Top 10 Plywood Brands in India (2019)

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Plywood is the backbone of not just your furniture but really speaking the entire house décor because well, what’s a home without wood! Thus, it’s important to use the right brand of plywood to increase the life of your décor and furniture. Moreover, plywood is now available in several thicknesses, densities, made of wood from different sources, chemically treated to resist water, moisture, etc, making the choice of what plywood brand to use all the more crucial.

Here So here is a list to make your task a bit easy. We bring to you the top 10 plywood brands in India.


1.Kitply Industries Ltd.



As children we have grown up watching Kitply advertisements playing on our television sets. Incorporated in 1982, Kitply has a staff strength of a whopping 1,000 employees across the country! Today, they are the largest supplier of wood veneer, general plywood, decorative plywood, block boards, adhesive and decorative laminates. The range that they have to offer when it comes to plywood is impressive so you have quite a few options to choose from. All of the options come with their USP. Check with your designer/contractor on all the options available and make sure to be involved in the buying decision.

Kitply Royale

Your search for a densified plywood that is 100 per cent waterproof and built to keep termites and bores away ends with Kitply Royale. The infusion of GLP in the glue line area of Kitply Royale ensures that it remains protected against termites attacks and bores.

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2.Century Ply Boards (India) Pvt. Ltd.

 Even if you have never had to deal with plywood, it is highly unlikely that you wouldn’t have heard of this name – Century. The 2nd largest plywood brand in India, Century is close to completing three decades in the market and has a turnover of Rs 4,000 crore. Kolkata-based, they have a strong patronage across India.

Century Elasto

Bring home India’s first flexible BWP Grade ply made using rigid hardwood which is transformed into flexible timber without weighing down its original characteristics. The bonding system is perfect thus ensuring that the ply does not lose its flexibility.

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3.Greenply Industries Limited


One of the most prominent players in the plywood market, Greenply stands tall amongst competition with a Rs 2000 crore turnover and it is a listed company as well. Its portfolio range includes decorative veneers, restroom cubicles, decorative laminates and medium density fiber boards.

Green Gold Prima Plywood

If you live near the sea or any water body, then this plywood is a must for you! An IS 710 certified product, it is not only borer proof and termite resistant but it also protects itself against fungus and other harmful weather conditions. With 100 per cent composed core, it is made using selected hardwood.

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4.National Plywood Industries Limited


Ranked as one of the top 5 players in the manufacturing of plywood, National Plywood Industries has a pan India presence. Besides plywood, it manufacturers block boards, flush doors, decorative laminate products and absorbent craft paper. The company takes pride in manufacturing plywood that is made using Hollong and Makai grades of timber.

Platinum Club Plywood

Made using selected hardwood veneers that are bonded with BWP grade phenol formaldehyde resin using preservation of glue line technology, this plywood comes with excellent mechanical properties and is apt for any design that requires a curved framework. Use it for your flooring, wall panelling, ceiling, partitions or designing your furniture.

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5.Merino Laminates


Incorporated in 1974, Merino Panel Products is a part of the Merino Group. Falling under the premium range, the plywood from Merino has a strong goodwill in the market and it holds a leading position in India’s furniture, construction and industrial market. Apart from manufacturing of plywood, they also offer high quality laminates for plywood and other products.

BWP Board

No matter even if this comes in direct contact with water, the finish and aesthetics of this ply remains intact! The BWP Board is designed to resist damage and deterioration thus making it ideal for cots, wardrobes, furniture, almirahs etc. Radiate pine, imported from New Zealand is treated and used for stile and battens of block board. This ply is termite and borer free thus making it durable.

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6.Krishna Plywoods


With close to 35 years of experience under their belt, Krishna Plywoods, a Tamil Nadu based plywood company has created a patronage for itself not only within India but overseas as well. They manufacture and export plywood, hardwood plywood, flush door, panel doors, skin doors, checked plywood, standard hardboard, pre-laminated particle board, pre-laminated MDF particle board and HDF wooden flooring. The brand is well known down South and majority of its clientele comes from the region. In fact, they are one among with 5 manufacturers with a 2400 high densified press in South India.

Red Club Plywood – IS 303

This water resistant plywood from Krishna Plywood can be used in various types of furniture linings. Long lasting and termite proof, it also keeps fungus at bay. Be it your kitchen furniture or bed room or living room furniture, this one is easy on the pocket and with some great features as well.

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7.Mayur Plywood


We simply love their range of Decorative Plywood and we more so love the fact that the company has been heavily investing in showcasing their designs in an unimaginable way. Unlike other plywood companies, Mayur Plywood has on their portal a collection of pictures. The gallery that fills up their Decorative Plywood section is simply eye-catching! With a strong R&D team, they are an ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and BIS compliant company.

Gold Plywood

Living up to its name, this option from Mayur Plywood is nothing less than gold when it comes to its look and performance. Made using single pieces of high quality imported Gurjan hardwood, Mayur BWR Grade/Gold plywood sheets are bonded with synthetic MUF resin. The quality assurance can be derived from the fact that they confirm to BWR grade IS 303:89. Each sheet is fully weather proof thus taking away the worry of having fungus during the rains. It also protects itself against termites and borer. Since it is dimensionally stable, use it for your furniture, panelling, doors and window panels or kitchen partitions.

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8.Sarda Plywood Industries Limited


With 14 options to choose from, Sarda Plywood Industries Limited has a fantastic portfolio of plywood.  With over half a century experience in manufacturing and supplying of plywood, the company uses extremely high quality timber which is seasoned and chemically treated thus making their plywood durable and resistant to termites and borers.

Duro Pumaply

This weather proof plywood is one of the best plywood available in the market that conforms to BWP grade as per IS: 710. It is designed to withstand any adverse condition – inclement weather, termites and other insects. Bonded with the best quality phenol formaldehyde resin and made with the best quality tropical hardwood, it comes with a 100 per cent lifetime guarantee. So whether you live somewhere that experiences coastal winds or tropical climates, this plywood can withstand it all.

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9.Bansal Sales Corporation

Apart from plywood, timber, MDF, flooring, acrylic solid surface, decorative surfaces, laminates, veneers and decorative hardwares, they also supply building materials. One of the key clientele of the company is the Delhi International Airport Private limited and ISBT Terminal, New Delhi.

Chaap Wood

With a 5 to 15 mm thickness, this is made using 7-Ply boards. The rich western finish adds to its glamour making it perfect for your furniture.

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10.Kerala State Bamboo Corporation Ltd.

Owned by the government of Kerala, KBCL manufactures a unique variant of plywood called Bamboo ply. As the name suggests, it is made of bamboo reeds where they are transformed into netted matting and glued and pressed together with Phenolic resin touch at high temperature and transformed into Bambooply. The finished ply retains the natural goodness of bamboo reeds that provides finishing material for panelling, ceiling, partition, furniture, cots, doors, windows, auto body building car door panels and a host of other products. It is not only water and heat resistant but also termite-proof and good enough to endure all weather conditions.

Choosing a plywood has often been neglected and we usually leave it to the carpenter/ contractor to choose whatever suits them best and they think would work well. But it is imperative that you involve yourself personally as furniture/panels once made cannot be remade/modified or replaced easily. Being infected by termites and fungus is one of the most common problems that our wooden furniture faces but with the right selection of plywood, you can keep not just the termites and fungus at bay but also ensure that there is minimum damage to your furniture over the years.


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