11 Best Online Movie Ticket Booking Websites in India

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Whether you are Bollywood fanatic, a Hollywood fan or enjoy watching regional movies, the advent of online movie ticket booking in India has made our lives a whole lot easier.

You now have an extensive list of movies and theatres to choose from, no queues to bother about, fantastic offers when you book tickets online, select a convenient time & place and get a seat of your choice.

Below is curated list of the top 11 movie booking websites of 2018 in India.

These have been chosen based on 3 criteria – Their database, ie how many movies and theatres do they typically feature, their reputation and customer experience and pricing.


BookMyshow - online movie ticket booking website
BookMyshow Website



India’s first ticketing aggregator – BookMyShow launched in August 2007 and continues to be the most popular online movie ticket booking website till date.

They have set records like selling 2.2 million tickets alone in a single weekend for Bahubali2 and 3 million movie tickets in a single weekend for Dangal besides constantly catering to customers from all over the country for movies spanning regional languages, Bollywood and Hollywood.

With multiple theatres on offer including chains like PVR Cinemas, INOX, Cinemax, Cinepolis and tons of local cinemas, BookMyShow is the baap of online ticketing for movies in India. Besides movies, they also cater to the theatre, events, cricket matches and much more.


Paytm.com - online booking for movie tickets
Paytm Website



Whether it’s the last moment plan with your friends or a blockbuster you want to see the first-day first show, Paytm has made the online booking for movie tickets a breeze for you.

It’s easy to use interface and the large number of theatres to choose from makes the online movie ticket booking experience a pleasure.

You get to choose the seats you want, select the show timings and even get attractive Paytm wallet loyalty cashback and discounts! With a safe payment system, you already have tons of users using Paytm to book their movie tickets.



TicketPlease website - tickets for movies
TicketPlease Website



A one-stop portal for all ticket needs, ticketplease.com offers tickets for movies, concerts, plays and sporting events at your fingertips.

Their USP is the host of offers and features it offers as you buy tickets from their website, ensuring movie buffs and entertainment seekers get the best value for their money when they look for buying tickets online.

The site is easy to navigate and the brand has tied up with leading multiplexes along with several single screen theatres across India to provide customers the convenience of ticketing almost anywhere.



ChalCinema.com - online movies ticket booking website
ChalCinema Website


Chal Cinema is a paradise for movie lovers and entertainment buffs, offering access to movies, theatres, and film-related content.

Here you can buy instant tickets to your favorite movies in your preferred cinema theatres and also view the top critic’s ratings on the ongoing movies.

You can view the profiles of your favorite cinema theatres on parameters that matter the most and also rate the theatre’s basis your experience. Since the whole ecosystem of this website is user-centric, customers are bound to benefit from it.


ticket4u.in - buying movie tickets online
Ticket4u.In Website



A simple website with basic features, ticket4u.in is a good option for booking tickets at local theatres with nominal booking charges.

The other interesting feature offered by ticket4u.in is their daily updates where you can provide them with your mobile number and they send show booking information to your mobile number through a message or call.


justtickets.in - buying movie tickets online
Justtickets.In Website



A quick and easy way to book tickets online, justtickets.in is a one-stop solution for buying movie tickets online for both current and upcoming movies.

With a large number of theatres listed on this portal, it brings the convenience of booking movies to your fingertips.


Ticketnew.com - online movie tickets booking website
Ticketnew.com Website



Ticketnew.com  is another revolutionary site that has changed the online movie ticket booking scenario.

A tough competitor to BookMyShow.com, Ticketnew.com also offers quick and easy movie ticket booking online and offers customers several benefits, discounts, and deals for using the portal for bookings.

They also have a referral programme in place that makes the deal sweeter.


Easymovies.in - online ticket booking website
Easymovies.In Website



EasyMovies is an Online Ticketing provider that allows users to book tickets using the usual payment modes like credit card, debit card, and net banking and also offers the convenience of creating an EasyMovies -Wallet (Prepaid Ticket Money) and use that.

They have kiosks at the concerned theatres where you can print your tickets and enjoy the convenience of a physical ticket in spite of booking online. Here is to making life easy!



PVR Cinemas online movie tickets booking website
PVR Cinemas Website



If you are a PVR Cinema fan and want to book at your favorite theatre, then you can go straight to the PVR Cinemas website and book your movie tickets at the PVR theatre of your choice.

All you need to do is to select the location, movie, time and date and your job is done! Enjoy the convenience of selecting your own seats and beat the queues!


AGS Cinemas

AGS Cinemas - online movie tickets booking website
AGS Cinemas Website



If Chennai is your base, then you can choose to book directly on the AGS Cinemas app and enjoy the convenience of online movie ticket booking directly from the theatre.

With three outlets in Chennai and the option of booking quick tickets as well as bulk tickets, the website though takes time to load, offers the convenience of direct booking.

SPI Cinemas

SPI Cinemas online movie tickets booking website
SPI Cinemas Website



If you would like to book tickets for any of the SPI Cinemas across the 8 cities they are currently present in, then their portal is the place to go.

They offer ticket booking facilities for all their brands including Escape, Pallazo and Le Reve that focus on a luxurious cinematic experience combining great sound, visual appeal, and architecture.

Most of their theatres are based in South India and offer a unique experience while they also have one in Mumbai, the Bollywood capital of the country.