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Back to School! Get Best School Supplies Deals & Offers of 2018

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So you have had a perfect holiday! But now that you have returned, it is time to get going with preparing for your little one’s school reopening. From pencils to paints and from water bottles to tiffin boxes, the list is pretty exhaustive. Fret not! Here is a list you can refer to and to make things easy for yourself. We have also enlisted our recommended portals you can shop at for various supplies.

Get Going!

To take on the shopping challenge, first sit down and prepare the list.  Here is a table you can refer to. Take a print of this and tick off the ones you buy. Appended are a few tips as well that can come handy for you to take a correct decision.

Product Tips Status
School Bag Check on the size based on the grade your child will be going too. The bag should neither be too large nor too small
School water bottle Make sure it fits in the bag. Check for any leakage. Avoid prints on the bottle. They come off during washing and start looking old a tad too soon
Socks and shoes This should be on priority. Shoe sizes most often go out of stock
Rubber bands / hair bands and bobby pins Buy a box that has compartments in it to organize these in
Raincoat Choose a one that is bright in colour. During heavy rains, it would help you child draw the attention of speeding vehicles and make them slow down when your child is walking on the road / crossing the road
Tiffin Box If the school is providing the child with meals, you would be expected to just give in some snacks. You wouldn’t need an insulated box for it. But if you have to give lunch, opt for a steel insulated tiffin box. Plastic ones aren’t too healthy an option
Pencil box / Stationary Make sure you do not overstock these. Pencils, sharpeners, erasers etc. are available at corner stores and there is no reason for you to buy in bulk. Buy a pencil box and put in three pencils / pen, eraser, sharpener, scale and a marker (if allowed). That is it.
Book covers You can opt for ready plastic covers or get an entire sheet and cover the books at home. We suggest you buy the sheets / roll and avoid the ready covers. The sides wear off and this gives the books a very untidy look
Art Kit – Sketch pen set / Wax crayons / Oil Pastels / Poster Colours / drawing books / drawing sheets A set of 24 would be better for the colour supplies. Get the entire packet of drawing sheets. This is good to keep them engaged during holidays and after school hours when you are busy with work / household chores.
Folders A set of 12 would be great. Children require folders for storing of their worksheets / art and craft
Scissors and Glue Pick up scissors that come with a cover. As for the glue, you can stock up a glue stick, a glue tube and Fevicol
Marble Paper / Chart Paper A packet of each to begin with would be ideal
Stickers / crystals stickers Buy a few sheets. They come handy during craft activities

Now to help you narrow down on the best options available in each, check the link below.

School Bags

wildcraft school bag

Not many schools allow children to carry bags that have characters on it. If that is the case, take it as a blessing in disguise. It is harrowing to narrow down on the choice of your child. The current favorites for girls would be Disney’s Frozen and for boys it remains Batman and Superman. Chota Bheem and Doremon remain an all time favorite for most.

Check the School Kart for some good options.

School Water Bottle

zojirushi vacuum water bottle for kids

Like we shared in the chart, opt for a bottle that is more utility driven. Your kid may insist on buying one with the picture of his favorite character but we are sure you can talk him out of it. A bottle that can be easily cleaned and has a strap for your child to wear around his neck is ideal.

Check this simple and extremely functional water bottle you can opt for.

Stationary  / Pencil Box

personalised pencils and stationary

These need to be purchased year round. The problem with stocking up more pencils and erasers is that children tend to misuse. Buy these essentials as and when needed.

Check the options for stationary available here

And if you want to indulge a bit, you can get this personalised stationary set complete with personalised pencils, eraser and sharpner.


scissor amazon kids

Schools do not allow children to carry scissors but there are times when a child is expected to carry one though these need to be children friendly. Get a set of scissors that are good for cutting as well as can be used for craft activities.

Check a beautiful set here


school work personalised folders

Folders come handy to organize the worksheets and other school communication notes/ papers that you would be receiving from time to time. Take a pack of 12 and label them as per your need.

You can check out some options here or get some persoanlised folders printed with your childs photograph here


amazon raincoat kids

Children love umbrellas. But we strongly suggest you buy them a raincoat instead. The options available for raincoats include ones with their favourite characters on it so there is no reason not to give it a shot to lure your little one into wearing one.

You can check some amazing raincoat collections here

Tiffin Box

spiderman tiffin box

There are plenty of options for you to choose from. If your little one loves his breads, then opt for a box that holds a sandwich well. Usually some of the boxes aren’t big enough to hold an entire sandwich. If you are looking for a tiffin to hold an entire meal, check the options by Milton and Cello. Avoid plastic tiffin boxes. They tend to stain and the odour of the food at times just remains back.

You can check some good options for steel boxes tiffin boxes for kids here

For more tiffin box options, you can click here

The aforesaid options are for you to consider while you set out shopping for your school supplies. Portals like, and other major players have a dedicated section usually by the name – Back to School. You can either opt to buying everything from one portal or do a price comparison and pick accordingly from different portals.

Hot deals on School supplies

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