Top Sanitary Napkin brands in India

Top 10 Sanitary Pad Brands In India – Best Sanitary Napkins for Women

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When it comes to safety and hygiene, sanitary pads are a modern woman’s handy companion during their monthly periods.

Making it possible to continue their usual routine work without much bother, sanitary napkins are a blessing in disguise.

And just like lingerie, each woman has a different preference when it comes to their choice of sanitary napkin.

Some like large sized sanitary napkins, some like them thin, some prefer soft, cotton sanitary napkins while others prefer extra absorbent ones.

From being big and bulky to now almost being invisible thin pads, sanitary pads/napkins have also come a long way. A lot of research has been undertaken to make sanitary pads that are more and more convenient and hygienic for women.

Here are the top 10 brands of sanitary pads that are making the life of women so much more easy, hygienic and comfortable.

1. Whisper


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Almost synonymous with sanitary napkins, Whisper is the most trusted and widely available sanitary napkin brand in the market.
And it has something for every women and every period.

Right from Whisper choice that are simple absorbent pads with wings that keep your pad in place and avoids getting stains, to the Whisper Ultra range that claims to have 5x better protection than ordinary pads.

They also have the Whisper Ultra Soft that has special soft pores that drive liquid to the core and lock it away, and Whisper Ultra Nights to last you the entire night.

Buy Whisper Ultra Clean, their most popular product here

Price: Rs 270

Size: XL

Count: 30

2. Stayfree


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Stayfree, currently owned by Energizer, which purchased the feminine hygiene business from Johnson & Johnson has a range of products including maxi sanitary pads, ultra thin sanitary pads, and female wipes.

Their All-in-One Ultra Thin pads lock in moisture quickly and hold it in, keeping the pad dry up to 8 hours while the Maxi pad actively prevents and neutralizes odours while keeping the pad dry for up to 8 hours.

They also have Ultra Thin Overnight pads that lock in fluid fast for exceptional dryness and comfort for up to 10 hours and the Stayfree Secure that is a sanitary napkin with a cottony cover for long lasting protection.

Buy Stayfree Secure, for a comfortable period here

Price: Rs 105

Size: XL

Count: 20

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3. Nua

Nua sanitary

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Nua is a brand of chemical-free sanitary napkins that are ultra thin, and protect women from painful rashes caused by the chemicals in the regular pads.

They are available through their website where they sell not just sanitary pads, but offer an entirely new feminine care experience tailored to the needs of the modern woman who lays emphasis on feminine hygiene.

One can customize her pack, quantity and delivery frequency with no compromises and no complications.

They also have a subscription system, with discreet delivery and easy to carry and dispose packaging that makes using them an absolute pleasure!

Customise your pack here

Price: Rs 199 onward

Count: 12

4. Carefree

Carefree Sanitary

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Carefree is a brand best known for its high quality panty liners that can be used during light menses and before and after to keep the panty clean and to avoid accidents.

However, they also have a range of sanitary napkins that come with a belt.

These sanitary pads by Carefree have a strong, soft cover, an adjustable tab that lends a snug and comfortable fit and a unique moisture-proof shield that prevents staining.

Buy it here

Price: Rs 145

Size: Regular

Count: 20

5. Sofy

Sofy Sanitary

Sofy by Unicharm is a brand of feminine hygiene products that focuses on comfort and hygiene for woman.

The name is derived from the words “Sophisticated” and “Soft-hearted” and thus the brand pushes all limits to ensure it reduces discomfort and ensures a secure feeling and comfort during a menstrual period.

They have sanitary napkins designed to deal with super light to super heavy menses and are antibacterial.

Check out the BodyFit antibacterial sanitary pads by Sofy that have a pleasant perfume tree fragrance here

Price: Rs 125

Size: XL

Count: 15

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6. Kotex

Kotex Sanitary

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Kotex is a brand of sanitary napkins that sells the Kotex maxi, thin and ultra thin pads besides Security tampons and the Lightdays pantiliners.

Most recently, the company has added U by Kotex to its line of feminine hygiene products, a range of premium sanitary pads with one dedicated to active days called Fitness.

Buy the U by Kotex Ultra-thin pads that keep you clean even during heavy flow days here

Price: Rs 1860

Size: XL

Count: 16

7. Always

Always Sanitary

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A brand of sanitary pads that is manufactured at sustainable plants, Always sanitary napkins go through a rigorous safety evaluation to ensure they can be used safely and should not cause skin irritation or an allergic reaction.

With none of the pads containing chlorine bleach, they are gentle on the skin and are designed to suit every woman’s need.

Their range includes Always Radiant, Maxi, Ultra-thin and the famous Pure and Clean pads. They also have special pads for teens.

Buy the Always Ultra-thin pads that can be used for up to 8 hours here

Price: Rs 896

Count: 36

8. VWash Wow

V wash wow Sanitary

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VWash is a name known for its world class female hygiene products, that keeps the worry of staining, wetness or foul smell away.

Their entire range is fabricated using premium quality raw materials and manufactured using sophisticated technology.

They have sanitary pads that come in different sizes, for different flow, and to let you be and feel comfortable all through the day and night.

Buy the Ultra-thin sanitary napkin by VWash here

Price: Rs 60

Size: XL

Count: 5

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9. Pink

Pink Sanitary

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Pink is a brand of high quality, ultra-thin sanitary napkins made by the women for women and is available at a reasonable cost.

Their sanitary napkins have 7 layers that ensure you are free of stains, discomfort and worry. It offers up to 20 hours of protection and is leakage-proof.

Buy the Pink Ultra thin biodegradable sanitary napkin here

Price: Rs 130

Size: XL

Count: 14

10. Everteen

Everteen Sanitary

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Everteen is a brand of natural cotton sanitary napkins which are designed with 8 layers of serious protection to maximize absorbency, comfort & dryness during your menstrual days.

Since the surface of these sanitary pads is made of 100% natural cotton, they are comfortable and non-irritating vis-a-vis other sanitary napkins which are made of rayon.

Besides, because of their high absorbency, they extend an instant dry and soft feel.

These sanitary napkins come with a Negative ion strip that neutralizes odour and a sterilised air laid paper to guide menstrual fluid to the superabsorbent polymer centre.

Moreover, it uses food grade non-toxic glue to keep the pad in place without harming the body.

Buy the Everteen unscented sanitary pads here

Price: Rs 236

Count: 10

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10. Carmesi

Carmesi Sanitary Napkins

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Carmesi is a brand of all-natural sanitary napkins that contains no harmful synthetics. Its made of corn starch and bamboo fiber and is super absorbent.

Its extra-dry cover lets you feel completely at ease during your periods and the feather-soft feel allows for an irritation-free experience.

Over and above that, it comes in a travel-friendly, super-convenient and biodegradable disposal bag that you would proudly carry around in your bag!

Go all natural with Carmesi sanitary pads here

Price: Rs 749

Size: XL

Count: 30

So women, take your pick and remember, with these shields by your side, there is nothing that can stop you from ruling the world! Go slay!

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