RN Vest
Dollar Big Boss Vest


With Akshay Kumar being the brand ambassador, Dollar well defines what is stands for through its various print ads and TVCs.

Dollar Industries leads the race as one of the top brands in the hosiery sector and besides India, they have a strong presence in UAE and Middle East as well.

The company is home to 14 brands which include collection for men, women and kids as well. From innerwear to leggings, winter wear and active wear, they have it all!

They have special collection for the youth that has been designed keeping the fashion aesthetics in mind.

Dollar Big Boss Men’s Cotton RN Vest
Our pick is based on popular demand and without an iota of doubt it is the men’s innerwear collection from its brand – Dollar Big Boss.

This premium range of men’s innerwear includes vest, briefs and trunks, each of which is made using 100% cotton yarn.  A series of TVCs featuring Akshay Kumar have been rolled out to reach across to his fans and that of the brand.

What caught our attention would be the feature of itch-free fusing label that makes the vest comfortable for everyday wear.

8. Macroman M Series

Trendz Nautica Striped Vest
Macroman M Series Vest


A brand from Rupa and Co., Macroman-M Series has a youthful and playful aura around it.

Kapoor Khandaan lad Ranbir Kapoor is the face for the brand. Targeted towards Gen Y male, Machoman-M Series offers a range of inners, outers, uppers, lowers, sports/leisure and thermal wear.

Trendz Nautica Striped Vest

Stripes are always impressive. This vest is good enough to be worn for an evening walk or as a lounge wear as well.

It belongs to the brand’s Sports series and is crafted from premium combed cotton fabric. The bold stripes and the broad shoulder strap look classy and cool.


9. Amul Macho

Amul Macho
Amul Macho Vest


Chote Nawab Saif Ali Khan was the face for this brand and the very amusing line – Yeh toh bada toing hain is still etched in our memories for the simple fact that still no one has been able to decipher what it means.

But then the brand deserves a mention in the list simply because it has a wide reach across the country and they have a pretty exhaustive range of men’s innerwear to offer – from vest to underwear to trunks as well.

Amul Macho Parka Vest
Made using breathable cotton, these vests are typical banians and compliment the body along with extending an all day comfort. The broad shoulder strap gives this vest a fantastic fit.

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10. Dixcy Scott

Dixcy Scott
Dixcy Scott Vest


With Salman Khan endorsing this innerwear brand, should it surprise us to see its reach across the country?

They have a robust network of 850+ distributors and the brand has an active online presence as well.

They cater to different set of target audiences with their sub-brands – Basics,  Royale and Uno. Form vests to t-shirts, trunks, shorts, capris, thermals, hoodies, tracks, briefs ad boxers, they have a wide range to choose from.

Dixcy Scott Men’s Vest
This 100% cotton single jersey is made using quality combed cotton that is super soft and super comfortable. We are left impressed with the flat locked seams that go a long way in reducing the irritation around the torso and this makes the vest apt for giving an all day comfort feel.


Honourable Mentions-Sustainable Innerwear Brands Making a Difference

Taylor & Circus 

A Chennai-based brand, Taylor, and Circus focus on making breathable and sustainable innerwear from the innovative micro-modal, which is a beechwood tree extract. This natural, sustainable and self-breathing fabric is thrice as soft as cotton.

Tailor & Circus innerwear is finished with a 100% heavy metal-free Bio Wash. This helps the fabric to actively fight bacteria and microbes for a minimum of 33 washes. Also, the dyes they use for the vests are completely free of Azo compounds.


Another vest brand that is bringing sustainable innovation to Indian men is Almoman. Their designs are inspired by Italy. The fabrics they use for their vests are naturally sourced. They offer three plush collections to choose from-organic cotton, micro modal, and BCI cotton.



From a humble innerwear, a men’s vest has undergone a transformation making it a fashion essential.

Where a lot many men still prefer their vests in white, we are sure the innovations in print and colours is soon going to catch their fancy and it wouldn’t be too long before we see men colour matching their shirts with their vests!