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Top 10 Online Mobile Shopping Websites in India (2018) With Best Offers & Lowest Prices

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Who doesn’t need a mobile phone today? Look around and you’ll find a mobile phone with every person whether it’s a 16 year old teenager or a 60 year old.

But in an era where a plethora of options are available for cell phones along with an equal number of places to buy it from, the decision for the right phone and the right place to buy it becomes strenuous.

The decision for which phone to buy starts from whether you want an Android or an IoS and goes down to the tons of options available, especially in the Android phone category with several brands including Sony, Samsung, Motorola, Asus and more offering phones in all price ranges.

Morever, with so much research backing mobile phones and their softwares, and tons of comparison reviews available online, the dependency on sales people in physical stores has reduced.

People prefer buying phones online, because the variety available online is unbeatable and the prices cheaper than the store.

So if you are looking to buy a new mobile phone, here are the top 10 websites to shop for mobile phones in India at the lowest prices and the best offers. Go dive!

1. Amazon

Amazon - OnePlus 6 Mobile


One of the most trusted and secured e-commerce websites today, Amazon reaches millions of customers with its highly efficient shopping experience and fast delivery.

It has a mobile phone for every price range, and it even stocks models which are now unavailable at the stores.

With the introduction of mechanisms like Amazon pay and one day delivery, Amazon has been successful in establishing its credibility and higher customer satisfaction.

Goes without saying they have the best offers and the cheapest deals available to woo more and more customers to click the buy button.

The new OnePlus 6 that has created a buzz in the market with its classy looks and great operating system is available at Amazon with an exchange offer. You can receive an off up to Rs 8,500 on the new piece by exchanging it with the older one.

Price: Rs 34,999

Buy it here

Check out the Amazon website here for all the latest smart phones

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2. Flipkart

Flipkart - Galaxy S9 Plus Mobile


Famous for its daily deals, Flipkart has taken the e-commerce industry by a storm. One can find most of the top brands at the lowest rates leading to great amount of savings here. Along with exchange offers, you can also find the option of bank offers on payment by specific debit/credit cards.

Samsung’s latest model Galaxy S9 Plus 128 GB is available here in a radiant lilac purple along with colours blue and black, with a warranty of one year and a shorter delivery time. If you are looking for a business phone, then your search ends here.

Price: Rs 68,900

Buy it here

Check out Flipkart’s website for more exciting deals on mobile phones here

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3. Snapdeal

Snapdeal - Galaxy A6 Plus Mobile


Snap-the-deal!!! The name says it all. This Indian e-shop is the hub for more than 2,500 models of mobile phones at a rate much lower than what is offered at the stores.

It is best suitable for those who are looking for mid-range of mobile phones with the most updated specifications.

What can be more exciting than to find a top brand phone with latest features at a budget-friendly price?

Samsung’s latest addition to its family Galaxy A6 Plus which has an infinity display and 64 GB storage is available here at a 14% discount along with a 5%-10% instant discount through cash backs and rewards.

Price: Rs 23,990

Buy it here

Visit the website here for more offers on mobile phones

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4. Reliance Digital

Motorola moto-X4 Smart Phone


Reliance Digital enables customers to buy mobile phones in accordance to their lifestyle and needs, thus ensuring a wide range of phones covering brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Motorola and many more.

They have some fabulous deals running throughout the year and if you are lucky, you might get yourself the latest phone in the market at a steal price.

Check out Motorola’s new launch- Moto X4 designed for all the selfie lovers on the Reliance Digital website.

With a 16 MP camera having a dual focus, 64GB storage capacity, gorilla glass that makes it scratch and water resistant and many more such features, its one of the top selling models in them mid-segment mobile phone market.

Price: Rs 24,999

You can buy it here

Visit the website here for best deals on all mobile phones


5. ShopClues

shopclues - Panasonic P91 Mobile

Shopclues allows its buyers to buy phones according to their preferences with a trouble-free filter option, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

One can even find phones below Rs 999 and with discounts as high as 45%.

Panasonic P91 is a phone that doesn’t hang or heat despite of excess usage which makes it a fit for people who need to be constantly in touch with their cell phones. It is available here at a discount of 12%.

Price: Rs 7,000

Buy it here

Check out the website here for all the latest phones at the best price

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6. Gadgetnow

Gadetsnow - Coolpad Note 6 Mobile


This e-commerce site is a division of The Times Of India, hence reliability and integrity of the website is not a concern.

The site not only sells mobile phones but also updates on all the technological happenings around the world.

For people who are very tight on budget but still wish to have a smart phone must check out the Coolpad Note 6 which is a dual sim phone having an expandable memory of up to 128 GB.

It is available at Gadegetsnow at a discount of 35% along with an EMI option starting at just Rs 786.

Price: Rs 8,790

Buy it here

Visit the website here for all the latest mobile phones

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7. Croma

Croma - Oppo F7 smart phone


Since 2006, Croma has been a one-stop-destination for gadgets and appliances.

Realising the competition from the digital websites offering these at value-prices, Croma has seen focusing on offering great deals on its websites lately.

When it comes to mobile phones, they have a wide range at all price points.

If you’re looking for something stylish, check out the stunning Oppo F7 smart phone in a shiny red body.

With its 64 GB storage capacity you’ll never run out of space and can multitask between various activities seamlessly.

Price: Rs 19,990

Buy it here

Visit the website here for all deals on mobile phones

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8. PayTMMall

Paytmmall -Apple Mobile phone


PayTMMall is like a supermarket that tempts you to buy stuff with its attractive offers, while you browse through their never ending range.

It gives you great cashback offers, discounts and deals that make shopping on the site an absolute pleasure.

The PaytmMall is offering the latest Iphone X at a much lower price than that offered by the retail stores.

Considered to be one of the most premium phones in the market, its full touch display screen and slim body has already garnered attention and admiration all over the world.

Price: Rs 92,999

Buy it here

Visit the website here for all latest mobile phones

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9. TataCliq

Tatacliq - Vivo V9 Youth


Tatacliq is the e-commerce venture owned by the Tata Group that offers a range of branded products at discounts.

To establish itself as a significant player in the industry, it has kept the prices of some very popular brands of mobile phones even lower than that offered by its rivals like Amazon or Flipkart.

People who are in search of a phone that supports intensive gaming and media tasks should definitely go for Vivo V9 Youth 32 GB which has a good battery life and operating speed as well.

Price: Rs 16,933

Buy it here

Visit the website here and check out all deals on mobile phones

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10. Gadget360

Gadgets360 Mobile


Rated as 3/5 on, Gadgets360 with its labour-saving option of phone finder is probably the best website for a person who cannot easily decide the kind of phone he/she desires.

You have every brand available here with full specifications and easy comparison between different models assisting you in decision making.

If you are looking for a budget friendly phone that has a big display screen with a slim body, then Honor 9 Lite is the one for you.

It is available in a Sapphire Blue at a 19% discount with 7 days replacement policy at Gadgets360.

Price: Rs 13,849

Buy it here

Visit the website here and check out all mobile phones at their best price

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Now that shopping for mobile phones is so simple, get clicking and get loading on what is now everyone’s favourite life companion!

Happy shopping!!!


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