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10 Best New Year Gifting Ideas for Husband or Boyfriend (India Targeted)

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~Gifting things that will help create memories this New Year~

For the ones you love, gifting needs to excuse as exchanging gifts is a given. It increases the love and strengthens the bond making the person feel special.

With New Year just round the corner, it goes without saying that the gift for the one you love has to be super special.

We hand pick top 10 new year gifting options for your boyfriend/husband/brother… things that are sure to make him feel that he indeed is your Prince Charming.

1. Hipsters Traveller’s Notebook

A perfect and a must-give gift for the New Year. Of course you can choose to opt for any other diary/notebook too but make sure to give one.

A notebook/diary inspires one to write. It come handy and it is one gift that can never go waste.

This particular one is handpicked for its design and utility. With two small notebooks, it also has a provision to insert the passport, visiting cards, money etc.

The leather cover gives it a classy look. Each time your partner uses it, he is sure to silently thank-you for it.

Hipsters Traveller’s Notebook

You can check it out here

Price: Rs. 1099

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2. Wallet

Men usually are too lazy to ensure that the things they use are in proper shape and sheen.

A wallet is one of those ignored accessories, that they really do not mind using in a partially tattered state, as long as it serves the purpose of helping them keep their money and cards secured.

But, buy them a new one, and see their face light up! This elegantly designed wallet from Hidesign is a perfect gift for your man.

Its also a great way to have him remember you everything time he uses it to make a payment, and hint him to buy you a gift too! Wicked us!

Amazon - Hidesign Brown Wallet

You can check it out here

Price: Rs 1482

 3. Titan Neo Black Dial Multifunction Watch

Time is precious and it needs to be treated wisely. Time creates memories. And a watch is a perfect gift to begin the New Year with.

It will not only remind your beloved to use his time wisely but also with each passing second, you are going to be close to him no matter how big is the distance.

After all, he is going to be having it on his wrist wherever he goes.

Titan Neo Black Dial Multifunction Watch for Men

You can check it out here

Price: Rs. 5495

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4. A Good Read

So is your man on his journey to self discovery? Help him achieve his dreams and gift him a morale booster and an inspirational read that would help him ideate better.

How 11 Indians Pulled Off the Impossible – Making  Breakthrough Innovations by author Porus Munshi is a must read for everyone.

This New Year gift him this book and see the twinkle in his eyes as he prepares a roadmap to make the year the best for him and you!

11 Indians Pulled Off the Impossible - Making  Breakthrough Innovations by author Porus Munshi

You can check it out here

Price: Rs. 319

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5. Sand Timer

A perfect gift that he will proudly put on his desk. It is surely going to serve its purpose too when he plays mind games and wants to keep a track of how soon he manages to complete them.

You can give this with a note inspiring him to set aside a minute at regular intervals to either play a quick game or just breathe and empty his mind from his work stress. We know he is most certainly going to love this one!

Sand stand


You can check it out here

Price: Rs 750


6. Banking Folder

Keeping all banking documents neat is always a challenge.

These guys have designed a fantastic product that would help your partner stack his passbooks, cheque book and other important banking slips in a personalized pouch/folder.

You can opt to either personalize it with a message or his name. This becomes a lovely New Year gift, especially if your man is from the ones who messes his drawers/cupboards looking for that one document he needs urgently!

Banking Folder

You can check it out here

Price: Rs. 699


7. Face Care

Men are usually shy to express their need to look after themselves.

The beauty market is flooded with advertisements for ladies beauty and skin care products but we hardly have options for men except for a few face washes which to be honest, a man would find awkward to go and buy.

Pamper him with a lovely face care gift box from Kama Ayurveda. He too deserves his moments of pampering and care, isn’t it?

face care gift box from Kama Ayurveda

Check it out here

Price: Rs. 525


8. Beer Mug

A perfect complement to his beer belly, he is going to love this one!

It would be a treat to watch his reaction when he opens it especially if you have always been nagging him to keep his beer intake in check.

Of course, this mug doesn’t imply that, but you can put a note saying … With love just to remind you that you do not need to refill it all at one go!

This handcrafted beer mug from Fabindia is classy and just perfect as a New Year gift.

Beer Mug

You can check it out here

Price: 590

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9. A Clean Shave

Gift him this wonderful trimmer from Alan Truman and see him get excited like a little boy with a new toy.

True to its name – Atom is a mind blowing mean shaving tool that is driven by the patented professional Micro 212 motor, the most powerful trimmer in its class.

This one perhaps would be one of his most cherished New Year gifts, and something he would use for years to come!

A Clean Shave

You can check it out here

Price: Rs. 5399

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10. Name a Star

And to conclude, if you aren’t too keen on gifting him something that has a utility value attached to it, why not gift him a star!

No no…. we aren’t high. We are seriously sharing this wonderful option with you that is literally going to make your man jump with joy that he has a star named after him!

Just share your partner’s name, select the zodiac and a star will be automatically picked for them.

The package will include a personalized certificate with the name of the person and a constellation chart with the location of the star. And you can even add a personalized message on the certificate.

Name a Star

You can check the details out here

Price: Rs. 1650

Aren’t these fabulous ideas? Pull that card of yours out from the wallet and order the one that best suits your need. Happy Gifting this New Year 2018!

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