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10 Best Skin Bleaching (Skin Lightening) Creams in India (2020)

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Just as fair is beautiful, brown too is lovely! No matter what your skin shade is, as long as it is radiant, it is bound to look good.

Since ages, bleaching the skin helps revive the shine and radiance on the face. We list the best skin bleaching creams available online in India.

Before we begin, we would like to explain how bleach helps get back the glow on the face. Facial hair contributes to the skin looking darker than what it is.

Along with unwanted facial hair, the dark spots and pigmentation due to over exposure to the sun lead to skin darkening.

Bleaching helps lighten the facial hair along with reducing the appearance of dark spots, making it the quickest option to have that special glow on your face!

1. Fem

From the house of Dabur, this is the brand that set the ball rolling for bleach creams in India.

From being available at all pharmacy stores, Fem Bleach Cream had a strong presence at practically all the mom and pop stores too! Such was the demand for this bleach cream before other brands entered the scene.

With time, the brand has evolved to offer different variants. Our pick would be the herbal one!

Fem Turmeric Herbal Fairness Cream Bleach

Fem Turmeric Herbal Fairness Cream Bleach
Fem Skin Lightening Cream


Free from ammonia, Fem Turmeric  Herbal Fairness Cream Bleach is dermatologically tested hence rest assured, it is sure to go well even if you have sensitive skin.

It comes action packed with the goodness of turmeric and milk which work together to eliminate dead skin cells and reduce the effect of sun tan besides lightening the skin tone and giving it a healthy glow.


2. Oxylife

Another winning brand from Dabur, Oxylife is positioned as a new age bleach cream with the goodness of oxygen that it claims to being back life to your skin.

The brand has launched quite a few variants, including one for men. They even have a complete tan remover kit.

The packaging of the brand is quite appealing and so is the price point keeping in mind the effectiveness of the product.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that it does bring tons of radiance and glow to your face!

Dabur Oxylife Salon Professional Crème Bleach with Natural Radiance

Dabur Oxylife Skin Lightening Cream
Oxylife Skin Lightening Cream


This gel bleach infuses active oxygen into the skin by opening the pores, removing dead skin and tan and reducing hyper pigmentation to gives a flawlessly lighter skin.

The aloe vera conditions and moisturizes the skin. What makes it stand tall from its competitors would be its gel based formula that makes it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

The post bleach serum is specially formulated to help the effect of the bleach to last longer and enhance the glow as well.

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VLCC has carved a niche for itself with its wellness centres but now the brand has a host of its products available locally through offline as well as various online channels as well.

With over 4,000 professionals, including doctors, nutritionists, physiotherapists and cosmetologists, the brand is skin deep into the business of beauty hence each of their products naturally become a perfect option for your daily skin care regime.

The brand has a dedicated portal for its personal care products as well.

VLCC Insta Glow Diamond Bleach

VLCC Skin Lightening Cream
VLCC Skin Lightening Cream


Enriched with Diamond Bhasma, that is ash obtained through heating and pulverizing diamonds with herbs, the bleach cream works excellently to purify and hydrate the skin.

Along with Diamond Bhasma comes the goodness of aloe vera that rejuvenates and heals the skin.

The combination along with the expertise of VLLC action packed in the kit helps fight premature aging and offer an instant glow and polish to the skin.

It bleaches the facial hair to match the skin tone perfectly and purify the skin from within to make it fairer, energized and youthful.

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4. Richfeel

You may know about this brand for its various hair care and hair growth option but you would be surprised to know they have a range of skin care products as well.

Richfeel takes pride in offering products and solutions that are natural and backed by years of experience.

Richfeel Luxury Gold Bleach Kit

Richfeel Luxury Gold Skin Lightening Cream
Richfeel Skin Lightening Cream


If you are looking to pamper yourself with something luxurious, this kit is a must buy as it comes with the goodness of gold!

It comes elegantly packed and each of the components in the kit play an important role to make your skin glow like never before.

The goodness of the bleach cream helps lighten the complexion on your skin besides increasing its elasticity and improving blood circulation.

It also further helps soothe any skin inflation and because it has anti-bacterial properties, it automatically takes care of your skin’s health. Regular use of the bleach also helps fight premature ageing.

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5. Jolen

Like FEM, Jolen too has been one of the oldest bleach cream brands in India.

Widely used in salons, Jolen has stuck to its basics offering skin bleach creams to do what they are supposed to do – lighten the facial hair and take care of dead skin cells.

Jolen Crème Bleach

Jolen Skin Lightening Cream
Jolen Skin Lightening Cream


A complete no nonsense cream bleach, Jolen has been used for years now and those who have been using this brand, find it hard to get themselves to shift to another.

The cream works effectively to lighten the facial hair and the dark spots too. According to the brand, their product can be used on the most sensitive of skins and on any body part.

The time needed for the cream to work is just 10 minutes post which you can wash it off.

6. Avon

You wouldn’t have not had a neighbor or relative passing you a brochure of Avon. From creams to shampoos to jewelry, Avon has it all.

A direct marketing company, Avon has been pampering women with its range of women centric products for decades now.

They have a range of men too but then because the brand employs women to market their products, seeing someone browsing through an Avon brochure in a train or in a coffee shop isn’t unusual.

Avon Naturals Herbal Oxy Facial White Bleach

Avon Skin Lightening Cream
Avon Skin Lightening Cream


Enriched with the goodness of sunflower and jojoba oil, it even contains extracts of chamomile and aloe vera. The bleach cream is formulated to suit all skin types and its dermatologist tested as well.

The time it takes to work is just 7 minutes and since it is herbal, it isn’t harsh on the skin as well.

7. Astaberry

A relatively unknown brand, Astaberry though deserves attention as it has a host of skin care products that are carefully formulated to pamper your skin without the use of harsh chemicals. They are popular for their range of eye kajals.

All of their products – be it for the eyes, skin of hair come enriched with the goodness of ayurveda. You can buy any of their products from their exclusive portals or other online platforms.

Astaberry Wine Bleach

Astaberry Skin Lightening Cream
Astaberry Skin Lightening Cream


You may be teetotaler but you can always allow your skin to indulge in the medicinal properties of alcohol.  Astaberry Wine Bleach Crème provides extra fairness to the skin making it look smoother and healthier.

It additionally conditions your skin and gives it a lustrous glow as well. Since it is formulated using natural ingredients, it works well for all skin types.

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8. OxyGlow Herbals

Another brand that uses natural ingredients for its products, OxyGlow is one of India’s leading manufacturer of natural beauty products.

All of their products are manufactured using herbal components and ingredients by their in-house team.

Facial Bleach Cream with Fruits Extracts

OxyGlow Skin Lightening Cream
OxyGlow Skin Lightening Cream


Enriched with extracts of pineapple, strawberry and sweet orange peel powder, this bleach is gentle on the skin giving it a natural glow and radiance without the use of harmful chemicals. The hydrogen peroxide helps fight skin dullness and sun tan.

Or check out the entire range of OxyGlow Herbals bleach here.

9. NutriGlow

An ISO 9001: 2008 certified company, NutriGlow Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd. is well known in the hospitality sector.

From handmade soaps to scrubs, facial kits and creams, skin bleach, skin cleansers, skin toners, hair care creams and hair removal creams, they have it all.

NutriGlow luster Glow Bleach Cream

NutriGlow Skin Lightening Cream
NutriGlow Skin Lightening Cream


Offering an instant radiant shine and glow,  NutriGlow skin bleach cream comes enriched with the goodness of real gold dust and Vitamin E.

All of the ingredients work together to cleanse the pores, remove impurities and fade facial blemishes from deep within. Being a unisex product, it works well for men as well!

10. Vania

From the house of Praveen Enterprises India, the brand came into being in 2004.

Their product portfolio includes aroma therapy professional beauty products though they retail through various online channels for their facial kits, bleaches, skin polishing spa products, face washes and natural anti rash gels.

Vania Mango Bleach Cream

Vania Skin Lightening Cream
Vania Skin Lightening Cream


With aroma therapy guiding the formulation of this bleach cream coupled with mango extracts, the product works wonders to de-tan your skin along with giving it a lighter tone.

The cooling sensation helps relieve the stress and at the same time gives it a youthful look.

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Bleaching creams are generally safe to use but we strongly recommend doing a small patch test before using it on the face.

Though majority of the creams that we have shared above fall under the ‘natural’ category, they still do contain bleaching agents which may at times cause irritation to certain skin types hence we suggest the patch test.

Next time you have a special occasion round the corner, try bleaching your face at home instead of heading off to a salon. The results are very much similar, if not better!