hungry caterpillar by eric carle

Top 10 Reading Books for Children Aged Between 2 to 5 Years

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In this day and age of tablets and smart phones reading from a book has take a back seat. What if we can reverse the hands of time and get back into the habit of reading from a physical book again? It may be difficult for you but then give it a shot with your toddler. Get some books for him / her and let them enjoy the joy of reading the way it is meant to. We list down some irresistible books for children between the age group of 2-5 for you to consider. Take a look…

1. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

hungry caterpillar by eric carle
Hungry Caterpillar By Eric Carle


When your child turns two, make sure you have this book with you. We wouldn’t mind stressing on the point that it is literally a must-have for your collection. Author Eric Carle exactly knows how to talk to a toddler and he does it so wonderfully in his book that is about a caterpillar that eats lot of food since his birth. There are holes in each of the pages to show the food he has eaten and your little one will simply love putting his little finger into the holes as you read out the story to him. You can begin teaching him numbers with this book and buy the end of it, you should be able to teach him numbers from 1-5.



 2. Baby Touch: Peekaboo




Ladybird books are a delight for toddlers. They are action packed with all the essentials for a young mind to grasp and enjoy. Baby Touch: Peekaboo is an interactive playbook for babies. The book has a soft texture making it extremely user friendly for your little one to enjoy the book all by himself.

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3. Toad Makes a Road (Usborne Phonics Readers)

Toadmakes a road
Toadmakes A Road



If you plan to acquaint your child with how to read, this one can come in handy. This book and all the ones in this series are apt for a 3-year-old. Author Phil Roxbee Cox fantastically combines a phonics based text with a funny story. The visuals are appealing to keep a 3-year-old well engaged. The pictures give clues to the words and fold out flaps on some pages keep them guessing on what is next to come. A good buy for your collection.


4. A Fish out of Water

A fish out of water by helen-palmer
A Fish Out Of Water



Just when your child turns five, get him this book. A superb book your five year old will love to read. The three and four letter words that are used to talk about a boy who buys himself a fish and feeds him just a tad too much  because of which the fish has to be put in a community swimming pool is hilarious and meaningful at the same time.



5. Oh, The Things You Can Do That Are Good For You!

Oh, The Things You Can Do That Are Good For You! trish rabe
The Things You Can Do



o you have a problem having your little one listen to you? We know how harrowing it is to convince these little munchkins on having them put their things in order to getting them to brush their teeth! Take a chill pill and let author Trish Rabe take on the charge. Her book – Oh, The Things you Can do that are Good for You is a masterpiece. Her  fantastic choice of words that rhyme effortlessly are action packed with subtle messages for kids for a healthier living – from the importance of brushing your teeth to ensuring you sleep well. In fact, it would be a great idea to check the other titles in the series as well.

6. How Do Dinosaurs Say I’M MAD!

Jane Yolen - How Do Dinosaurs Say-IM-MAD
Jane Yolen


Jane Yolen and Mark Teague beautifully share the pearls of how a child can remain calm and not get angry through ha story of Dinosaur. Full of humor, the books talks about how a child can behave himself and handle frustration instead of getting angry. It is a fun read but with a good message for your children.




 7. Logic (Kumon Thinking Skills Workbook)

Logic (Kumon Thinking Skills Workbook)



This is for you to prepare your little one academically. Yeah we know that this ideally is to be done when they are in school but trust us, you wouldn’t want to keep the book down once you start solving the number games, tutoring them on phonetics etc. Books from Kumon are thoughtfully designed to excite little minds. This particular book keeps them engaged in a creative way helping them understand the reason out things using ‘logic’. Too big a word for a five-year-old, isn’t it? Don’t worry, Kumon knows how best to subtly drive in the same with their books. Check the Kumon series for their other titles as well – from getting your toddler engaged in a creative activity to having him master mathematics in a fun way.

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8. Creative Play for your Toddler

Creative Play for your Toddler
Creative Play



This one is a must have! Author – Jani Nicole has been The author has beautifully broken down activities you can do with your children based on the age group and explained in detail why they would like doing the same. The book is rich in parenting advice as well.



9. Charlie and Lola: My Complete Best Story Collection

Charlie and Lola
Charlie And Lola



This one is just too cute to resist, even for adults! Charlie and Lola, the brother – sister duo share an amazing relationship. Lola is Charlie’s younger sister and pampered to the core by her brother. This book has five cherry picked easy to read

10. Peppa Pig: On the Move! Sticker Activity Book

Peppa Pig: On the Move! Sticker
Peppa Pig



If your little one loves Peppa Pig get him this book, especially if you want to keep him engaged. This sticker book is packed with lots of stickers of vehicles, including cars, vans, trains and diggers.

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