Top 8 Best Saffron Brands in India For Pure, Natural High-Quality Kesar

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Saffron is an ingredient with an illustrious history of over 3000 years. This crimson-hued spice was once the choice of kings and emperors. At a point in time in history, the value of saffron surpassed that of gold. Luckily, today we don’t have to pay the royal price to reap the benefits of this bejeweled spice. If you pick the best saffron in India, you will be amazed at how effective and important saffron can be for your culinary ventures. It is safe to be consumed by people of all age groups, even better, for some, like elders with heart ailments and pregnant women.

Loaded with medicinal properties, saffron is known as an exotic spice not just in India but world-over. It is one of the reasons why saffron is so expensive. To get the best Kesar in India, you need to identify the best strand of saffron. As there are several varieties, the purest saffron strand has the sharpest fragrance, leaves the densest flavours, and has the purest colour. Another factor that adds to the exclusivity of saffron is its distinctive nature and availability in the market.


Types of Saffron to choose from

In the market, typically three types of saffron dominate:

  1. Kashmiri saffron from India
  2. Spanish saffron from Spain
  3. Afghani saffron from Afghanistan

Among these, the Kashmiri saffron is the preferred kind and is known for being the most exclusive and expensive one. This is why you must be careful when choosing the best saffron brand, you want to get the genuine product when you pay the full price.

What makes saffron so expensive? 

It’s all because of the tricky cultivation process. Saffron comes from the stigmas of the crocus sativus Linnaeus flower, which is so delicate that it can only be handpicked. The crocus flowers bloom through a very short period in the fall. The harvest needs to be completed over six weeks with bare hands. It is followed by an intensive drying process, that results in a prized, beautiful, and fragrant spice.

Given the hard work that goes into cultivation, it’s not hard to see why saffron is so expensive.

Benefits of Saffron 

Your choice of the best saffron brand makes you eligible for a score of benefits that this exotic spice has to offer.

Royal spice: Saffron adds an incredibly tasteful flavour and aromatic smell to the food. It also has a sweetening effect which is why it is added to desserts.

Immunity booster: Kesar is loaded with protective benefits that guard against fever, cold, and cough.

Medical benefits: It is known for helping people with memory loss, heart-related ailments, insomnia, and more.

Women’s health: Apart from the hype that saffron can somehow affect the skin colour of the fetus, in reality, it can help women deal with menstrual cramps as well as is effective in managing mood swings in pregnant women.


Top 8 Saffron Brands in India

4 Best Saffron Brand in India: For Kashmiri Kesar

1.Lion 100% Pure Kashmir Lacha Saffron

Lion 100% Pure Kashmir Lacha Saffron


The best saffron brand produces the purest quality Kesar without any adulteration and can capture the natural essence of the spice. Lion is one such brand that is ahead of any other saffron brand in India. Providing the top-quality 100% pure Kashmiri Kesar to kitchens in the country and world-over, their product is known for its indifferent yet pleasant taste and fragrance.

Entirely organic Kesar, the Lion Brand Kashmiri Lacha saffron can be used for cooking (both vegetarian and non-veg), home remedies, skincare, and much more. It comes in a high-grade plastic blister that gives it long shelf life.


2.Baby Brand Saffron

Baby Brand Saffron


Baby brand saffron has ‘baby’ in its title for a reason. It is counted among the best saffron brands for pregnant ladies in India. A superior-quality and handpicked Kesar product, it is safe for all cooking purposes.

Into existence for over 175 years, Baby Brand is a name you can trust on. It is not easy to keep your reputation exceptionally high for over a century, but they manage to keep it alive. Baby Brand provides the best saffron that has a characteristic deep red colour with a few rare yellow threads.

Labelled as a grade 1 category saffron, you have the trust of ISO standards that verify there are no chemicals in the product that can cause indigestion or food poisoning.


3.House of Saffron Kashmiri Kesar

House of Saffron Kashmiri Kesar


Yet another holy brand for the best saffron in India, House of Saffron has been catering to the needs of organic saffron for global customers for a long time. It is no wonder that the House of Saffron Kashmir Mogra Kesar is one of the best in 2021. With the distinctive crimson-colored threads of pure and deep fragrance, this Kashmiri Kesar is the one you must try.

If you are making a dessert and want an instant zing of floral taste, then add this Mogra Kashmiri saffron. Its colour, aroma, and flavour will ooze out of your recipes and leave your guests longing for a taste. Its fancy packaging is practical too as it is airtight and gives the product long shelf life and retains its quality.

With no preserving agents, added colours, or flavouring, House of Saffron remains one of the best saffron brands. For an ultimate experience with this kesar, soak it in milk or water for an hour to properly spread its taste, fragrance, and colour.


4.KeyNote Kashmir Saffron

KeyNote Kashmir Saffron


A blessing from the farms of Pampore, Kashmir, KeyNote is yet another top saffron brand. This saffron has its demand in the European markets where culinary specialists and confectioners use it to pump up the taste and aroma of their recipes. This kesar has no added substances and is purely organic. For longer shelf life, this 100% Pure Original Kashmir saffron comes Vacuum pressed in a water/airproof glass bottle.

If you want Kashmiri saffron exclusive for kitchen use, then KeyNote Kashmir Saffron is the ideal choice. It is food grade and certified by the NABL Laboratory IS5453 Standard as safe for consumption. It adds richness, aroma, and taste to food items like milk, sweets, biryani, and ice-creams, which is why it is popular globally as one of the best saffron brands.


2 Best Spanish Saffron Brand in India

5.The Gathering of Saffron

The Gathering of Saffron


This Spanish name is counted as the best Kesar brand in India, for all the right reasons. To begin with, The Gathering of Saffron products have a shelf life of 5 years which is excellent. If you want to use Spanish saffron for your recipes, then we confidently recommend you to go with The Gathering of Saffron brand.

This saffron is not only FSSAI regulated, and ISO certified but also delivers on the European investigation testament of 100% unadulterated saffron. What more do you need for quality assurance? This imported saffron comes in a unique pressing to protect it against dampness.

Whether you add it to milk, biryani, desserts, or frozen yogurt, rest assured that it will add an extravagance of smell and taste. For pregnant ladies, this kesar offers nutrients and restorative incentives.


6.Taj Mahal Saffron

taj_mahal _saffron
Taj Mahal Saffron


Another top saffron brand with the Spanish strand is the Taj Mahal Saffron it is as unique and royal as its name. Known as the most affordable quality brand for Spanish saffron in the country, it has gained immense popularity. Due to its organic and natural cultivation, preservation and packaging, Taj Mahal Saffron is very healthy and safe and is considered the best saffron for pregnant ladies.

From making desserts and recipes in the kitchen more aromatic to skincare and therapeutic needs, this kesar is an ideal fit for all the requirements. In terms of affordability, this one is more expensive than The Gathering of Saffron Spanish kesar, but the added price makes for its supreme quality and packaging.


2 Best Afghani Saffron Brands in India

7.UPAKARMA Pure & Natural Afghani Saffron: Best to be taken during pregnancy

UPAKARMA Pure & Natural Afghani Saffron


Bringing us the world’s best strands of Afghani saffron directly from the cultivated fields of Afghanistan, UPAKARMA leads the list for the best Afghani saffron brand. If you are looking for characteristic (more intense colour) afghani kesar, this is the brand we recommend. We find it more suitable for pregnant ladies as it can assist in controlling their emotional episodes. Another benefit of Afghani saffron is it can be included in natural face packs for gracefully shining skin.

Not just strong fragrance but also amazing taste and entirely pure composition, it is one of the best saffrons to buy online. The best way for pregnant ladies to include this kesar in their diet is to add it to milk or meals and desserts.


8.Nutriherbs Afghani Kesar

Nutriherbs Afghani Kesar


As one of the costliest flavours on the planet, saffron has its secret imbibed into its mind-boggling notes of sweetness. This is why kesar is so much popular for flavouring desserts and ice creams. Especially afghani kesar is added to desserts for its signatory orange hue that it leaves in the desserts it is added to.

The Nutriherbs Afghani Kesar is the one that we recommend for the traditional Indian desserts such as Kheer, Ras-Malai, Kesar-Pista-Badam Milk, and so forth. Rich in vitamin A and B, iron, manganese, thiamine, and riboflavin, it is not only flavourful but also builds immunity and strength. If you want to get the maximum benefit, crush the saffron and soak it in high-temperature water or milk for 30 minutes.



With plenty of saffron brands, we hope this guide will help you choose the best saffron brand in India. Given the fact that you can use saffron other than to enhance the taste and aroma of the food, it is important to choose the best saffron if you are interested in its medicinal benefits.



Q. Which saffron is the best?

Among all three varieties, the Kashmiri saffron is known globally for its exclusivity, quality, strong taste, and aroma.

Q. Which brand sells the purest saffron in India?

Lion Brand is best for Kashmiri kesar followed by The Gathering of Saffron for Spanish strands and UPAKARMA for pure Afghani saffron.

Q. Which best saffron brand for pregnant ladies?

UPAKARMA Pure & Natural Afghani Saffron.

Q. What is saffron good for?

From adding aroma and taste to meals and desserts, to skin revitalizing face packs and health benefits like weight loss and mood control during pregnancy, saffron has a multitude of applications.

Q. Can we consume saffron daily?

Yes. You can take up to 1.5 grams of saffron per day.

Q. Does saffron expire?

Yes, but saffron has a high shelf life of up to 10 years depending on the quality of the product.

Q. What are the side effects of saffron?

If consumed in large quantity, saffron can lead to dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, headache, loss of appetite, and anxiety.