Best Mosquito Bat in India: Top 5 Products to Buy Online

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As soon as summer kicks in, we start dreading the plague of mosquitoes. These blood-sucking bugs are not only a nightmare but also pose serious health risks such as dengue and malaria. There exist numerous solutions including mosquito repellents that are used by people for ages but still they lack in one area or another.

But thanks to novel engineering, someone invented the formidable mosquito-killing racket and since then millions of people have made their lives bug-free. You have all the right to swing a mosquito bat at these insects because if unchecked, these bugs can bring you down with fatal diseases and take away your peaceful night’s sleep.

GreatBuyz has picked the top 5 mosquito killer rackets in India that you can buy online. We chose them after a deep investigation about their effectiveness and value for money factor.

Top 5 Mosquito Rackets in India

1. Hunter Brand Mosquito Killer Swatter Zapper Bat

Hunter Mosquito Racket



Hunter Zapper is one of the best brands to buy a mosquito bat from. There is nothing more annoying than attacking bugs and the pesky infections they carry. A mosquito racket remains one of the best tools to get rid of the bugs and mosquitoes in your home and office space. One of the best-selling mosquito bats, it comes with 6 months warranty. Its low current and high voltage operation make it a killer for bugs but safe for humans and pets.

Why you should consider this mosquito killer racket:  

100% environment-friendly

Simple and convenient to use

Easy to recharge

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

No side effects or allergies as you face with conservative repellents

An additional layer of the net to protect users against accidental electric shock

6 Months Manufacturer Warranty


2. Pick Ur Needs® Rocklight Mosquito Racket/Bat with Torch 

Pick Ur Needs Mosquito Racket



A professional-grade mosquito bat, the Pick Ur Needs® Rocklight Mosquito Racket is an easy-to-use fly swatter. It has a high coil fence to make it more effective. It comes with two external layers of protection to safeguard humans and pets from accidental low power shock.

Offering a backup of 6-8 hours on a single charge, this mosquito killer racket is a truly reliable and professional zapper. Forget toxic bug sprays to get rid of wasps, mosquitoes, and flies, this swatter is something every home needs.

Why buy this mosquito killer racket:

Professional grade mosquito bat

Convenient to handle

Easy to use and recharge

Offers up to 8 hours of backup on a single charge

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use

100% environment-friendly

3. HOME CUBE – LT-3362 Rechargeable Electronic Mosquito Flies Killer Trap Bat

Home Cube Mosquito Racket



The most economical mosquito bat on the list, Home Cube LT-3362 is a product that saves you money, energy, and resources. An affordable mosquito racket, it is safe not only for you but for your pets as well. You need this bat for getting rid of malaria and dengue causing mosquitoes and other bugs. You will feel the instant gratification when you will be able to kill bugs with this zapper in one swing.

If you are allergic to toxic sprays or want a mosquito repellant that you can use in kitchen or patio eating areas, this is the ideal mosquito bat that you can use without posing any risk to your health or the environment.

Why we recommend it:

Easy and simple to use

Can be recharged using a USB cable

In-built 4.5 hours backup

3 layers net

Hard plastic body

Protection activating button to prevent accidental use by kids

Powerful inbuilt rechargeable LI-on battery.

100% environment-friendly.

4. Citra Fly Swatter Mosquito Bat with LED Torch

Citra Mosquito Racket


Enjoying a bug-free environment has never been easier. A mosquito bat can provide an essential bug eradication service but what if it comes with an additional feature of an in-built LED torch. The Citra Fly Swatter Mosquito Bat offers you these features.

A highly reliable mosquito racket can be used to zap not only mosquitoes but also wasps, flies, and midges. It is 100% environmentally safe made from recycled plastic. For protection against accidental shocks, it comes with a protection activation button. This mosquito bat operates on an inbuilt rechargeable Li-ion battery. If you often hold parties or barbeque sessions in your garden, you need this mosquito killer racquet, to keep your events bug free.

Why buy it:

No need to swing, again and again, zaps bugs in a single contact

Completely safe to use

100% environment-friendly

Inbuilt rechargeable Li-ion battery

Operates with protection activation button preventing any accidental shocks

An excellent alternative to toxic bug sprays

5. Kmltail Mosquito Killing Racket

Kmltail Mosquito Racket


Last on our list of best mosquito bats, is the Kmltail Mosquito Killer Racket. Do not let the mosquitoes and flying bugs ruin your restful night’s sleep. With this mosquito racket, you can maintain a peaceful atmosphere, getting rid of all kinds of bugs. It also saves you from the awful smell of toxic bug sprays. Just charge this racket and get rid of mosquitoes with few swings. It’s enhanced 3-layer structure easily catches insects and flies. There are two external protections layers to avoid accidental shocks.

Why we recommend it:

The unique three-layer grid catch insect effortlessly

Chemical and toxic-free insect repellent alternative

Two external layers protect human and pets

It is ideal for picnics and BBQ’s

Can kill mosquitoes, flies, moths, wasps, gnats, and more.

Believe it or not, the struggle with bugs is a real sleep depriver, not to mention the health risk it poses. An electronic mosquito bat is a perfect solution to get rid of mosquitoes, bugs, flies, wasps, moths, and more. An ideal alternative to toxic repellants, the mosquito rackets are cost-effective, environment-friendly, and convenient to use.

Frequently Asked Questions related to Mosquito Bat

Q. Is a mosquito killer racket safe? 

Most mosquito bats are engineered to operate with high voltage but lower current. This makes them safe for humans and pets. Furthermore, these rackets have a protection layer and activation switch to prevent accidental shocks.

Q. How to use a mosquito bat at night? 

The mosquito rackets we listed above have a torch function, so you do not have to put on the lights to kill bugs.

Q. How long it takes to charge a mosquito racket? 

Although, it entirely depends on the product and specific brands, usually it takes around 8 hours to charge a mosquito bat fully.