Best Diapers for Newborns & Babies (Disposable & Cloth Diapers) in India

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From being considered to be luxury for babies, diapers have now become a necessity. Not long ago, parents reserved the use of diapers for outdoors but today, even in small towns and villages, you will see a baby in a diaper as against a cloth nappy.

In fact, using diapers for a newborn too has seen a sharp rise in India.

Pampers and Huggies can be given the credit to set the ball rolling for acceptance of diapers in India but the actual spread of these can be attributed to local brands and the imported ones from Malaysia and Indonesia.

We pick 2019’s best diapers available in India for newborns  & babies. The list includes pick of the top disposable & cloth diapers.

1. Pampers

Owned by P&G, Pampers is one of the earliest diaper brands in India and is almost synonymous with diapers.

They have kept up with the changing times and introduced different kind of diapers for newborns, babies and toddlers. Off late, the brand is strongly promoting their pant range diapers.

Pamper Pant Style Medium Size Diapers

Pamper Pant Style Medium Size Diapers
Pamper Medium Size Diapers


These come with Air Channels to provide overnight dryness. This is possible with the Magic Gel that locks wetness away for up to 12 hours.

The product design enables a comfortable fit, closer to the baby’s body with its flexible waist band that adapts to baby’s movements.

Enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera, the fear of nappy rash can be eliminated.

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2. Huggies

Following closely on the heels of Pampers, would be Huggies. Though what sets them apart is their attention to detail.

They have a special range for girls and one for boys and naturally they come packed in blue and pink respectively.

From ultra-soft diapers to ultra-soft pant diapers to wonder pants, you have quite some choice being offered by the brand.

Huggies Ultra Soft Diapers (small)

Huggies Ultra Soft Diapers (small)
Huggies Ultra Soft Diapers


Apt for a new born, these diapers are designed to even absorb running poo thus giving the baby a complete dry feeling even if you forget to check on his diaper.

Perfect to fit babies under 5 kgs, these diapers are extra soft, perfect for the skin of a newborn. What makes them even special is the wetness indicator that helps you change the diaper right in time.

Night of day, sleep time or playtime, these diapers ensure up to 12 hours of dryness.

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3. Mamy Poko Pants

This is the brand responsible to introduce us to pant style diapers in India. Their jingle with their name – Mamy Poko Pants rings in your ears the moment you take their name!

Such has been their powerful advertising campaign.

Where Huggies and Pampers concentrated educating their customers on why they need to use diapers, Mamy Poko Pants rode on to the narrative already created and showed active and chirpy babies dancing in their pant style diapers.

Mamy Poko Pant Style XXXL

Mamy Poko Pant Style Diapers
Mamy Poko Pant Style Diapers


Worried about not finding a diaper for your child once she crosses about 30 kgs? Well, Mamy Poko Pants has designed these that perfectly fit children between 18-35 kgs.

The super absorption technology effectively absorbs up to 6 glasses thus allowing the child to feel comfortable for maximum time.

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4. Himalaya Baby

There isn’t a category that Himalaya is not present in – be it creams and health supplements for adults to toothpaste and shampoos and a host of other daily use products.

Their baby care range includes diapers, wipes, baby oil, baby cream etc.

The brand has not been able to create its standing in the diaper market but then going by the way they have captured attention in other categories, we wouldn’t be surprised if they offer a stiff competition to Pampers and Huggies in the near future.

Himalaya Total Care Small Size Baby Pant Diapers

Himalaya Total Care Small Size Baby Pant Diapers
Himalaya Baby Pant Diapers


Enriched with the goodness of Aloe Vera and uashada bhasma, these pant style diapers from Himalaya offer a soft and comfortable fit to the little one. The anti-rash shield does its job well to keep irritation and rash at bay.

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5. Mee Mee

A one stop shop solution for all that you and your baby need is made available by the brand – be it baby creams to a maternity kit, you have it all!

Log on to their portal – and check the plethora of products and apparels they have to offer.

From multi-features prams to narrow-necked nail clippers, from breathable diapers to easy to clean breast pumps, each of their products are aimed to ensure you experience the joy of parenting with certified products.

Premium Breathable Baby Diapers with Wetness Indicator

Mee Mee Premium Breathable Baby Diapers
Mee Mee Breathable Baby Diapers


Inspired by mothers, these diapers use super absorbent polymer technology to make a premium quality, breathable product that is exceptionally soft and cloth-like.

It comes with a Wetness Indicator that helps to know when the diaper is full and the baby needs a change. Smart, isn’t it?

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7. Diaper Champ

From Netherlands, this brand offers clinically proven, hypoallergenic diapers for babies.

Their entire range revolves around the USP of being chemical free which includes being 100% parabens free. All of their diapers are light in weight thus extending a next-to-skin feel for the little ones.

Diaper Champ Baby’s Chlorine and Paraben Less

Diaper Champ Baby’s Chlorine and Paraben Less
Diaper Champ Baby Diapers


Chlorine, bleach, fragrance, lotion, latex and dye free, these lovely diapers comes with 6 layers absorption core with crisscross channels.

We are quite impressed with its make that is made with a blend of sap and virgin wood pulp that makes liquid absorption quick and easy.

The acquisition diffusion layer diffuses the water to the bottom of the diaper core ensuring the surface stays dry for long without leaving any moisture to make the baby feel uncomfortable.

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8. Cuddles Super Pants

With diaper pants as their core speciality, Cuddles Super Pants has diapers that are designed to guarantee comfort, dryness and protection.

The brand claims to be India’s first diaper pants with highly advanced QuickMax Absorption Technology that has been trademarked by them.

Cuddles Pant Style Diapers (Extra Large)

Cuddles Pant Style Diapers (Extra Large)
Cuddles Pant Style Diapers


Pick these up to allow your baby to experience a super dry feel. The diaper features a stay dry top layer, a contoured layer which guides the liquid downward and keeps the baby super dry.

The feathery soft material is gentle and keeps the baby comfortable.

9. Bella Happy

From the house of Tzmo Group, Bella Happy Diapers are catching the fancy of Indian moms!

Their range of diapers are perfect for a child. They stand through the diaper rash free system with their five unique features that are developed keeping in mind the feedback received from their patrons.

Bella Baby Happy Diapers

Bella Baby Happy Diapers
Bella Baby Happy Diapers


These ultra soft diapers come with umbilical cord cutting facilitate free air flow that minimize the risk of irritation in the sensitive baby’s navel area.

The special outer cover allows full air circulation that keeps the right temperature inside a diaper and the green tea extract has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

The diaper features a wetness indicator helping you know the time when you baby needs a change!

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10. Babymoon Cloth Diaper

Where these new age diapers are convenient to use, we cannot negate the environment hazard they contribute too. For those who are open to using cloth diapers, Babymoon has the best option available.

These reusable diapers are also skin friendly as against the disposable diapers. We highly recommend you trying the product once.

Babymoon (set of 2) 1 Cloth Diaper with 5 Layers Charcoal Bamboo Insert

Babymoon Cloth Diaper
Babymoon Cloth Diaper


The insert comes with a three layer of super absorbent microfiber, the covering of which is made using 2 layers of bamboo material. The insert can either be placed in the pocket of the nappy or you can place it on the nappy itself.

The all in one size of the nappy allows you to use it for your baby as he grows from a new born to a toddler – all you have to do is use the three rows of adjustable snaps to allow for a small/medium/large size in one cloth diaper itself.

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10. Super Bottoms

With an offline as well as an online presence via their exclusive portal, Super Bottoms has a range for you to choose form – from cloth diapers to cloth training pants!

The prints of these diapers are amazing – from ikkat to funky cartoon prints. They are working towards making cloth diapers as a fashion statement for the little ones!

So in all, these diapers are not just great for baby’s skin but are also extremely eco-friendly and economical. And of course they also look adorable!

Super Bottoms Cover Diapers

Super Bottoms Cover Diapers
Super Bottoms Cover Diapers


We are quite impressed with their Cover Diapers. These come with 1 certified organic cotton stay-dry soaker. The outer is made of supersoft fabric that is gentle on baby’s skin and the covers come with snaps to hold soakers.

You can also buy them from Amazon here.

11. Bumpadum

Providing next generation diapers and accessories, Bumpadum cloth diapers have a super chic range to choose from. The prints of the diapers are eye catching and the material used is soft and eco-friendly.

In an average, if you begin using Bumpadum cloth diapers, you can end up saving close to 30-60% of the amount you would have otherwise spent on the disposable diapers.

Celestial Neo v2 All-in-One Diaper

Bumpadum Diaper
Bumpadum Diaper


This One Size AAll-in-One diaper comes with 4 side snap settings, making it apt for a child between the age of 3-7 kgs.

The 4 absorbent layers topped with micro fleece give stellar absorbency as well as protects the skin from wetness. The butterfly soft fabric on the inside helps keep baby’s skin dry and comfortable.

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12. Alvababy

This imported cloth diaper offers AI0, AI2 and pocket diapers.

The outer layer of these diapers are made using TPU (laminated cloth) and the inner layer consists of stay-dry suede cloth which does not hold moisture by itself, but it draws the moisture to the insert to keep your baby wet-free. All of their diapers come in super cute prints!

Alva Baby Microsuede Pocket Diaper with Microfiber Insert

Alvababy Diapers
Alvababy Diapers


This one size diaper fits babies between 2-15 kgs. With the stay dry suede cloth being used for the inner layer, the baby experiences zero discomfort and the soft and stretchy elastics around the legs and thighs allow an all day comfort to your little one.

It comes with 2 inserts which should last you for almost an entire day. Since it is a picket diaper, you can use two inserts together to increase the absorption.

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Your little one deserves nothing but the best. When it comes to his nappies, you can check the skin friendliness of both – the cloth diapers and the disposable ones.

Where the reusable cloth diapers are perfect when it comes to offering the baby’s bum a natural feel, the disposable ones too help keep the bay dry for longer periods.

So perhaps you can have a mix of both – reserve the cloth ones for indoor use and use the disposable ones when stepping outdoors.

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