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Top 10 Modular Electric Switch Brands in India for Homes (2018)

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Electricals are the silent heros that add so much value to our spaces. Can you imagine a room without a light, fan or an AC? You can’t.

And do you know what else you cannot imagine a space without? It’s the humble switch.

To switch on or off these lights, fans, ACs, washing machines, your electrical gadgets and appliances, you need to have a switch.

And lucky us, switches have come a long way from being merely functional to now being a style statement.

Either ways, we have to admit, they are indispensable in any space. The convenience they add to our life cannot be compromised on.

Now take a moment and remember the switches in olden days. Difficult to operate, shock dispensing and ugly looking.

Travel back to the present, and land in a world of modular switches. Modular switches are easy to operate, install, are shock proof and multifunctional.

They are sleek to look at and are available in an array of colours and designs.

Most importantly, modular switches offer the flexibility to install each switch as a single unit and thus choose the configuration you require based on the number of lights, fans, sockets you need.

Now that you know how awesome modular switches are, dive in here to learn about the top 10 brands for modular switches available in India.

1. Havells

Havells Crabtree Athena 10A Two-Way Switch

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Havells India Limited is a leading electrical goods company with a remarkable global presence.

It manufactures a wide spectrum of products like industrial & domestic circuit protection devices, cables & wires, motors, fans, modular switches, home appliances and many more.

It is the first Fast Moving Electrical Goods Company to offer door step service via its initiative ‘Havells Connect’, helping customers to choose from a wide variety of products for different applications.

With the ‘Make in India’ approach and an extensive distribution network, Havells is an active participant in many social projects and pursues a vision of sustainability with its radioactive free range of products.

If you are looking for switches that are a combination of elegance, simplicity and sophistication then Havells ends your search. Its Oro Metallica Range is shock resistant and dust proof that adds up to the beauty of your room. The metallic finish enhances the space and makes a style statement like no other.

The Havells Crabtree Athena 10A Two-Way Switch is perfect for those who have multiple switches for the same light/fan in the same room.

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Price: Rs 124

Check out the whole range of switches here

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2.Wipro North West

Wipro’s Stylus + switch

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With its finest quality products and services, Wipro is a pioneer in the modular switch industry today.

Innovation is the key to its success and this is what significantly contributed to the company’s growth.

Their extensive R&D department works consistently towards creating and designing products that are specific to consumer needs and preferences.

You can find the most safe and innovative range of switches at Wipro, along with safety devices.

Wipro’s Stylus + switches have a unique design and flame retardant plastic that enables extra safety with an easily detachable cover plate available in matte, glossy and metal finish.

Since they are easy to install, it reduces dependency on labour and installation time as well. They are the right choice for offices and homes providing right conductivity and enhancement to interiors.

One of Wipro’s best-selling switch is the Wipro Platia Modular Switch.

You can buy it here at Indiamart.

Price: Rs 95

Browse this website for an array of designer switches here

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3. Anchor

Anchor - Roma Vetro range of switch

This Panasonic subsidiary is the leader in electrical products capturing attention around the globe.

With Panasonic’s refined technology and Anchor’s vast customer support network, Anchor Panasonic today delivers a seamless and vast range of innovative electrical, lighting and ventilation products.

The company’s CSR profile makes it the most trustable and safest electric switch brand that caters to better energy generation, management and conservation.

The modular switches crafted and designed by Anchor comes in the category of a ‘must have’ for everyone.

Roma Vetro range of switches lend royal touch to your living space. The high density glass plate and précised diamond cut for stylish design is something worth falling for.

Visit the website here and look at the entire range


4. Schneider Electric

schneider electric Switch

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Schneider Electric is leading the digital transformation of energy management and automation in homes, buildings, data centers, infrastructure and industries.

The company offers light switches and outlets that suit all interiors and exteriors.

Be it beautifully crafted switches made from natural materials, ambient dimmer switches, or weatherproof sockets that can withstand extreme conditions, all solutions deliver convenience, connectivity, control and safety to your home environment.

ZENcelo is a range of aesthetically pleasing flat switches that is a perfect fit for all trendy interior designs.

The switch dolly remains stationary when it is “on” or “off”, and at the same time occupies a much smaller footprint.

It is the only mechanical switch to offer a mechanical moving indicator.

Price: Rs 249/pc

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For more innovative designs, check out their website here.

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5. Legrand

Legrand Switch

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As a global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructure in India, Legrand has been delivering end-to-end solutions across categories and sectors, from residential and commercial, to hospitality and industrial spaces.

The wiring accessories add a class to your house along with the focus on quality and technological brilliance.

Legrand also allows for customization of its products for a greater consumer satisfaction.

Glow in the dark switch indicators are not only fancy but serve the purpose of an emergency light at night too.

Thus, Legrand’s Lever switches are the optimum choice with a beveled design and slim profile to light up your room even in dark!

Price: Rs 86/pc

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Visit the website for the entire collection here.

6. Larsen and Tourbo

Larsen and Tourbo electric switch

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Larsen & Toubro is one of the largest and most respected companies in India with over 75 years of a strong customer focused approach.

L&T has unmatched capabilities in its  range of electrical wiring accessories comprising switches, sockets and other accessories that have been crafted to fulfill the desires of consumers in independent homes, residential and commercial buildings.

With their appealing design and technology edge, the range offers an unmatched blend of functionality, reliability and aesthetics.

The wiring accessories of the brand come with a warranty of 12 years.

ORIS from L&T are reliable and fire proof switches that are manufactured with silver coated brass terminals for more strength and fine quality.

Its glossy marble finish and rimless design leave only a hairline gap between the switches, making cleaning easy.

Price: Rs 153/pc

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Have a look at some more switch designs here

7. Orpat Electricals
Orpat Electricals Switch

Orpat Group is a pioneer in India to develop in-house Chips on Board Technology. Being an ISO certified company, it assures quality process, quality management systems and quality products.

The company is involved in manufacturing a wide range of well diversified products.

Orpat, with its continuous endeavours to strive for high precision premium class products has a strong R&D team that is continuously involved in achieving innovations for its products and process.

Visit the website and check out the entire range here

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8. Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd.

Polycab Wires switch

Polycab is a leading company in the electrical industry having the reputation of being the fastest growing company in the Indian Cable sector.

The company’s competitive edge lies in product innovation as well as superior quality and ready availability.

Today it has entered into several consumer-facing businesses such as fans, switches, lighting, switchgears etc, as part of its ambition to move from a pure B2B to B2C.

Give your homes and walls the luxury they deserve. Choose Levana from Polycab that are not only crafted intricately to the finest details but are also equipped with features such as LED lights, touch screens and much more.

Browse here for more designs

9. Simon

Simon Electric Switch

Simon is one of the most reputed global brands of low voltage electrical products from Spain with an experience of over 100 years in the business of manufacturing wiring accessories, LED lighting security and surveillance equipments, electrical protection systems, electric vehicle charging stations and a host of other electronic solutions which enhances the lives of people around the globe.

They aim to create superior customer experience and build long term relationships with sustainable growth to become a reputed company in wiring devices industry.

Sometimes less is more and the Simon 38 Vivid is a perfect blend of refined Spanish ingenuity with slivers of vibrant colours.

Visit the website to have a look at some more designer switches by Simon here.



10. GM Modular

GM Modular Switch

Redefining switch manufacturing in India, GM as a company believes in constant innovation to curb out dullness from the interiors of your place.

They make designs that compliment your lifestyle because good design inspires a good living.

GM has been the first company to introduce some revolutionary products like new generation switches and Wi-Fi home automation with a strong R&D team, further complimented by an equally dedicated and capable product design team.

With an ambition to create technology that is functional and worthy of money, GM’s range of smart switches comes in unconventional designs that reflect beauty, elegance and richness altogether.

Have a look at their range of modular switches here 

Whatever brand of switches you choose to favour, make sure safety and convenience are at your fingertips!

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