Gillette Venus All In One Pack for Silky Smooth Skin

8 Best Razors for Women With Sensitive Skin (2018)

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~The best razors you can trust for all unwanted hair on your body~

Ask any women the most painful personal grooming chore she has to go through and you are sure to hear tales about doing away with all the body and facial hair. It is indeed a task to have a day in a month and at times two dedicated to waxing to make sure the not a strand of hair is seen at places it shouldn’t be.

Waxing is not only pretty painful, it is time consuming. Where men use razors, women find it difficult to accept that their skin can be exposed to a blade. But trust us, you can do so!

The specially designed razors work wonderfully well for women with sensitive skin and yes, they save you hell lot of a time and effort too. So without further adieu, we present you the 8 best ladies razors of 2017 for you to choose from.


1. Gillette Venus All In One Pack for Silky Smooth Skin

When it comes to shaving, Gillette rules the market. The range that they have, both for men and women is simply spectacular. This particular All in One pack is the answer to all your shaving woes. It comes action-packed with a Venus Razor, Venus Cartridges (2) and Satin Care Gel.

The shape of the razor makes it easy to maneuver it around the body and it just snugs so well at all the curves helping you do away with all the unwanted hair in a jiffy and without having to worry about any cuts at all. The pivoting rounded head is perfect to target hard-to-shave areas.

The indicator strip with Aloe and Vitamin E serve the dual purpose of giving you not just a smooth shaving experience but also letting you know when it is time to change the cartridge. The sleek handle is slip-proof with a fantastic grip, so go ahead and enjoy a nick free shave and the ultimate nourishment for your skin.

Gillette Venus All In One Pack Women's Razor

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2. Soft Touch 6 – Body Razor by Lets Shave

A revolutionary razor from Lets Shave, this one is designed to extend a pleasing shaving experience for all you women out there. Brush fingers around 6 blades gently massage the skin and lift hair for a close shave.

The moisturising band is enriched with aloe vera, chamomile and lavender oil to provide instant hydration to your skin. Each of the cartridges comes in a compact Travel Cap which is easy and convenient during travel.

Soft Touch 6 by Lets Shave - Women's Shaver

You can check it out here!


3. Actifit Disposable Razor

So when you are away on a holiday, do you feel irked seeing hair growing on your hands and legs and not having the option of booking an appointment at a salon for waxing? Also, carrying an electric trimmer isn’t an option keeping in mind that you wouldn’t really get time alone to use it without having anyone to know about it, isn’t it?

Check this option from Actifit. The skin blade razors are disposable and they work smooth and easy on legs, arms, underarm, back, and private areas to leave you with smooth and feather soft skin.

Its safe handle comes with sure grip ridges providing you with complete control to move it around your body without having to worry about any cuts. It comes in a pack of six, perfect for your holiday needs!

You can buy it from Nykaa here. And don’t forget to check for Nykaa coupons to get additional discounts while shopping at Nykaa.


4. Face Razor

Facial hair is hard to hide. It gets embarrassing for a woman to spot a stubble and with PCOD (Poly Cyst Ovary Disorder) on the rise, hair on the chin and under it, above the lips and on the cheeks is a common sight.

Waxing does help to get rid of facial hair for a good two weeks or so but then it is quite a wait for the hair to grow to a certain length before you can wax again. Designed to help women overcome this hassle, has a perfect solution in form of a Facial Razor.

It is a perfect tool for removing any facial hair (eyebrows, upper lip, and/or the immaculate bikini line). The stainless steel blade and high quality rubber matt textured handle comfortably trim unwanted hair with exacting precision. It also has a ridged safety guard that protects delicate skin and prolongs blade life. These disposable razors come in a set of 5.

Face Shaver by Lets Shave - Women's Shaver

You can check it out here!


5. Feather Flamingo 3pcs Women Razor for Eyebrow, Face, Nape

This one is another option for your facial hair. The blades effortlessly help remove the fine hair from the eyebrows, neck and face. Imported from Japan, it is a perfect precision touch-up tool for your face.

Feather Flamingo 3pcs Women Razor for Eyebrow, Face, Nape

You can buy it on Amazon here!


6. Gillette Venus Breeze Shaving Razor

With a soft gel cushion, the Gillette Venus Breeze razor for women offers for a comfortable shave. Flexible shave gel bars are built in and contain rich body butters for a light lather. Simply wet the razor for an amazingly smooth shave.

It comes with 3 spring-mounted blades with telomer coating and an ergonomic grip for a close and pain-free shaving experience.

Gillette Venus Breeze Shaving Razor - Women's Razor

You can buy it on Purple here and do check out coupons on GreatBuyz to grab deals on shopping at Purple here

7. Pedi-Care by Lets Shave

Put your best foot forward even without a pedicure now! With LetsShave Pedi Care razor, it is a cakewalk to get soft and beautiful feet instantly. No soaking required and no batteries too! Just wash your feet, wipe them clean and roll over the razor on your feet. And voila! You are done! These disposable razors come in a set of 5.

LetsShave Pedi Care razor for women

You can check it out here!


8. Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Women’s Razor

This one is designed for women with extra sensitive skin. It has 5-blades and 8x more glide enhancers for a closer shave with less irritation. The packet contains 1 embrace sensitive handle and 2 razor blade refills.

Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Women’s Razor

This shaver is available on Amazon here!

So the next time you wish to sport that dress that needs you to have silky smooth legs, and hands without any unwanted hair causing an embarrassment, you know what to do.

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