Best Modular Switches in India For Homes and Offices

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Whether you are building your dream home or renovating one, apart from furniture and furnishing, electrical systems require your attention. If your home was built a couple of decades ago, then most probably it is using the old electrical switches and sockets. Although durable, these switches pose a challenge when you have to replace them. Put in place with screws at both ends that get rusty, making it difficult to replace the switches when needed.

Fortunately, the increased application of modular design in the electrical systems has led to the evolution of switches and sockets. Now there are modular switches available that are easy to replace. Before we elaborate which are the best modular switches in India and what brands you can trust, we inevitably explain how to choose the right modular switch for your home or office.


A no brainer, modular switches are available in so many designs that you can easily find one to meet the aesthetics of appliances you want to use it with. But we recommend you to choose the modular switch design based on your home’s overall interior decor. Unlike wall paint, these switches will remain for a long period, it is better to choose a design that will compliment most of the wall colours such as neutral shades of grey.

Quality of Materials 

If you are buying the best modular switches in India, they have to be fire and shock-resistant. This is why always check what material is being used. Most electrical brands offer modular switches that reduce the risk of electrical fires.


How often do you have to look for a compatible socket just because you have an electrical device or appliance that comes with plug pins that do not fit in Indian sockets? You do not have to be embarrassed anymore when any of your friends or family members visit you, as modern modular switches often support multiple pins so your visitors will not have to carry extensions or adapters to charge their phones or laptops. Look for a modular switch and socket set that supports multiple pins.

Repair & Replacement

One of the most important reasons to switch to modular switches is to avoid all the hassle that conventional switches raise. Modular switches do not need the entire faceplate to be unscrewed for replacement. Often when you remove the faceplate, it damages the wallpaper or paints around it. Modular switches and sockets do not require you to detach the whole plate, instead, the faulty switch can be replaced by a front-loading mechanism. Convenience is one of the reasons why you move to modular switches.

Child Safety

The safety of toddlers and young children has always been a fundamental concern. Modular switches solve the problem by offering enhancement safety as compared to conventional switches. Most modular switches accompany sockets that have retracting shutters and even some have sensors to automatically cut current flow when an accident is detected. We already have covered the top modular switches in India for homes.


Top 10 Modular Switches in India 

Now you know what to look in a modular switch, it is important to know which brands offer the best modular switches in India for homes, offices and other installations. Several brands offer the best modular switches but we have picked the ones that have the widest product range, offering switches for both regular and high-power use. We also focused on brands that keep a look at the aesthetics of their product design to offer the best-designed modular switches.

Here are the top modular switches in India that GreatBuyz recommends.

1. Havells Coral 10 A One Way Electrical Modular Switch


Havells Coral Switch
Havells Coral Switch


Havells is one of the most refined engineering brands that caters to over 50 countries worldwide. Havells Coral 10 A One Way modular switch is based on innovative technology that is designed with ultramodern artistic charm. We recommend the Coral modular switch range by Havells because of their glossy finish and availability in a variety of flat-full designs that compliment most wall designs.

This electrical switch is an ISI marked product conforming to IS-3854 -1997. It is guaranteed to have lifetime endurance and built with UV stabilized polycarbonate. A fireproof mechanism at the core makes Havells Coral 10 A One Way Electrical Modular Switch suitable for your homes, offices and industrial applications.

Price- INR 227/pack of 4


2. Legrand Mylinc 6A 1-Way Polycarbonate Switch

legrand mylinc switch
Legrand Mylinc Switch


Legrand is a global brand that remains unbeatable and provides complete electrical solutions to residential, commercial and hospitality segments.

Legrand Mylinc 6A 1-Way Polycarbonate modular switch is different from most of the other switches as it comes with a Linc-loc mechanism for easy installation. For maximum safety, it has IP 20 finger proof protection that guards against accidental contact with live wires. This switch is an ISI marked product conforming to the IS 3854:1997 standard. Laser markings make it further easier to understand the right orientation of the switch during installation.

Price-INR 85/pc


3. Havells Crabtree Athena 10A Two-Way Switch 

havells crabtree switch
Havells Crabtree Switch


Another Havells’ sub-brand, Crabtree is already a preferred choice for luxuriously styled modular switches for homes and offices. Crabtree Crabtree Athena 10A Two-Way Switch combines state-of-the-art technology with aesthetics to adorn walls for years.

This Crabtree modular switch is provided with all the safety and durability features. The silver cadmium oxide contacts offer high conductivity and at the same time have anti-weld properties that imply in case of a spark or lose connection, the contacts won’t melt. To enhance switch life there is self-lubrication and GF nylon 66 plungers for high mechanical strength. Crabtree Athena 10A Two-Way switch conforms to the IS-3854-1997 electrical safety standard. Furthermore, for easy operation, it comes with the labyrinth effect that minimizes the visibility of arc. You don’t have to worry about installing this modular switch outdoors as it comes with UV light stabilized and flame-retardant unbreakable engineering plastic housing with steel springs that do not rust.

Price-INR 125/pc


4. Englaze by Larsen & Toubro (L & T)

englaze modular switch
Engalze Modular Switch


Very few Indian consumers are aware that Larsen & Toubro, an electrical and mechanical giant known for large scale projects also offer electrical products for homes and offices.

Engalze modular switches from L&T are designed to look flat from all angles and they are not just glamorous but extremely smart and practical too. You do not have to look for adapters to charge your devices. Everything is included in Englaze modular switch and socket set such as HDMI, USB, VGA, and RCA ports. The contact points are made to be spark-free and high resistant to heat to avoid welding. If you are germophobic then you will love that Englaze modular switches come with infused silver that keeps it anti-bacterial forever.

Price-INR 60/Pc


5. Anchor Polycarbonate Roma One Way Switch 6 Amp

anchor polycarbonate switch
Anchor Polycarbonate Switch


Before being acquired by Panasonic in 2007, Anchor was a market leader in electrical products and switches. Today, Anchor is one of the most competitive modular switch brands.

Anchor Polycarbonate Roma One Way Modular Switch is a budget product with all the features that you get from high-end brands. It has engineered plastic housing that is resistant to fire and UV radiation making it suitable for courtyard lighting and gardens. Copper contacts in the switch are designed to provide maximum conductivity and easily withstand any surge in voltage. Whether you are looking for the best modular switches for residential, commercial or hospitality use, you can rely on Anchor Polycarbonate Roma One Way Switch.

Price-INR 540/pc


6. Platia Modular Switch by Wipro North-West

platia modular switch
Platia Modular Switch


Wipro North-East needs no introduction as it is one of the most sought-after modular switches brands in India.

Platia modular switch from North-West is one of the most superior quality products on the market that comes with all the features that one expects from specialized modular switches. With just 7.2 mm thickness, this switch compliments your wall décor. It comes with only four-part assembly built to withstand 1,00,000 on/off cycles. It is designed to be used for residential as well as commercial applications. You don’t have to worry about Platia modular switch losing its charm after a while as it is built from impact-resistant material and provided with the fade-proof finish.

Price-INR 90/Pc

7. CONA Status Series 9386 16A One Way Modular Switch

cona modular switch
Cona Modular Switch


If you want the best modular switches in India for commercial and residential use that are available eaisly, Cona is a brand that you can trust.

CONA Status Series 9386 16A One Way Modular Switch is an excellent choice for every home and office as it comes with the necesary safety features. With a powerful steel spring working at the core, this modular switch can operate for more than a million clicks. Copper contacts ensure that there are high conductivity and resistance to any power surge. Availability in multiple designs and varied texture makes it even easier to find a switch that matches your décor.

Price-INR 699/pc


8. Schneider Clipsal X 10A 2 Way Switch 

schneider modular switch
Schneider Modular Switch


A brand that has over 180 years of experience in electrical equipment manufacturing, Schneider Electric offers the best modular switches in India under the Clipsal brand.

Clipsal X 10A 2 Way modular switch is available in vibrant colours and textures to be picked according to your décor. This switch is designed to withstand over 1 million clicks that make it suitable for both commercial as well as residential use. It is a 10A switch which makes it suitable for grouping as it can handle as many loads as you put on it. It has the best mechanism that produces the least noise, making switching unobtrusive. If you are a style-conscious personality then Clipsal X 10A 2 Way modular switch will appeal to you as it comes with dual-tone colour, contemporary slope design, and smooth finish to avoid light reflection.

Price-INR 98/pc


9. Polycab Levana 10A 2 Way 1 Module White Switch Pro

polycab modular switche
Polycab Modular Switch


Polycab is one of the brands that define engineering as a form of art. The Levana range from the brand is a premium quality modular switch line. The Polycab Levana 10A 2 Way 1 Module White Switch Pro is a high-quality modular switch that has a fire-resistant and weatherproof housing. The four-assembly model of this modular switch makes it long-lasting and easy to operate. You don’t have to worry about any earthing shocks as the entire body is sealed to prevent any current leakage. Materials used in the Levana 10A 2 Way 1 Module White Switch Pro are sourced from reliable vendors so you can rely on its build quality.

Price-INR 71/pc

10. Simon Modular Switches

Simon Modular Switch


Spanish brand with more than a century of experience in low voltage electrical manufacturing, Simon has a large range of modular switches to offer under the ‘Harmony of Expressions’ and ‘Form Meets Function’ ranges.

We recommend you their Classic Grafito modular switch that is a sleek and slim designed product with brilliant engineering at its core. You will have a modular switch that has noiseless functioning, making switching entirely non-obtrusive. There are lots of features to look out for. The brass captive screws do not fall out when you are unscrewing them. Shrouded terminals ensure that you do not touch any metallic part when fixing the wire. All three wires-live, neutral and earth can be inserted from the top of the switch. Above all, you do not have to even remove the base plate, you can easily replace the switch from the front.

Wrapping it up 

Modular switches are more than aesthetics and durability, they are better alternatives to conventional switches as they are easy to install and comes with a lot more modern features.

With so many brands around it’s easier to get confused while picking the best modular switches in India. This buying guide is an attempt to help you buy the best modular switch offered by brands that have a high trust value.