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Top 7 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speakers (2020)

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Summers are right here and it is time to snag an amazing Bluetooth portable speaker and rock by the beach or pool. So whether you are looking to have a speaker that talks to Google Assistant or Alexa or something that is portable and easy to carry on the long trips, here we have shortlisted the top portable Bluetooth speakers for 2019.

The best Bluetooth speakers are portable and of good quality built with high end sound system, great battery life and amazing wireless connection and reception for offering nice performance. You may be looking for a portable speaker to get along on your next outdoor trip or you just may need it for casual things like dance classes, rehearsal sessions etc. But it is observed that many people just don’t know which speaker to go with.

Things you should know before buying a Portable Bluetooth Speaker

  • Just as the wireless headphones, these speakers support Bluetooth codecs. So if you wish to enjoy lag free experience, ensure that you invest in something which supports AAC or aptX in case you are an iOS user.
  • IP rating shows the water and dust resistance of a product. And often times a product is rated like X or IPX4 and this are the placeholder for what is a dust resistant rating.

How do these Bluetooth Speakers Work?

These portable speakers are available in different sizes and shapes, from being large book sized to small ones. But in all, almost all of these work in same way. A Bluetooth speaker works on wireless technology which connects 2 devices to one another. Your speaker connects to the Smartphone, tablet or other such devices and enables you to enjoy your favorite songs or watch videos. This in turn enhances the sound that the little speakers of your device can produce.

Connecting your phone or other device to Bluetooth speaker is a one-time thing. You just need to do initial pairing up of the devices and you can enjoy music, videos, anything you want. The portable Bluetooth speaker you intend to buy should be rechargeable so that you either will have to connect it to a charger or look for something that has the in-built rechargeable battery.

Also, for any speaker to be “portable”, it should be light in weight and small so that you can easily carry it. It should also be equipped with a battery so that you can use it even if it is not plugged in.

So, now as you have got an idea of what to look for when buying a portable Bluetooth speaker, let’s check out the top 7 speakers in India you can consider buying.

Top 7 Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

1. UE Boom 3

UE Boom 3
UE Boom 3



The UE Boom 3 is the latest device to the UE series and we put it on top of our list as it is an amazing speaker like its predecessor. While UE Boom 2 was bigger upgrade, this UE Boom 3 despite being the minor upgrade, it is still the top Bluetooth speaker that you can get. It provides the same loud and amazing thumping audio without any distortions at high volume, still it is light in weight that you can easily carry it to your camping trips. The best part is that it will remain durable enough to pack it in a bag. It offers incredible 360 degrees sound with accurate bass. It can also be submerged in 1 meter of water for complete 30 minutes without any issue.

The price charged is also affordable and the features provided are simply amazing at that price tag. UE Boom 3 definitely hits the right notes for third year in a row now.

Price: 12,995 INR


2. JBL Charge 3

JBL Charge 3
JBL Charge 3


If we talk of this one as a package, JBL Charge 3 provides a superb set of features as well as amazing sound quality. It even punches well above its weight, offering distortion free and loud sound that is soothing.

Charge line of Bluetooth speakers have been on our list of recommendations from a long time now and this latest one is surely a great pick. We can say that this is the most durable, fully waterproof, portable Bluetooth speaker that is crafted well with latest technology.

Properly wrapped in durable water-proof material, it helps to protect the speaker from any spills, accidents and also provides a firm grip. The wireless speaker also has IPX7 rating which simply means that it is not only splash proof, but water proof in its truest sense.

Talking about the sound of this portable speaker, the JBL Charge 3 sounds great in all ways, especially outdoors as it has a clear sound at lows and highs both. If we talk about the sound quality, the only place where it is not fully amazing is the mids that tends to be somewhat lower than bass when you use it in a small to medium size room.

JBL Charge 3 can be easily connected to your tablet or Smartphone and takes turns to play wonderful stereo sound. It even has a connectivity range of 50 to 60 feet with no walls but with walls, the range is 30-35 feet.

You can get this amazing Bluetooth speaker online now.

Price: 10,490 INR


3. Anker Soundcore Flare

Anker Soundcore Flare
Anker Soundcore Flare


This is an impressive speaker and offers nice sound for the size it has. The Anker Soundcore Flare also has a mobile app and a nice battery life. Anker as a brand has a history of producing great budget wireless portable speakers. While we were not much impressed with Anker Soundcore 2, we are happy with the results that this one provides. Anker Soundcore Flare is a great waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker that can be your partner for long. It is a great value speaker in the sub 10,000 INR segment. Competitors like the UE Wonderboom give the Flare a run for its money if we talk about its build quality but when it comes to sound, Flare beats all. So Flare is perfect for anyone who is looking for a Bluetooth speaker that can do all the tasks without leaving a hole in the pocket.

Anker has a nice reputation of providing nice budget wireless speakers and this one adds to the list.

Price: 5,999 INR


4. Bose Soundlink Revolve 739523-5130

Bose Soundlink Revolve
Bose Soundlink Revolve


Bose Soundlink is there to deliver loud, deep and nice sound. The wireless portable Bluetooth speaker is the 360 degrees speaker that offers uniform and consistent coverage. Designed in an aluminum body, the speaker is both water resistant as well as durable.

You can experience 12 hours play time without any issue due to its lithium ion battery. The Bluetooth speaker also pairs with voice prompts, making the device all the more appealing. What more, you can even take calls and use Google Now or Siri from these speakers. They can even pair up with 2 other speakers at the same time for party or stereo mode. Thus, you can experience immersive, seamless and deep music to rock any sort of party.

Price: 19,900 INR


5. Marshall Kilburn II

Marshall Kilburn II
Marshall Kilburn II


A lot of people find this Marshall Kilburn speaker to be really good. It is large in size, is not waterproof and doesn’t have the USB charging but this doesn’t make it any less effective. Even if comes at a good amount, you won’t think much as the Kilburn sounds so amazingly good. If performance and design are the two crucial criteria for a portable Bluetooth speaker, which they should be, then the Kilburn is the perfect solution you may be looking for.

The speaker boasts of multi directional sound, flush mounted corner caps, water resistant design, making it truly durable and rugged.

Price: 28,495 INR


6. JBL Flip 4 Portable Wireless Speaker

JBL Flip 4 Portable Wireless Speaker
JBL Flip 4 Portable Wireless Speaker


Another from JBL brand is the Flip 4 portable wireless Bluetooth speaker. Your search for an amazing Bluetooth speaker comes to an end with this Flip 4 device. This is there to steal your heart. You can be sure that all your get-togethers and parties will be complete with this speaker. It comes with wireless Bluetooth streaming which lets you to connect with various audio devices. It even comes with a powerful battery i.e. 3000 mAh, letting you experience 12 hours of music.

The speaker is specially made with latest IPX7 waterproof technology which means that you don’t need to take precautions when taking it out for adventures. It even comes with voice assistant integration that enables the speaker to take instructions with your voice. It further has the speakerphone that lets you take calls without you having to move. The best part about this speaker is that it has a great appearance and amazing sound quality. The JBL speaker works on 3.7 volts and ensures that you enjoy the loudest sound. Apart from all this, the speaker even provides a whole year of warranty to ensure that there is complete customer satisfaction.

Price: 8,499 INR


7. Fugoo Style

Fugoo Style
Fugoo Style


40 hours of usage on a single charge is the main USP of this speaker. Yes, you read it right! The speaker comes with a series of different sleeves such as Tough, Style, Sport. The speaker is really durable and offers amazing performance. This is one among the top Bluetooth portable speakers in India. The Fugoo comes in different jacket vogues but in spite of which one you select, this device is amazingly nice when we talk about performance. Despite the small size, this speaker offers astonishingly amazing sound and gets up to 40 hours battery life at medium volume and around 20 hours on high volume.

Price: 12,999 INR


So, this is our list of the top portable Bluetooth speakers in India. What are you waiting for? Get set go and get the best speaker for your crazy parties.

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