Best Mileage Scooters in India – 2020’s Top Scooters for Mileage & Performance With Prices

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Mileage or in other words, how many kilometers a vehicle runs on a single litre of petrol is one of the most important factors that the cost conscious Indian considers while buying a scooter.

As technology continues to get better and with stiff competition, scooter companies in India are luring in consumers with promises of better mileage and performance at competitive pricing.

The mileage of a scooter greatly depends on several factors most important of which include road & traffic conditions, speed at which you drive a vehicle (manufacturers suggest the ideal speed range to run your vehicle), rate of acceleration, braking, tyre pressure, maintenance and age.

We have shortlisted 2018’s best scooters in India offering great mileage and performance along with prices.

Please note manufacturers specified mileage metrics is based on best case scenario ie in most cases you are likely to get a lower mileage than that which has been advertised.

1. Okinawa Ridge80-90 Km/Full Charge Rs 42,400 onwards
2. Honda Aviator66kmplRs 55,371 onwards
3. Yamaha Fascino66kmplRs 54,593 onwards
4. TVS Scooty Pep+65kmplRs 39,950 onwards
5. Suzuki Access 12564kmplRs 55,370 onwards
6. Suzuki Let’s63kmplRs 47,374 onwards
7. Hero Pleasure63kmplRs 48,775 onwards
8. TVS Wego62kmplRs 50,802 onwards
9. TVS Scooty Zest 11062kmplRs 51,096 onwards
10. Yamaha Ray Z62kmplRs 51,017 onwards
11. Honda Dio60kmplRs 52,002 onwards
12. Honda Activa60kmplRs 50,225 onwards


1. Okinawa Ridge

Okinawa Scooter
Okinawa Scooter


Okinawa Ridge truly exhibits the fascinating motto of Okinawa Scooters ‘Recharge Your Scooter, Charge Your Life.’ Available in classy colour combinations, its an electronic scooter that has a charm of its own.

What makes its electric composition more attractive is the fuel efficient system that values environmental concerns. Charging for 4-6 hours is sufficient for a ride up to 90 km.

The alloy wheels come with tubeless tyres at an affordable price range. Its center locking with anti-theft alarm ensures the safety of your vehicle listing it as one of the best electronic scooters in India.


2. TVS Wego

Tvs Wego


Voted as the Best Executive Scooter for two years in a row, TVS WEGO is a perfect combination of style, comfort, convenience, mileage, safety and power.

Styled with an international design, the full digital speedometer has a service reminder, low fuel indicator, low battery indicator and trip meter.

TVS WEGO’s double side handle lock makes parking in the narrowest lanes possible. Also, this 110cc scooter comes with the best stainless steel muffler guard that let the steel rust easily.

3. TVS Scooty Pep Plus

Tvs Scooty Pep Plus


A massive hit among female riders, TVS Scooty Pep+ claims to be India’s No.1 mileage scooter with an advanced eco thrust engine available in six vivacious colours.

The economy mode gives you higher mileage and the power mode ensures a better pick up and higher speed.

All the bumpy rides are taken care of by the telescopic suspension to make it comfortable and less stressful. You can also charge your mobile phones on the move on this scooty!

4. Yamaha Fascino

Yamaha Fascino Scooter
Yamaha Fascino Scooter

A retro look with modern curves, this is probably the best looking scooter in the market. We love the chrome plated front grill and the rear view mirrors of this scooter.

Besides, its 113cc blue core, air cooled, 4 stroke, single cylinder engine is a must experience for all the scooty lovers as it delivers outstanding running performance, excellent fuel efficiency and good emission quality.

Fascino is available in seven exciting colours so that one never runs out of options.

5. Honda Aviator

Honda Aviator Scooter
Honda Aviator Scooter


Impress anyone by arriving in style with the Honda Aviator. This scooter combines luxury and style with its molded seats that ensure you get a royal ride.

Also what adds to its style statement is the distinctive instrument panel equipped with a fuel gauge to help you keep everything in check.

This scooter is known for the best handling and ride quality in this range of scooters.

6. Honda Dio

Honda Dio Scooter
Honda Dio Scooter


Honda Dio is a head turner with its sporty graphics and cool dual tone coloured body.

Its fully digital eco speedometer allows for an efficient ride and the Honda Eco Technology engine ensures optimum performance with superb mileage.

You can charge your phone on the go and enjoy the 18L underseat storage space. Ride in style with the Honda Dio.


Honda Activa

Honda Activa Scooter
Honda Activa Scooter


Do you desire to have a classy, solid and metal finished scooty with a luster like no other? If yes, then the Honda Activa is the perfect choice for you.

The digital analog meter with eco-speed indicator ensures an economical ride with precise information every time, and the service due indicator keeps your Activa 125 as good as new always.

Convenience is at the fingertips of all the riders with a smart seat opening switch provided at the front. Adding to its merits is the 3-step rear adjustable suspension that lets you customize your ride as per your comfort.

8. Hero Pleasure

Hero Pleasure
Hero Pleasure

We are all familiar with Hero Pleasure’s catchword of ‘Why should boys have all the fun’ that has sparked its popularity amongst all female riders.

With exciting body graphics, boot light in the storage and a side stand indicator, it looks very difference from the rest.

Hero claims that the Pleasure Scooter can achieve a top speed of 77kmph.


9. TVS Scooty Zest 110

Scooty Zest 110
Scooty Zest 110


Scooty Zest 110 is a favourite among young riders for its massive storage capacity. It has 19L under-seat storage, the largest in its category and also has a light in there for visibility in the dark.

Besides, you can experience the fastest pick up from 0 to 60 KMPH in less than 11 seconds. The textured floor board with dual tone seat colour available in a matte range, makes this a swish choice.

10. Yamaha Ray-Z

Yamaha Ray Z
Yamaha Ray Z


Those who want the feel of riding a bike in their scooter, would love the very sporty Yamaha Ray Z.

This model has a air-cooled 4-stroke 113cc engine with Continuous Variable Transmission that delivers smooth start up acceleration and good pickup along with great fuel economy.

Its Blue Core engine ensures fun rides with good fuel mileage.

Suzuki LET’S

Suzuki Let’s
Suzuki Let’s


To match your bold and young personalities, Suzuki Let’s is the perfect choice.

With matte and sparkle dual tone colours, it is especially designed for comfort and power. It is light, sturdy and very practical for everyday use.

The fuel efficient 113cc engine with SEP technology delivers a class leading 63 kmpl and zippy pick up for the best performance.


12. Suzuki Access 125

Suzuki Access 125
Suzuki Access 125


Suzuki Access 125 combines the best of power and mileage with a revolutionary SEP technology delivering fuel efficiency and stability in performance.

The combined brake system allows one to operate both brakes only by left brake level which helps to keep a good balance between front and rear brake forces. This classy ride is available in 6 magnificent colours.

Take your pick amongst these, and if you think you have some patience, then wait till 2019. Bajaj recently announced that it will be relaunching its famous Bajaj Chetak scooter again in the market next year.

The new scooter is said to have the same retro designed, but more power than most of the scooters available in the market.

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